Top 10 Ways to Do Your Makeup to Feel Like an Otherworldly Princess

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

Last updated:  2023-05-08 18:00:06

Are you tired of everyday makeup and beauty influencers? Do you want to throw the societal expectations of beauty in the Sun? Get your makeup brushes ready because we'll make you feel like a little mushroom fae creature, perhaps even a tiny frog on a lilypad in our top ten. We're all sadly stuck in our current flesh prison, but we have the power of makeup to get us through.

10. Dewy Foundation

If there were no basic people, how would the alt peeps feel special?

Hands down, this is the most basic way to feel like a little fairy, and that's okay. Everyone's doing it, everyone's done it, nobody cares. And you know what, that's a good thing. Not everyone has to do all the crazy things on this list to make them feel special. Sometimes, you can do that without wearing any unique makeup at all.

Plus, no one can blame you if you want to avoid the awkward situations with strangers and friends alike that might come out from wearing some of the more out-there things on the list. While we do encourage confrontation when it comes to your comfort, it all boils down to just that: comfort. So if you're uncomfortable going out with a full face of weird makeup, no one will force you to.

9. Colorful Eyeliner

Alexa, play "Better in Color" by Lizzo fifty times

There's a staggering number of ways to do your eyeliner. Enough to make someone go crazy when they try to single some out. So, why should you feel confined to only black? If it makes your numbered days on this planet more fun, why shouldn't you do something that brings you joy? Who cares if you have weird eyeliner on?

Besides, it's not even that out there if you put blue eyeliner on anymore. If anything, you're more likely to get compliments for your look. With the rise of Euphoria, many looks previously seen as alternative are now mainstream. Put on white eyeliner, match the color to your outfit, do whatever. The world is your oyster, and your face is your canvas.

8. So Much Blush

Chefs kiss? They do? (blushing)

You know how joyless people want to throw hands at first sight of a little Cherub? Well, don't you wish to make some joyless sap absolutely froth at their mouth at the very sight of you? Imagine yourself, looking cute and all flushed, minding your own peaceful business. And then cut to some a-hole fuming just because you have rosy cheeks. That's the definition of comedic genius.

You can put even more blush on, throwing away any notion of looking even remotely natural. Imagine the rage of people sticking their nose into other people's business then. Make your nose and cheeks rosier than a blooming red geranium. "That looks so fake," yeah, and? Why should you care? Or, for that matter, why should anyone care.

7. Funky Lipstick

Pucker up!

This is just straight up and among the most standard ways to look otherworldly. If someone is annoying you for wearing blue lipstick and not a classic one, it's not even worth the interaction. Most of the other ways are a bit eye-catching and noteworthy, but a weird lipstick shade is one of the most vanilla ways you can go about this. Go ahead.

If you want, another way to make your lips kinda funky is to color in different parts of your lips. If the Tang dynasty girlies could do it centuries ago, why shouldn't you do it now? (Please keep in mind that we don't know anything about historical accuracy.) Just make a little heart out of your cupid's bow; make yourself look cool.

6. Colorful Eyebrows


If you're a person who is used to wearing wigs often, you're probably familiar with how important matching your eyebrow color to your hair color is. It might mean you're rocking some hot pink eyebrows, but it's well worth it. Matching your eyebrows to your hair and your hair to your look is galaxy brain-level planning.

But the colorful eyebrows don't have to be reserved for just the wigs. While matching your eyebrows to your hair makes your look tamer, you can switch it up for a more out-there look. Really, is there a better way to look like a toad than rocking some green brows? Just go ahead, go crazy and put any color you like on your eyebrows.

5. White Mascara

Ice Queen type look

There's something so undeniably angelic about white eyelashes - if you think angels look like some anime girls or similar. Or maybe if you look at them in that "thousand eyes surrounded by wings" look. After all, we don't know what type of eyelashes those angels might have. Really it's what you imagine them to look like.

When you put on white mascara, you have two options if you have dark eyelashes. You can layer it to hell and back and make them truly white. Then you can put on one layer and make it subtle as well. People might not notice it at first, but don't be surprised when they stop in the middle of the conversation, look at you in silence for a second or two, then ask, "Are you wearing white mascara???"

4. Crazy Lashes

ALEXA!! Play Better in Color by Lizzo a HUNDRED times!!!

Some good falsies are always an excellent choice to complete your look. There's nothing more iconic than some really good long lashes. They're especially great if you don't like mascara but still want your eyes to pop out more. There are a lot of good eyelash brands out there, so go out and get something that will suit your taste best.

But if you want to look otherworldly, you need to be very specific about your eyelash choices. There's the option of really spaced-out long lashes for a feathery, almost cartoonish look. Then you can pick out some lashes in color, maybe even to match your eyebrows! You can choose some feathery lashes that have some colorful inserts.

3. Go Ham on Highlighter

Shine bright like a diamond

Look, has it been done before? Yes, it has! In fact, the 2010s makeup gurus' motto was: "If my highlighter isn't visible from the moon, it's not worth it." But the girlies were onto something when they were saying it. While you might not vibe with a big line of highlighter on your cheekbones, there are many different ways to include it into your look.

You can put a bit of highlighter on your cupid's bow, as it will make your lips pop more. Putting some highlighter in the inner corner of your eye is excellent advice for makeup in general, not just looking otherworldly. You can even go for the complete NikkiTutorials look, where you replace all other components with a highlighter.

2. White Freckles

Or, as we like to call them, mushroom freckles

People are ready to throw hands if they see someone with white freckles. Why does someone need to point out that they don't look realistic? Sorry to break it to you, but neither does eyeliner. Seriously, people don't just wake up with black lines around their eyes and their lips a scarlet shade of red. Why does anyone feel the drive to give unnecessary commentary on the freckles?

Also, why should anyone alive care about what looks realistic and what doesn't? What are you, the Paris Salon? Because they rejected Monet, and look how stupid they look now. Accept that makeup is an art form and that some people would instead look like a mushroom than a human. "Oh, it's bad for first dates." No, you fool. That's how you weed people out.

1. Draw Some Hearts

We <3 you, random reader

We're simple people: anything with hearts draws our attention. There is something inexplicably human about drawing hearts everywhere. It doesn't matter that it's anatomically incorrect; we put them everywhere: in the margins of our notebooks, on sunglasses, in the sand. We want to see love in everything, so we put love everywhere.

So is it shocking to see girls with little hearts under their eyes? There is an inexplicable tenderness in it. But you don't have to restrain yourself to just drawing them under your eyes. We mentioned heart-shaped lips already, but you can have them on any part of your face. You can also do it with different things: eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipliner - whatever you wish.

When it comes to feeling otherworldly, you can get as much or as little creative as you'd like. After all, makeup is art, and you, as an artist, have the right to develop your own style. That style can be as realistic or as abstract as you'd like. You could choose to keep your face neutral while wearing something eye-catching. There are no rules to any of this.

What's the most unusual makeup you had on? What top ten list tip did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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