Top 10 Perfect Makeup Application Tricks

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-06-13 18:50:32

Remember how often you were frustrated and felt like it was the end of the world because your makeup looked bad? Some will say it's an exaggeration, as we shouldn't waste our energy. Well, we agree with that! Don't stress yourself because wearing makeup daily is safe, and we'll help you apply it the right way. Here are our top ten makeup tricks you should know.

10. The Spoon Trick

Every girl dreams of perfect eyeliner on both sides

You may have seen beauty bloggers using this trick and are interested in trying it out. God knows how frustrating it can be to put on your liquid or even a pencil eyeliner, as you need a steady hand and lots of patience. Let us walk you through the steps for the spoon trick.

First, measure your wing length to ensure you're applying eyeliner in the right areas. Next, place the handle beside your lower lid to where it curves upwards. Take your eyeliner and follow the handle until the wing is complete. Then, use the spoon to draw the line on your top lid. And finally, fill it in, and finish up the rest of your makeup! In all honesty, this trick might only work for some, as some people have smaller eyes. But don't get discouraged; use a small spoon! Tell us, have you tried it, and did it work?

9. Matching Lips with Cheeks

Matchy Makeup looks beautiful and natural

How great is it when you can use one makeup product for multiple purposes? You can save some money, as well as space in the drawer. Also, it creates this natural, effortless everyday look. But how exactly to achieve it, and what items to use?

Just employ the same stain on your lips and cheeks. For example, lipstick or a cream blush would be excellent options. The best thing about it is it takes only a minute to do it! Firstly, use your lipstick, put a sheer layer on your lips with your fingers, and then do it on your cheeks instead of a blush. Finally, put on some mascara, and you're ready to go! You'll get the effect of "not trying too hard" makeup that takes years off your face.

8. Apply Makeup After Skincare

A bottle of Hylamide
Taking care of your skin is essential (Photo by Natasha Kendall/Unsplash)

Is your makeup getting cakey, although all your steps and techniques are alright? You may need to do something differently. Try to put on makeup right after a good skincare routine to prevent it from sticking to dry parts of your face or making your fine lines stand out.

Firstly, wash your face with a cleanser. If necessary, exfoliate with a mild product that won't cause irritation. Next, layer some moisturizer to protect and prepare your skin. A combination of warm water with a massage, and cream or serum, will do wonders for your skin! When you're all plumped up, now is the time for your final step, makeup application.

7. Contouring

Carli Bybel loves contouring

Contouring is a great thing if done correctly. It can accentuate your cheekbones and jawline, lift your eyes, and shrink your nose. Many people go to a makeup artist when taking important photos, as the camera picks up shadows and highlights better than the human eye.

You've seen this technique used by YouTube and Instagram influencers, but you're still trying to figure out how to do it. It really doesn't have to be complicated. Utilize a bronzer or a powder a few shades darker than your skin tone to shrink or lighter shades to accentuate your features. Firstly, highlight your t-zone and under-eye area. Your next step should be using a darker color on your face's outer part, under your cheekbones, and on your neck. Finally, as the most important takeaway, blend it with your brush or fingers until everything looks natural.

6. Fake Eyelashes Effect

Hairdryer can be used for many things (Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash)

Do you agree that fake eyelashes can be heavy on your eyes and are usually hard to put on? Yes, they provide a great effect, making your features stand out even though you don't wear that much makeup. Another option is to use a curler that will give you that lifted look you want.

Sometimes, that's not good enough as the lashes go up but don't stay like that for long. Then, what do you do? Just heat the curler with a hairdryer a minute before curling them, as it will prolong the result. Also, after you heat it, wait for a minute or so, check the temperature on your cheeks, and then continue clamping it in on your eyelashes. See how easy that is?

5. Save Dried-Out Mascara

We have all experienced mascara drying out (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

It happens to all of us; the mascara dries out and starts to form lumps. However, don't pump it out to get more on the wand if you want to prevent this. Actually, you're pushing the air into the tube and causing the formula to dry out faster that way.

Mascara should be replaced once every couple of months, but you may need to do it sooner if you continue with this practice. And let's admit, sometimes we need to remember to buy a new one on time. Anyway, how to fix it fast when you need to go out? Just add some eye drops into the tube, and rub the wand around on the inside. And voila, mission accomplished! Your mascara will act as if it's brand new since the drops soften the liquid.

4. Making Color Correcting Concealer

How to properly use color-correcting creamy palette

Are you struggling with some serious discoloration on your face? It may be your dark under eyes, acne residue, or sunburn. Then, we're sure you've heard about color correctors and their power. These amazing concealers can cover all the flaws on our faces, so how great is that?

For example, a green one will conceal redness, and the peach one is good for blue-toned under eyes. So, if you want to avoid buying one 'cause you don't wanna spend more money, we can help you with that! Take an eyeshadow of the color you need and mix it with your concealer. And there it is, your cheap but effective color-correcting concealer!

3. Put Translucent Powder on Your Lashes

Tranlucent powder on eyelashes
Translucent powder makes your lashes thicker (Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash)

Have you always dreamed of having thick lashes? Yeah, we understand you, as most of us haven't been blessed by genetics. For those of you struggling with this, we present you with a powder trick. First, apply a thin layer of translucent powder before putting on mascara. Use a small blending brush to swipe on your top and bottom lashes. 

Many people use a baby powder that has the same effect, creating a base that makes them look fuller. Then, put two coats of mascara, but wait a couple of minutes in between. You don't want them to get clumpy! We recommend using the right and left movement of the application so that every lash is covered. Lastly, check for any gaps that may have stayed, and use the tip of the mascara's wand to add another coat where necessary.

2. Setting Lipstick with a Tissue and a Powder

Check it out and decide whether you wanna try it

How frustrating is it when your favorite dark lipstick doesn't last for long? Sometimes you don't have the time to do the touch-ups during the day, and that's ok. You may not be a big fan of the matte formulation. In any case, we have a lipstick hack for you! You'll need lipstick, facial tissue, loose powder, and a powder brush.

First, apply your favorite lipstick. Then take a tissue and divide it into two parts so that you have one layer left. After that, place that over your lips as you keep them together. Next, put a small amount of powder onto your brush and tap it over your mouth. And finally, put on the second layer of your lipstick. Try it out and let us know if it was successful!

1. How to Do a Perfect Brow

Perfect eyebrow look for beginners

How you wear your eyebrows can change your face from beautiful to horrifying. Today's trend is the thicker, the better, which can be great for girls who naturally have them like that. But don't go overboard, as we'll give you a couple of tips on how to stylize them.

First of all, make sure to groom and pluck them regularly. You can try the pencil trick to find your ideal shape, for example. Then, pick the shade of a product you'll be using to fill the brows in. One to two shades darker for blondes and for brunettes is best to go a little bit lighter. Afterward, use an eyeshadow to fill them in for a natural look, and do it with a small brush. Also, you can use a pencil for a more defined shape. Just remember, don't go outside your form! And lastly, put the brow gel to set them.

We hope you'll find our advice helpful next time you put your makeup on. Some of these hacks were a true revelation for us, as they saved us time and energy.

What do you think of our top ten list of tips and tricks for makeup application? Which one is the most interesting to you? Please write in the comments, and let's chat about makeup.

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