Top 10 Inspiring and Unique K-Pop Hairstyles to Radically Change Your Look

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-09-15 07:28:00

Are you bored of your long straight hair? Or does your hair have a basic color that makes you look the same as everyone in your town? You’ll probably want to change things if you’re bold, and altering your hairstyle is a perfect start. We have plenty of tips, so check out our top ten list of inspiring kpop hairstyles coming directly from the prettiest idols from Korea!

10. Pixie Cut

Here are some valuable tips!

Are you a tomboy deep down in your soul? Are you still stuck with your basic hair length because you’re afraid of change or other people’s comments? Go all the way – it’s time to shine the way you are! The iconic pixie cut is perfect for those girls that want to express their tomboyish style, and there’s nothing wrong with it!

Unfortunately, they always teach us that femininity is crucial for a woman. Still, you should stay true to yourself, mainly because the pixie cut is trendy now. It’s a common thing in Korea, and TWICE’s Jeongyeon is an ideal example of how great it can look. Let go of your medium length and cut your hair if you feel like that!

9. Short Straight Bob and Bangs

Lisa and Winter are well-known for this hairstyle!

Is the pixie cut too short and daring for you, but you still want to look fresh with short hair? Bob is the most relevant trend these years, not only in K-pop – it’s slowly taking over the universe! Since K-pop ladies are in love with their bangs, they would definitely recommend a straight bomb with your forehead fully covered!

If you’re looking for examples, you’ll find thousands of them since K-pop idols rock this hairstyle like professionals. BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the ultimate black bob goddess, and her iconic bangs make her different from her bandmates. Aespa’s Winter also rocked this hair for a long time, and it definitely looks the best if your hair is black!

8. A Messy Bob Without Bangs

This hairstyle is worldwide popular already!

The black straight bob with bangs is such a formal way to style your hair, and if you want that effect, you’ll be a solemn boss lady. However, if you’d prefer something more carefree and youthful, you’ll probably want a messy bob haircut! This bob is way better without bangs, as it’s already relaxed and informal!

Although K-pop ladies prefer straight bobs with bangs, some rock short wavy hair in this form. Short hair is so prevalent in K-pop that you’ll see it way more often than long hair. Even those with long hair usually only have extensions to get the prolonged effect. Anyway, a bob is always a good choice!

7. Air Bangs and Curls

Suzy is so gorgeous that every hairstyle fits her

Welcome to the most prominent Korean trend that the world has ever witnessed – the see-through bangs! Yes, we’re back with bangs on the list, but this time, they’re incredibly authentic to K-pop idols, and you’ll see thousands of examples on the Internet. Air bangs are a bit hard to cut, though, so make sure you watch enough tutorials!

Moreover, curls are a good recommendation for the rest of your hair when wearing air bangs! (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi rocked this hairstyle for a long time, and her bangs are even more see-through than the usual air bangs. Feel free to experiment with them as much as you wish since they’re more carefree than thick bangs!

6. Dare to Try Daring Colors

You’ll also find inspiration in this video!

K-pop knows no boundaries when it comes to hair colors. Purple? Lavender? Orange? Blue? Yes, go for it, since many idols already did, and they looked amazing with all those shades and textures! Dyeing your hair is the best way to make a radical change and draw attention, so don’t hesitate, as life’s too short to always be blonde or brunette!

Rosé from BLACKPINK is someone who can inspire you since she tried so many colors that you have no clue which one is authentic to her. Therefore, her versatility is her distinctive feature! However, remember that bleaching and dyeing can seriously damage your hair if you do it as often as BLACKPINK’s Rosé. Hence, try to draw a line somewhere and take care of your hair!

5. ...Or Two of Them!

This trend is coming straight from K-pop to the world

If you want to be 100% extravagant and noticeable wherever you go, try a two-tone hair color since it’s a massive trend nowadays! This look makes you more confident and gives off a carefree vibe – everyone will think you’re cool if your hair ends are pink and red and you’re wearing a beautiful smile!

If you want some inspiration, look at TWICE’s Dahyun hair evolution since she was always daring and optimistic. She makes everyone smile with her visuals and positive energy! Moreover, having colorful hair allows you makeup-free days since you’ll already have a lot on your face!

4. Bleached Front Strands of Hair

Jennie has always been the trendsetter

Here we are, in the most significant trend of 2020. Influencers all over the world tried this hairstyle, and you could even see girls on the streets with blonde front strands or even some more daring colors, such as hot pink! This hairstyle doesn’t take too much time and effort, yet it’s still trendy, fresh, and upbeat. You’ll be the most fabulous chick in town!

It’s hard to tell who started this journey with bleached strands, but BLACKPINK’s Jennie went 100% viral after the group released “How You Like That.” The music video became authentic for her front light strands, making her even more badass! With this small trick, all eyes will be on you, and it’s way easier to handle than the two-tone and other recommendations!

3. ...Or the Ends

A safe technique that everyone wants to try at least once!

If you don’t want to ruin your scalp health, dip dye your hair since it won’t destroy anything and will still look so trendy! Hair ends in different colors have been a trend for ages, and K-pop ladies always do this. They’re not afraid to radically change their hair color, so dyeing the ends is not a problem for them!

Of course, before doing this, you should see which one suits you best and which color you want to represent you. People will think of you whenever they see that color, so choose wisely. You usually choose a lighter shade for the front strands, but you can be 100% free and experimental for hair ends!

2. Pigtails

Pigtails have a lot of advantages

This hairstyle is a classic that has been around for ages, way before K-pop became a thing. However, their beautiful idols brought pigtails back to the spotlight since this hairstyle makes it easy to dance and handle your hair, and it’s still gorgeous! Two tails or two braids is a hairstyle that isn’t messy, so it can even look formal!

An idol that can inspire your following pigtail style is BLACKPINK’s Lisa, as she’s someone who rocks this hairstyle in many music videos! She’s the main dancer in the group, so her movements require a hairstyle that makes it all smooth yet pretty. This hairstyle also makes you look way younger than you actually are!

1. Pucca Buns

This is undoubtedly one of the prettiest k-pop hairstyles!

You’ll find this hairstyle under many names – pucca buns, two buns, space buns, double buns… The common thing between all of them is that this one is drop-dead gorgeous and cute simultaneously! It also lets you do the full makeup since the hair will be on top of your head, and it lets you highlight your eyes or lips instead!

TWICE’s Momo, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, ITZY’s Yeji, IU, and many other iconic idols are good examples of why this hairstyle is among the most famous types. It doesn’t take too much effort, yet it makes you look younger, cuter, and more feminine, and hair definitely won’t bother you.  

Of course, you can do a more subtle look if these top ten examples are “too much” for you and your everyday life. However, remember that being brave always makes you prettier, and the real ones will recognize and love the uniqueness of your style!

Is any of these hairstyles a thing you’d try? Are they too extraordinary? Let us know your opinion!

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