Top 10 Red Velvet Songs That Prove They Have the Weirdest Concepts

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:07

Being weird is such a positive thing – why would we all be the same, anyway? When it comes to art, uniqueness has to be one of the most crucial characteristics since the artists are way better remembered when they have their own style. The K-pop girl group Red Velvet knows how to handle this since their concepts are wild. If you'd like to discover a whole new style of music, check out these top ten list of Red Velvet songs that have a unique theme and concept!

10. "Psycho"

It's the love that you never can escape from – we all felt that at least once

Since we'll have way weirder tracks on this list, this one goes towards the bottom. Ironically enough, "Psycho" is their best song so far, with the most incredible vocals, a royalcore music video, and a story that's heart-touching! Many times, Red Velvet girls already were psychopaths in their songs, so going crazy for love isn't a strange feeling!

Having a song like this in your discography is a flex, so we believe that Red Velvet ladies won't mind us naming "Psycho" a bit weird. They embrace their uniqueness all the time, anyway! Now, "Psycho" is basically a k-pop pride. This song always gets mentioned on the list of the best tracks ever.

9. "Milkshake"

The song got a video despite being a side track

"ReVe Festival Day 1" is a mess in every positive way. Or even negative, if you're not a fan of weird sounds the girls delivered here, and especially on the title track, "Zimzalabim." Still, we shall not forget the b-side track "Milkshake," which gets dirty, weird, and awkward with every lyric and even with its sound.

Red Velvet aren't strangers to hidden sexual themes, including their debut "Ice Cream Cake," which reminds us of BLACKPINK's "Ice Cream" that has the same purpose. "Milkshake" goes a bit too far, and even its production feels as awkward as possible.

8. "Mosquito"

We all know that person that sticks like glue – or a mosquito

Summer reminds us of all the nicest days of the year and the exciting nights, partying and chilling after a long time of working. Still, there's another thing annoying us during the summer the most – mosquitoes! Of course, Red Velvet touched upon this theme instead of covering any other topic that we like about summer because they embrace the weirdness!

"My nerves are on edge, what should I do with you?" is absolutely something you'd tell a boring mosquito. Still, we think the girls wanted to portray an irritating boy instead. Some people are boring like mosquitoes, and their "Summer Magic" track showed precisely that. We prefer the title track, "Power Up," though!

7. "Rookie"

Do you even like this track? We're glad if you do!

No one says that the weird Red Velvet songs are bad, but many people dislike "Rookie." This tune got the girls screaming, "Rookie, rookie, my super rookie rookie boy," on and on, so it basically gets a bit boring and sounds strange. Many people say this EP has way better material than the title track.

Weird puppets, insane color combinations in their outfits, and playful faces make this song belong to the "red" side of their discography. This kind of melody is usually underrated when we compare it to "velvet." Still, if you don't like "Rookie," that's obviously not an unpopular opinion since barely anyone could get the weirdness they came up with on this track.

6. "Zoo"

Watch out for the strange screams that appear in this song out of nowhere!

"The Red Summer" EP feels like Red Velvet's signature and the most significant part of their discography. Do we even have to point out "Red Flavor" power? The girls literally played it in North Korea, a massive success for their whirlwind career. Still, we'd like to highlight a b-side track, "Zoo," which celebrated their uniqueness again!

Moreover, it's hard to determine the song's genre and style, but that adds to the weird feeling they're portraying. The lyric "Love is lookin' like a zoo" suggests we're about to discover a wild feeling of love. Still, it's all displayed through some strange sounds of chimpanzees and elephants. These girls don't fear crossing the line!

5. "Bad Dracula"

We guess being a Bad Dracula isn't much of a compliment, to be honest!

Let's talk about kpop nonsense that we all seem to like anyway. "Bad Dracula" wasn't even close to being the "Russian Roulette" EP's title track. Still, it made this EP seem even weirder than it already was. In fact, the song never got a music video, but when it's this strange, it doesn't even need a visualizer!

Actually, the track didn't only get the oddest music and title since the lyrics also don't seem to make any sense. "My mom says I should be colder, but then I'll get a stomachache?" What did they try to tell here? Unfortunately, we probably won't ever find out!

4. "Umpah Umpah"

It sounds just like a basic Red Velvet song… But there's more to this story!

Since we already mentioned "Psycho," of course, we won't avoid the other two "ReVe Festival" title tracks that got people so confused. The ladies kicked off "ReVe Festival Day 2" with the weirdest onomatopoeic words they could come up with and gave us a timeless hit, "Umpah Umpah!"

Moreover, people in the comments section of this music video are joking that it isn't even as weird as their other ones. Still, should we mention that they were actually trying to drown someone there? Well, the less you know, the better you'll "Feel the rhythm," just like all the girls scream in the chorus!

3. "Zimzalabim"

Many people were so confused when they heard the song for the first time

Even the name couldn't be weirder here – what does "Zimzalabim" even mean? It's actually a magic spell, and the girls aren't witches here because they bring happiness to the world! No doubt that this has to do with their debut song, "Happiness," since the girls have been bringing positivity and joy since day one. Even one of their members is named Joy!

However, this song's concept is dark, showing both the group's red and velvet sides. The girls are professionals at combining concepts and rocking them as if it weren't a challenge. "Zimzalabim" could be weird, but it was the most fantastic introduction to the "ReVe Festival" trilogy!

2. "Russian Roulette"

This song could be one of their favorites ever, not only for the concept

In "Russian Roulette," it's even more strange than expected. The song compares winning a person's heart to playing Russian roulette, and the game is already very wild and dangerous. You know, it can even get deadly, so the girls like portraying themes as dark as these through a cute and playful beat.

Since we already mentioned that the girls mixed up red and velvet for this song again, these concepts are their ultimate favorites. It's hard to add darkness and a weird side to a song with an 80s synth-pop vibe, but the music clip also played a role. When you see the video with their emotionless facial expressions, you'll realize how amazing these girls are at acting!

1. "Peek a Boo"

Listen to this one with the music video because it tells a story

Halloween concept isn't necessarily "weird" since almost any kpop groups tried it at least once. However, you may be sure that Red Velvet didn't play when they took over the world with their hit single "Peek a Boo!" It's one of their songs that will make you shake your head until you realize if you like it or hate it!

We have no idea what's the most beautiful thing about this music video. Are their burning red outfits matched with their psychopath facial expressions the absolute highlight? Is the song so psychopathic that the title already suggests how the girls play a game with our imagination? This is a masterpiece, and we hope you understand it!

After all, the way Red Velvet own the whole world already says how perfectly they deliver their uniqueness. This kpop girl group will stay iconic for ages no matter what because songs like theirs are those that you simply never forget. The way they shaped the 3rd generation of kpop is something to remember!

What's your favorite Red Velvet top ten song? Do you favor kpop groups with some regular ideas, just like TWICE's "cute" concept? Let us know your preferences!

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