Top 10 European New Year's Eve Celebration Destinations

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-25 12:02:39

Do you love traveling for every occasion, with a guide or not? We totally get you – why would you spend a holiday at home, anyway? New Year's Eve is a fabulous time to use your days off and visit a country you've never been to before. Alternatively, you can return to your favorite to see how it looks with that festive Christmas vibe. Most European cities turn into a winter paradise during this time, way better than what we see in Hallmark movies!

10. Krakow or Gdansk in Poland

Gdansk has a great nightlife

Poland is criminally underrated, but that means you'll get the opportunity to travel somewhere without immense crowds yet with a great vibe. Only a few tourists know that Krakow is the ultimate life of the party, and students and young people usually head there when New Year approaches. 

Another option in Poland that isn't more peaceful is Gdansk, which is even more charming. We recommend both if you're (feeling) young and free and your goal is to have a New Year's Eve that will be the best party you've ever had. Everyone should have at least one New Year's Eve in Poland while they're still wild and energetic!

9. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is… Fancy!

Are you dreaming about a lavish New Year's Eve party where you won't look at the price because you have only one life? Everyone deserves that one New Year's Eve that is exclusive and extravagant, and Brussels is perfect for that. Yes, it's more expensive than most of our recommendations, but who cares!

Moreover, Brussels offers the brightest sky you could imagine, and you can watch it from the gorgeous Place des Palais. However, if you prefer something fancier than staying in the open-air area, you'll find many royal places to celebrate. This is an attractive destination for the Christmas and Advent seasons in general!

8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin couldn't be crazier!

This is arguably the most exciting recommendation for New Year's Eve and any season throughout the year. Berlin is one of the most thrilling places to visit because it's a city with a long history and two sides that seem incompatible in their differences. Still, that's what gives it a special vibe. It's unique if we had to describe it with one word!

Moreover, the city has its official party at Brandenburg Gate, and it's something you've never experienced before. If you'd rather spend your New Year's Eve somewhere inside, with a high-vibe kind of party, you'll find the best places in this city. Berlin is a safe place for everyone, and you'll meet all kinds of people!

7. Rome, Italy

It looks like a paradise

What's better for manifesting the best things for the next year than spending your New Year's Eve in the Eternal City? It is believed that Rome will stand tall and go on forever, even when bad things happen. This strong message already makes it attractive for new beginnings. And its beauty is undeniable!

If you choose Rome, remember to visit Circus Maximus and see the midnight fireworks. Still, you can also spend a whole day there since there is live music, dance performances, and many more! Outdoor concerts are also all over the city, and if you seek an extravagant party in a fancy club, you'll find that too!

6. Prague, Czech Republic

The city is so pretty that you'll have to visit it any time of the year!

If you desire to spend your New Year's Eve in a city that offers a lot of sightseeing and romantic places, Prague is a top choice. Furthermore, its position in Europe provides various options to visit some cities in the neighborhood. Still, Prague has beer, wild parties, and elegant places to celebrate New Year!

Watching fireworks from the riverside is a dreamy and romantic scene that you can have if you head to the Charles Bridge, one of the most gorgeous bridges ever. Boat parties and casual river cruises will also be a fantastic choice for New Year's Eve since the Vltava runs through Prague. This river makes the city remarkable!

5. London, Great Britain

It's hard to choose only one place!

The 31st of December is when you want to find the best party of your life every year, and London will surely provide the most unique experience. Unique because the city is so big and offers so many options for themed parties that you'll visit at least three per night!

Moreover, London has some of the best European river cruises and hosts themed parties that you've never seen before! We don't even have to mention fireworks, as they're probably the brightest in the world, precisely for New Year's Eve. London fireworks are a special occasion that everyone wants to experience!

4. Ibiza, Spain

Yes, it's sunny there!

Some people will go skiing for their New Year's Eve celebration and spend their evening beside the fireplace with some hot chocolate. If this description has nothing to do with you, you may need a sunny destination for those cold days. And maybe all you need is a party until dawn to warm your body!

You'll get all of that precisely in Ibiza, which is why it belongs to the top New Year's Eve destinations. It's still sunny and not too cold in this part of the world, and the parties definitely still keep you up at night. You might have the wildest New Year's Eve of your life if you choose this destination – that's how you live your life to the fullest!

3. Somewhere in Austria

We wouldn't skip Salzburg for New Year

Culture and tradition are still the most significant aspects of spending your time in Austria, especially in its capital city. Old souls that still dream of waltz should visit a Viennese ball at least once during the winter – and you should see the New Year's concert in the Music Society! Besides this, you'll still get fireworks and live music in Prater – the whole place feels so alive!

However, Vienna isn't the only place to visit for Europe New Year celebrations – Austria offers so much more. Salzburg and Graz are smaller yet incredible cities for festive vibes. If you're a winter enthusiast, you'll enjoy skiing near Innsbruck – our recommendation would be Kitzbühel, a small Alpine town with the best views you've ever seen.

2. Basically, Anywhere in Portugal

A lot of options here!

This might surprise you, but Portugal is an excellent destination for your bucket list. We couldn't even choose one part of the country to recommend for New Year's Eve because you'll like all of it. And it's even warmer than the rest of the continent, so if you liked Ibiza as an option, you might even prefer this!

So, where should you start? Probably from Lisbon because that city will take your breath away. What if you need a tropical beginning of the New Year? We also have an option for that – Madeira Islands, the sunniest place in Europe! Its large fireworks and warm temperatures will surely put you in the mood for the future!

1. Strasbourg and Colmar, France

You'll never find a prettier Christmas market anywhere else!

Some cities scream Christmas, and there isn't any other city that can top its vibe. Strasbourg and Colmar are synonyms for positive energy, and every corner of these cities in France is supposed to remind you that it's time for mulled wine and Christmas tree, but New Year fireworks as well. You'll never find a better place to celebrate!

Since Colmar is small and sweet, you'll have more attractions in Strasbourg. However, these two go hand in hand because they're close enough, and their energy is almost the same. It's very different from the other aspects of France, but the point is the same – these two come alive in December, and you have to see that.

Luckily, New Year's Eve is so exciting that you'll enjoy it wherever you go. Even staying at home sounds extravagant as long as you have your Christmas tree, songs, and lights all over your room! However, traveling to your dream destination will be the best option, so we hope you'll enjoy your time under the fireworks.

Do you usually travel for New Year's Eve? Is it better to spend this holiday at home with your closest ones? Let us know your opinion!

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