Top 10 Sidney Sheldon Books To Keep You Guessing

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Crime novels always bring a thrilling feeling. You have to sense that excitement in your veins when the offense is well described. Among the best-seller authors, Sidney Sheldon did it flawlessly since he knew how to keep your attention and make you turn one page after another. To find out his best moments, we made a top ten list of his quality novels with an intriguing plot that will keep you involved!

10. "Bloodline"

Crime novels are usually revolving around troubled wealthy families but this movie adaptation wasn't that good

Do wealthy people sleep peacefully at night? Roffe and Sons' family members evidently don't, since they are haunted by the idea of getting more and more every day. Greed and betrayal eat them from the inside, and Sheldon narrates the story like a pro, so even though this is the tenth place, you'll enjoy it!

Just two years after the original novel was released, it got a movie adaptation, casting Audrey Hepburn as the protagonist. However, it didn't get half as good reviews as the book itself – Hepburn's acting and the rest of the cast outdid the story. 

9. "The Stars Shine Down"

This is an example of Sheldon's books having powerful characters

Lara Cameron is the name you'll remember even years after reading. The powerful woman that leads the plot of "The Stars Shine Down" owns the highest building in New York City and stands tall despite her dark past. It's a classic theme, with Sheldon's traditional quality narration.

Lara's life wasn't easy, as her childhood was doomed by poverty. However, she did everything she could to get more… And wanted more and more afterward, just like the "Bloodline" characters. Nevertheless, this lady here represents an unapologetic, ruthless yet generous figure, and she's a character that stays on your mind.

8. "Nothing Lasts Forever"

Sheldon is a master of influential female figures as the protagonists! In "Nothing Lasts Forever," he portrays three ladies having to prove themselves in a profession dominated by men at that time – medicine. And, of course, there is a murder involved – that's not even a spoiler!

The three doctors are suddenly in trouble; they get separated overnight, even though their fate is somehow intertwined with each other. The title of the novel will haunt you until the very end. It shows in a million little ways how nothing lasts an eternity, neither good nor bad. It's hard to face reality, and this book shows that in every single quote.

7. "Rage of Angels"

This movie is one of the best Sheldon's adaptations

Are you already wondering whether Sheldon was a feminist? There is not a single doubt in it: Yes, he adored women and portrayed them as potent and independent creatures. Wild and free in their decisions, driven by their own desires and plans, not listening to anyone or anything… Simply living their life.

"Rage of Angels" displays a woman who is loved not by one but by two men. One of them is a politician, and the other one is a mafia don. Which one is the lesser of two evils? And why is Jennifer Parker still struck by the immense loneliness? Find out!

6. "The Best Laid Plans"

Find out if this story is perfect for your choice of a Sheldon's novel

"He wanted power, she wanted revenge." Wait, this sounds so catchy already! However, the story is actually earnest, with the plot continually revolving around Leslie Stewart's grief after a betrayal and Oliver Russell's greed for being the President of the United States.

Is it manageable for both of them to make their plans come true? Are the best-laid plans always going to work, or the factor of surprise happens even when we have every detail in control? Both of them had to know that nothing is perfect, and on their way, they'll learn some crucial life lessons. You won't ever want to put this book down until you finish it!

5. "The Other Side of Midnight"

An outstanding novel and a movie with some minor mistakes

The crime plot Sheldon developed in "The Other Side of Midnight" is a remarkable example of how a best-seller can be indeed a first-class novel. This one is probably the most famous and read Sheldon's crime story, but the hype is real, we promise!

The movie faced a massive failure, probably because the main parts, especially Larry, were utterly wrong choices. However, the book's characters are so mesmerizing they couldn't be portrayed by real people anyway. The gorgeous movie star, the Greek tycoon... And the rage between them!

4. "Master of the Game"

Vengeance and achievement are the keywords of this plot

The title is already promising a whirlwind plot, and that's how it is indeed! If you ever judged a book by its cover, you would pick this one and take it home, and you wouldn't be disappointed afterward. If you like strong characters and a diamond-studded plot, go for it.

The almost 5-star novel introduces you to Kate Blackwell, the real master of the game, a manipulative, dominant, and dark-sided woman. A woman like that gets everything she wants, so we'll leave it to you to guess whether she got her happy ending in this novel. Or, simply go and get the book to find out. You won't regret it!

3. "The Sands of Time"

The strength of these four ladies will inspire you

With more than 400 pages, you'd think you'd spend a lifetime reading "The Sands of Time." On the contrary, it belongs to the top three, mostly because it's a mix of a fast and quality read at the same time. One page after another, you'll catch yourself rooting for the characters, and you won't ever forget these.

With the memorable characters, the four nuns, and the incredible portrait of beautiful Spain, "The Sands of Time" is authentic and exotic. Moreover, the first thing you'll notice is passion and love, but if you thought there wouldn't be any drama or danger, you've got it wrong!

2. "If Tomorrow Comes" 

The mini-series based on the novel is worth watching

"If Tomorrow Comes" is an exciting story that includes jewel thieves and con-artists. It earned massive popularity and enormous respect from the general public, so if you're kicking off your journey with Sidney Sheldon, this can be your first novel. And you'll come back for more soon after it!

After reading a book, we highly recommend the mini-series inspired by the novel of the same name. Its score on IMDb is just a little under 8, so the reviews are convincing. How to start a new life after a criminal history? The main character of this book, Tracy, will teach you something essential.

1. "Tell Me Your Dreams" 

Dissociative Identity Disorder or Split Personality is the psychological problem Sheldon discusses her

Since we mentioned the "unputdownable" crime stories… Yes, this is the one everyone would look for. The addiction you'll get after the first chapter. "She had read about stalkers, but they belonged in a different, faraway world," says Sheldon, and you can already smell a suspicious plot coming!

"Tell Me Your Dreams" is also a book with one of the best Sheldon's Goodreads scores – just a little under 4 stars! The psychological brain game he's leading throughout the plot is priceless. Furthermore, even if it starts a bit confusing, Sheldon's narration will make it clear as you're reaching the end. A literal masterpiece!

After all, there is not a single Sidney Sheldon novel you should skip if you've already read some and liked them. His books are a safe choice for everyone who loves this genre, so they are suitable for a gift as well. We promise almost all of them are unputdownable, not only these that made it to our top ten!

What's your favorite Sidney Sheldon novel? What are the other crime authors you would recommend?

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