Top 10 Eminem Guest Appearances Where He Killed It and Stole the Show

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

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Eminem had a difficult path to stardom. He grew up in Detroit's ghetto neighborhood, always having a problematic relationship with his mother, while his father left them. Being a white boy who wanted to be a rap star, he was ridiculed and looked down upon. Eventually, he overcame all difficulties and became the best-selling hip-hop artist of all time. Nowadays, he's a legend in the industry, and any artist would be proud to collaborate with him. Continue reading as we'll make our picks for his top ten list of guest verses! Also, check out our top 10 Eminem celebrity disses that went from bad to ugly list.

10. "Roman's Revenge," Nicki Minaj 

This collaboration was Nicki's dream

Nicki Minaj wanted to collaborate with Eminem for a long time, as she considered him one of the most gifted hip-hop artists. So when that dream came true, she couldn't believe it! The song "Roman's Revenge" is featured on Nicki's debut "Pink Friday," and it captures the essence of hip-hop, as both artists are boasting about being the best.

This track starts off with Minaj's alter ego, Roman Zolanski, her twin brother who's tired of people hating on her success. What follows is a dope verse by Em, where he hits back at rap contenders. And if that isn't enough, another Nicki's alter ego appears, called Martha, shouting at Roman for being so rude. Supposedly, the lyrics in the track speak directly to Lil Kim and her jealousy. If you haven't heard it, do it now, as you'll love the sick beat and the multiple characters taking turns!

9. "Don't Approach Me," Xzibit

Fame is not easy

The Detroit rapper and Xzibit got close while touring in 2000, and that friendship led to many collaborations, including this one. The track "Don't Approach Me" is featured on Xzibit's album "Restless" and is produced by Eminem. Anyway, if you're not familiar with his discography, we recommend this song as your starting point.

In general, the lyrics depict the frustration that comes with newfound fame and how it affects a person's life. Particularly, Em is rapping in a comedic way, but the events he mentions are based on his experiences. Also, he had some really sharp words about celebrity status and media attention in the second verse. Towards the song's end, he returns for a final knockout, where he spits about what happens if you let people get too close.

8. "Airplanes, Part II," B.o.B. and Hayley Williams

What would a rap scene be like without Eminem?

While the first song, "Airplanes," is about wishing to return to a simpler time, this version with Eminem takes the point of view of someone successful thinking about the choices that he made. B.o.B and Em dream big while Hayley Williams of Paramore brings us a catchy chorus. What would have happened if Slim Shady never became a rapper?

Just listen to the song, as he'll take you down memory lane while reminiscing about his troubled childhood and all the times he could have given up. The Detroit rapper stole the show with his verse, as he hit the theme hard. In particular, he talks about how you need to make your own wishes come true, pursue them, and not expect everything to fall into your lap.

7. "Best Friend," Yelawolf

The theme of this song surprised the fans

Kanye West often does it, but did you ever think it was conceivable to hear your favorite rapper talk about religion in songs? If you're an Eminem fan, this theme in his collaboration with Yelawolf must have come as a surprise. At first, Yela heard the beat, recorded his lyrics, and then asked Em to join him. This song was the only one that included a collaborator on Yelawolf's second studio album, "Love Story."

At the beginning of the record, he talks about God and faith and society looking down on him. He also mentions his issues with women, caused by his complicated relationship with his mother. Yella's all calm and spiritual before Em appears, with his aggressive verses. Among other things, Slim Shady talks about his friend, rapper Proof, who was shot in a nightclub in 2006. Essentially, this track is about finding your best friend in love and God in the most challenging situations.

6. "Smack That," Akon

"Smack That" was a club banger

"Smack That" is a single from Akon's second studio album, "Konvicted," and marks the first collaboration between the musician and the rapper. It became a huge international club banger and got to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Additionally, the song received a Grammy nomination for the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Undoubtedly, this track is of sexual nature, as Akon describes a girl attracted to him because of his fame and money. In the second verse, Eminem joins him, talking about a pole dancer that works in a club. This song doesn't represent some of the rappers' wokest moments, but it is catchy, and he did kill his verse with clever wordplay, as usual.

5. "Patiently Waiting," 50 Cent

Eminem believed in 50 Cent from the start

"Patiently Waiting" was the first out of two collaborations with Em on 50 Cent's critically acclaimed "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" album. The Queens rapper owes a lot to Slim Shady, as he was the one that pushed for his record deal with Interscope in 2003. Eventually, that led to worldwide success and fame and the launch of his prolific career.

In this song, Eminem serves as a producer and a backup to 50, letting the world know his protege is the next big thing. Additionally, this record's central theme is perseverance and the turmoil the Queens' rapper had to go through. Finally, if you love both artists, check out this track, as you'll find the flow and their chemistry undeniable!

4. "I Need a Doctor," Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey

Dr. Dre is Eminem's mentor

Dr. Dre gives us some life lessons in this hit song that peaked at #4 on Billboard Hot 100. Besides Eminem, we have Skylar Grey, as she sings the catchy hook. If you're going through some tough times, you just might need this track to lift you up. It mainly speaks about Em's and Dre's relationship over the years.

The Detroit rapper is thankful to his mentor, who believed in him early on, and now he returns him the favor. Dr. Dre was struggling with grief and depression after his son died of a drug overdose. Consequently, his career suffered, as he felt uninterested and stuck creatively. So our boy Slim Shady is joining him on this song to support him, as he references his own struggles to make it through.

3. "Forever," Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

Who do you think spits the best verse in this song?

This star-studded track found its place on the soundtrack for LeBron James' documentary "More Than a Game." At first, it was supposed to be Drake's song but ended up featuring four hip-hop heavyweights. Surprisingly, Lil Wayne joined the team, even though he's a die-hard Kobe Bryant fan.

In particular, this collaboration was a unique chance for him to work with Eminem, which he dreamed of for a long time. So when it was finally decided who'll be included in this record, Drake said their goal was to make something that people wouldn't forget. To most of us, Em's verse is best, as he heard the beat differently and rapped faster than his counterparts. At one point, he even compares himself to Hannibal Lecter, and lyrically, he destroyed it!

2. "Renegade," Jay-Z

The audience overwhelmingly thought Eminem killed Jay-Z in his own track

"Renegade" is one of the best rap collaborations that we've heard, where Slim Shady and Hove address their haters. At the time of its release, the two artists weren't exactly at their peak, so this was their way of showing they still matter in hip-hop culture. Eminem was actually the only guest rapper on Jay-Z's "The Blueprint" album (not even Beyonce made it!), which this song is a part of.

Jay talks directly to his critics, who claim he forgot his ghetto roots, as he reminisces about his drug-dealing past. On the other hand, Em speaks on the public perception of him, as he's accused of being a bad influence on children. On the whole, people taught that he killed Jay on his own track. Haven't heard the song yet? Then what are you waiting for? 

1. "Forgot About Dre," Dr. Dre

Slim Shady wrote almost all the lyrics for this legendary track

Finally, we've reached our #1 pick for the best Eminem guest verse in a song. This legendary tune comes from Dr. Dre's widely praised album "2001" and features the Detroit rapper. Not only does he rap on this track, but he also wrote almost all lyrics, including Dre's verses. Furthermore, this song won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group and continues to be one of the fan-favorites throughout the years.

In particular, it's Dr. Dre's statement to anyone who questioned his talent after his exit from Death Row in 1996. Accompanied by Em's quick and aggressive verses, he sends a message that he's returned. Interestingly, the entire flow is inspired by Eminem's fast pace, which makes a nice contrast with the song's production.

What do you think of our top ten picks of Eminem's guest verses where he killed it? Would you add any song to our list, and which one? Do you think he outshined some of the artists? Let us know in the comments section.

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I Need a Doctor is my fave, it introduced me to Skylar Grey. She deserved a better career

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