Top 10 Adult Video Actors and Actresses That Appeared in Video Games

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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Although adult movies existed for as long as regular movies, those two worlds were not very connected. Simply, the movies about lovemaking were a thing that was rarely talked about. Therefore, adult actors were famous just in the circle of their own audience. However, in recent years, raunchy movies have become way more accessible, and many adult stars have crossed into mainstream entertainment, while some athletes went the opposite way. This top ten list is about adult movie stars appearing in video games. 

10. Ginger Lynn Allen

A veteran appeared in Wing Commander next to Mark Hamill

Ginger Lynn Allen was one of the most prominent adult actresses in the 80s. Except for video games, she also appeared in Metallica's music video for "Turn the Page." However, her presence in the video games Wing Commander III and Wing Commander Prophecy in 1994 and 1997 is what counts. In this game, she played Chief Technician Rachel Coriolis. 

The Wing Commander games relied heavily on full-motion video sequences. However, the gameplay was very scarce, and the quality of video sequences wasn't the greatest. Nevertheless, the games featured well-known actors, including Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, and John Rhys-Davies.

9. Ron Jeremy

He was a Super Mario model and helped Larry get laid

Ron Jeremy is one of the greatest male performers in the adult industry. He's the first adult video star that broke into the mainstream thanks to his unusual looks and sense of humor. The legend has it Ron Jeremy was the inspiration for the appearance of Super Mario. However, that is not the only affiliation of the famous actor with video games. 

Ron Jeremy appeared in several titles, with his most remarkable role in the Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. There he was, a fairy with a bizarre blonde wig and a suggestively looking wand (you can replace the last letter with "g"). Despite being present in several video games, Ron Jeremy allegedly doesn't have a high opinion about them.

8. RIO

Her name is Rio, and she likes dancing in a bar

Japan is a country where adult entertainers are already a part of the mainstream. Rio is one of the popular AV actresses in this country, with a prominent career in show business outside of pink videos. Among other things, she was a part of the Japanese pop group Ebisu Muscats, which consisted entirely of adult actresses. 

Rio appeared as a hostess in the former PS3 exclusive title, Yakuza 4. Apparently, Sega hosted an open casting call, and Rio was one of the finalists. However, if you hoped to see some goodies, we will have to disappoint you. Rio's role is pretty clean, without any nudity and sexual engagement. For that, you would have to check her mainline work.

7. Sunrise Adams

The Backyard Wrestling had some very interesting cameos

After The turn of the millennium, adult entertainment started to slowly merge with the mainstream. As a result, many adult stars had cameo appearances as themselves. Sunrise Adams is one of them, and she appeared in Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighbourhood. This is a wrestling game with a relatively obscure roster of wrestlers, save for a few notable appearances, including Sunrise Adams. 

Yet, she wasn't the only adult entertainer appearing in the game. Along with her, there was Tera Patrick, but we'll mention her later. While the game was supposed to improve the original, it was mediocre at best. Concerning Sunrise Adams' appearance, it wasn't hard to guess her day job because she wore next to nothing.

6. Tera Patrick

The microbiologist turned bad turned good again

We already mentioned the sequel of the Backyard Wrestling game, where Tera Patrick appeared alongside Sunrise Adams. However, that wasn't the only video game featuring her appearance. In Saints Row 2, Tera was introduced not only as an actress but as a special producer. In the DLC mission Ultor Exposed, she played a microbiologist, a degree she has in real life. 

That wasn't the last time the Saints Row franchise used adult actresses as a way of cross-promotion. Therefore, we'll mention a couple of others on the list. Tera Patrick is a big video game fan, and it was great to see her handling some big guns on screen. She also admitted that she loves classic video games like Ms. Pac-Man and Centipede, along with Asteroids.

5. Asa Akira

Experience dating the Asian superstar

Asa Akira is one of the most famous Asian adult actresses of all time. She's already a winner of multiple AVN awards and is known for her relentlessness and openness to experiments. One of the more intriguing projects that Asa Akira appeared in was Nutaku's Booty Calls video game. It is a dating simulator/hentai video game, and your goal is to seduce as many girls as possible. 

Nutaku is a popular website with adult video games and features diverse titles. The game is an anime-like flash game where you meet various girls and try seducing them. Asa Akira's character is supposedly made to look and behave like her, so her fans can see what's the feeling of dating her for real.

4. Jenna Jameson

The most famous adult star had her share in video games

Jenna Jameson is one of the biggest adult stars of all time. In her heyday, she appeared in several video game titles, later becoming cult classics and blockbusters. Her first notable appearance was in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, one of the best-selling games of all time. Jenna's character is called Daisy, modeled and voiced by a famous adult actress. 

The second appearance of Jenna Jameson in video games is in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. As you progress in this title, you can purchase an adult entertainment set at one moment. This acquisition opens a whole array of new missions. Jenna's character is appropriately called Candy Suxx, and she is, oh surprise, an adult actress.

3. Nikki Benz

Saints Row really likes hiring Penthouse Pets

The Saints Row gaming franchise apparently likes cooperation with adult stars. We already mentioned Tera Patrick in the second installment, and the next game has a whole group of adult entertainers, led by Nikki Benz, a Penthouse Pet. Except for her, the game features her colleagues Justine Joli, Ryan Keely, and Heather Vandeven. 

The third installment of Saints Row takes place in another city, Steelport. The Penthouse Pets are part of a DLC content pack, and they can join the gang members you can call upon to help you fight other gangs. This is the first time you can ever call Penthouse pets; they answer and come to your help.

2. Sasha Grey

Little potty mouth became a video game streamer

Sasha Grey earned her reputation as one of the most foul-mouthed adult actresses. The things we have heard this pretty young woman say would make a demon shy. However, she cleaned up her career for a long time and became a mainstream actress and video game streamer. Did we mention the affiliation of the Saints Row games with the adult stars? Well, Sasha Grey appeared in Saints Row 3. 

Grey's role was pretty important, as she was one of the leaders of the Steelport syndicate, Viola DeWynter. She began her story as an antagonist, but after some serious reconsideration, she became one of the helpers of the main character. Nowadays, some people don't even remember what Sasha Grey did before becoming a video game streamer. 

1. Traci Lords

The most incredible transition from XXX to video games

Traci Lords did one of the most successful transitions from adult entertainment to the mainstream. Therefore, she was also really busy doing video game-related content. Traci Elizabeth Lords appeared in eight video games, including True Crime, Final Fantasy, and Ground Control installments. However, her most prominent role in video games is in The Hitman Absolution. 

There she plays Layla Stockton, a hot seductress that tries to attract and kill the titular Agent 47. During the game, we get to see Layla several times in cutscenes. However, when we see her for the last time, she attempts to neutralize the protagonist by stripping down in some hot lingerie. Unfortunately, you have to kill her first.

Adult video acting is not a job that has a long-term perspective. Therefore, many former adult stars try to change the profession and somehow get into the mainstream. They do it more or less successfully, and some of them manage to leave the adult career way behind them. 

Who's your favorite adult actor in video games? Who would you add to this list?



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