Top 10 Most Gorgeous Vinyl Records to Own

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-14 18:00:10

Collectors love music more than anything, but there is one thing they put above everything – the aesthetic. They must buy the most beautiful edition, even if it's limited and costs a lot. They don't ask for the price! If you're one of them, you'll be obsessed with our ten recommendations that will take your vinyl records collection to the next level!

10. "Trophy Eyes" by Chemical Miracle

This color pattern describes the album perfectly

Some albums have a natural ability to be physically beautiful. Some songs sound like a specific aesthetic, and some titles make you imagine gorgeous pictures. That's how we would describe Chemical Miracle's album "Trophy Eyes," It has a beautiful pinkish-white vinyl that came straight out of our dreams.

If your vinyl record is named "ivory pink haze," chances are the color is so beautiful that it's probably your most gorgeous record. That's the name of "Trophy Eyes" limited vinyl, practically impossible to find now. Still, if you're lucky, you'll discover it hidden somewhere in the corner. Hopefully, because you'll want to own it!

9. "That's the Spirit" by Bring Me the Horizon

This is a box set version that is also attractive

This album is living proof of the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." If you take a closer look, this is one of the most beautiful records you could own, but when you see the cover… You'd probably believe it's a skip! "That's the Spirit" has to be opened to see the real magic, and you could even miss it because you thought it was nothing!

You'll be impressed by the beautiful color pattern when you see the inside, and the actual record will take your breath away. The limited edition is dark red, and the marble design makes the record unique and extraordinary. It's a color explosion you didn't expect when you saw the black cover, but there lies the magic of the contrast!

8. "Wake of the Flood" (Green Vinyl) by Grateful Dead

What he has is incredibly rare!

The Grateful Dead is a classic band from when vinyl records were more popular than now. Yet, their albums are pure gold today. It's well-known among collectors that some rare vinyl editions can cost a fortune. Therefore, the special edition of their album "Wake of the Flood" definitely belongs to the list.

"Wake of the Flood" has one of the most unique vinyl covers you've ever seen, and it's safe to say it will stay in your head. You'll want that one on your shelf, but the green color is even more attractive since it perfectly resembles the album's vibe and theme. It's an album to listen to for your whole life!

7. "Sucker" (Limited Edition) by Charli XCX

Get to see both editions!

Charli XCX is different from the traditional rock or indie artist you expect to hear on vinyl. Still, she indeed released some beautiful vinyl formats and deserves a spot on this list. Her album "Sucker" has two vinyl editions with the same cover but a different color inside. There is the standard black one, but the pink edition is special!

Of course, the pink-colored vinyl is a limited edition, so it takes work to find it anytime at any shop. Therefore, you'll most likely stumble upon the black one. However, pink is also available here and there! Nevertheless, the album's cover is so gorgeous that you won't care about the color inside – the aesthetic makes us nostalgic!

6. "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd

Unbelievably beautiful and insanely expensive nowadays

If you don't own Pink Floyd albums, you don't have a vinyl collection, to say the least. "The Dark Side of the Moon" isn't a vinyl record you can find anywhere, especially not the one with a real prism vibe inside. But when you find it, it will become your favorite thing in the collection. The design is unique and minimalistic in the best way!

Moreover, this record is among the most wanted and hard to get for every collector. Hence, you might spend thousands of dollars to play this gorgeous and quality record. Of course, if you want the original version with the slightly blue prism all over the record. And collectors always want the original!

5. "The Great Gatsby" OST

The design is incredible

When something is gold and platinum, it's out of your league. It's the greatest. It's magnificent. That's how "The Great Gatsby" creators wanted their OST vinyl records to look. At least for a royal limited edition! When you think of "The Great Gatsby," you undoubtedly imagine royal colors, shades, and golden times.

However, can you guess the price of this rich pairing? Unfortunately, you have to be either rich or obsessed with "Gatsby" to own this in your collection since it's at least $250 and more if you purchase it from other collectors. Yes, it's insanely beautiful, but think twice before spending that much. Who are we to say that to a collector, though?

4. "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel under Ocean Blvd" by Lana Del Rey

It's a song that was made for vinyl!

If vinyl records remind you of nostalgic, timeless tunes, then Lana Del Rey is an artist that you must own on vinyl. At least one of her albums! If you had to choose one, the one with the longest title is definitely the most suitable for a spinning record on your turntable. Del Rey puts some real effort into design, both musically and physically!

In fact, Del Rey's ninth studio album has five colors and different covers and pictures inside. The album comes with two vinyl records in black, white, pink, red, or light green. All the colors look unique, and every cover has its own style, so it's a dream come true for collectors. Lana wasn't focused on these details in the past, but her priorities are obviously changing!

3. "Batman" Shaped Vinyl

This original shape is something no one expected!

Of course, vinyl has its original shape and size(s), and it cannot be changed if you want your vinyl to fit your turntable and actually hear music. However, the proper design can make a record look like it was shaped differently, which is common nowadays. That's what "Batman" Animated Series creators wanted to represent, too!

Moreover, the whole vinyl packaging kept the "Batman" theme authentic, with a beautiful combination of bright yellow and black. The contrast is already unique to this movie, and the inside pictures in dark red create even more tension. The minimalist cover looks like you won't find anything specific inside, but that's its magic!

2. "Midnights" by Taylor Swift

Beauty is subjective, but you must agree that everything looks stunning here

The only truth is that Taylor Swift is a woman that knows how to promote her work. Who would ever sell their record on vinyl better than on CDs and streaming platforms? Miss Swift managed to do this with her tenth record, "Midnights," and there's a particular reason for that. Not one, but four special editions with gorgeous colors!

Moreover, her vinyl records look like a clock, the album's theme, containing vintage pictures with different patterns and shades. Swift wouldn't be Swift if she didn't release the lyric sheets with extra pics, too! The colors have unique titles – jade green, mahogany, moonstone, and blood moon. Therefore, it's safe to say you won't choose which one is yours too quickly!

1. "I'll Be Your Girl" Box Set by The Decemberists

They're a band you need to have on vinyl!

The only thing better than a vinyl record is a box set full of records. And full of extra stuff that makes it the most wanted thing for your collection. This one looks like it's everything you've ever wanted. The Decemberists made their album "I'll Be Your Girl" playful and colorful, and the box has a pop-up inside. It's all you've never seen in a box set before!

Moreover, you don't get one record inside this pop-up – you receive eight records in different colors. Thus, it's unbelievably rich! Unfortunately, the band's official site says this one is sold out. Still, if you want this collectible, you may find it elsewhere. Once it's released, it can't be gone everywhere and forever!

Of course, beauty is a subjective construct, but one thing is certain – these records are extraordinary. They're far more than plain packaging and black vinyl. However, sometimes all we need is music to warm our hearts and change our lives. When you want some beauty along, anyway, these are definitely here for both!

What's the prettiest vinyl record from our list, in your opinion? Is collecting vinyl records too old-fashioned for you? Let us know!

Cover photo: Guillaume TECHER/Unsplash



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