Top 10 Exotic Elixirs and Energy Drinks

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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As various energy drinks are offered in the stores, all you need is to choose the right one for you. However, there's also a diversity of old and traditional beverages and elixirs, with the primary purpose of boosting your immune system. That's why our top ten list of strange elixirs and energy drinks is a fun way to learn more about them.

10. Tarkhuna 

Green drink in a cup
Tarkhuna has natural ingredients and artificial green color (Photo: chiplanay/

Tarkhuna is a Georgian carbonated soft drink created in 1889 by a young pharmacist. He made it by mixing tarragon syrup with carbonated water. The beverage is green and sweet, with a herbal kick, making it a favorite summer drink. Although it has numerous benefits as the basic compound is relatively healthy, the beverage's signature green color is totally artificial.

Its main ingredient, tarragon syrup, is made from the tarragon plant used as a spice and for its health benefits. Thus, it's rich in iron, potassium, and magnesium. Moreover, it regulates sleep, lowers blood sugar, and eases menstrual cramps. 

9. Lifeguard

A bee on the flower
Lifeguard is an energy drink containing honey (Photo: Myriams-Fotos/

As an energy drink coming from Japan, many compared Lifeguard with Red Bull. While they have similarities, they're also very different. This carbonated yellow drink contains amino acids, vitamins, and caffeine. Hence the twist is about additional ingredients, including arginine, honey, maca, and royal jelly. 

The royal jelly is also known as "bee milk," a white sap needed by bee larvas. Some studies prove that jelly is pretty healthy for humans, as it boosts your immune system. We must say that the package is as we could expect, colorful and bombastic. So basically, it has all you need in an energy drink. 

8. Pocari Sweat

When the pharmaceutical company makes the drink based on IV and calls it Pocari sweat, it can only be a success (Photo: insung yoon/

Pocari Sweat is a Japanese non-carbonated sports drink produced by the Otsuka Pharmaceutical industry. It's inspired by doctors who drank IV to rehydrate, so some call it the IV Drink. Since its initial production in 1980, it has become widespread throughout Asia, Mexico, and Australia.

The Pocari Sweat has a mild taste and a bit of grapefruit aroma. It contains water, sugar, salt compounds, and citric acid. So the drink is meant to be refreshing, rehydrating you after exercise or as a diet supplement. Although pharmaceutical companies often produce refreshing beverages, only Pocari is an IV substitute. 

7. Kanji

Glass of Kanji
This potent Indian probiotic can boost the immune system, so try to make Kanji at home (Photo: SparrowsHome/

Kanji is an Indian fermented drink made from carrots, mustard seeds, beetroot, and sea salt. Usually, it's produced for the festival of love, spring, color, and renewal called Holi. The preparation of this special purple elixir is quite simple, as all they do is put the ingredients in the jar and fill it with water. It stays that way on the sunny spot until the mustard seeds rise to the top. 

This powerful probiotic is consumed before a meal as it aids digestion. However, its spicy aroma is an acquired taste, so it can be pretty repulsive to the first-timers. Moreover, it allegedly boosts the immune system, and it's a strong gut cleanser. 

6. Yak Butter Tea

Pu'erh black tea in a bag
The main ingredient of yak butter tea is pu'erh black tea (Photo: Taken/

Yak Butter Tea is a drink of Tibetian farmers made from fermented pu'erh black tea, fermented yak butter, barley powder, milk curds, and salt. Its salty and fatty aroma is a bit of acquired taste.

The tea is often compared to the soup, and its primary purpose is to refresh the farmers and give them energy for hard work on high altitudes. Moreover, according to the local people, this drink will help you sleep and boost your stamina and libido. Yak Butter Tea is significant to Tibetian people, and serving it to the guests is a sign of good hospitality. 

5. Switchel

Switchel with some apples on the table
Consuming switchel can improve your health (Photo: fichte7/

This famous drink was substituted with some new versions, but it's coming back. Switchel originated in British America in the 17th century. Made from apple cider and water, it was seasoned mainly with ginger and initially sweetened with molasses. However, the sweetener can also be maple syrup, sugar, or honey.  

This was a favorite refreshing drink of farmers working in the fields, as it would rehydrate them. There are many benefits to human health from consuming the switchel, such as lowering cholesterol, keeping the body in balance, easing the pain, and many more. So, try it!

4. Mote con Huesillos

Dried fruit on the market
You can eat and drink Mote con Huesillos (Photo: Leohoho/

You can drink it, you can eat it, and it's delicious and nutritious both ways! Mote con Huesillos is a Chilean signature non-alcoholic beverage. It's made from dried peaches, water, and sugar. First, the peaches are left to rehydrate overnight before cooked with water and sugar, while separately husked wheat is prepared. Once both are finished, all you need is to serve them together in a cup.   

Mote con Huesillos is a signature drink traditionally enjoyed after exhausting Santiago mountain hikes. Furthermore, this summer beverage is a favorite during the Chilean Independence Day festivities in September. So throughout the celebration, you can find many vendors selling it. 

3. Job's Tears Tea

Two spoons of Jobs tears grains
Unlike its sad name, Job's Tears Tea will make you happy and content (Photo: MYCCF/

This South Korean creamy energy drink has just one thing in common with tea: its name is Job's Tears Tea. Known as yulmu-cha, this is a mix of nuts and Job's tears grains – the plant native to South Korea. The main ingredients, besides sugar, are almonds, walnuts, black sesame, black beans, brown rice, and corn.

This sweet tasty delight is very popular in its home country as a high protein instant drink. Moreover, it has been enlisted as healthy food, as the Job's tears are used by herbalists to reduce congestion and inflammation. Thus, it's just a surplus to the creamy, delicious taste if it has some health benefits. 

2. Bilberry Soup

Wild berries
Bilberries look like blueberries, but they are native to the Scandinavian wilderness (Photo: krzys16/

Bilberry soup is a traditional Scandinavian drink or soup, so call it whatever, as either way, it's delicious! This one is made from bilberries similar to blueberries and grown in the wild habitats of Northern Europe. Besides its taste, Scandinavians swear to its benefits in curing a cold and boosting your energy. 

The blåbärssoppa (its original name) has a long tradition, as it's a signature drink of the Vasaloppet marathon in Sweden, the world's longest and oldest (1922) ski marathon. Since then, it's traditionally held on the first weekend of March, and all the participants bring their bilberry soup along. 

1. Mamajuana

Turtle swimming in the water
Allegedly, part of a turtle is added to some batches of Mamajuana (Photo: MarcelloRabozzi/

We don't know about you, but Mamjuana sounds cheerful to us! This drink from the Dominican Republic is a sort of elixir, as, besides rum and wine, it contains all kinds of herbs. Yet allegedly, one more ingredient is added to some batches - a turtle's penis. Mamajuana is often used for curing a cold, and it's known as a powerful aphrodisiac. 

Moreover, the herbs are often sold in bottles or bags, so the residents can add the alcohol of their choosing and create a homemade drink. Those who tried the drink say it's tasty, even though it produces a bad hangover after a few too many shots. 

Ancient elixirs had gained a new form as good advertised energy drinks. However, their primary purpose is more or less the same - to provide energy for hard work or training. Still, some elixirs stayed the same, as they are often used to cure some minor diseases. 

Have you ever tried some of these drinks? What do you find most interesting, and which one would you like to try? Please write your thoughts in the comments below. 

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