Top 10 Drinking Myths That Are Far From True

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-07-27 13:48:44

If you ever saw a headline about a drink being utterly unhealthy and trusted the rumors, we get it - we've all been there. We're used to the media creating a picture that we should believe in, and so many products become praised or hated by the public. Don't trust everything you read, as these top ten drink myths don't make sense!

10. Beer Won't Get You Drunk

Short answer – it will. Long answer – every alcoholic beverage can get you drunk, regardless of the percentage! Indeed, beer can't make you dizzy as fast as whiskey, but it's still alcohol, and you shouldn't drink it excessively because people say it's a light drink. Draw the line somewhere!

Moreover, how you get drunk depends on your weight and many other individual qualities. It's not the same if your friend can't quickly get drunk on beer because your friend probably has a different structure. Sometimes it also depends on the beer type and brand, so try to be cautious whenever you order alcohol and don't want to get drunk!

9. You Must Drink Every Day to Become Tolerant

Short answer – you don't have to drink every day! Long answer – alcohol tolerance is possible to develop, and many people can drink a few shots of tequila and remain sane. At the same time, you take only one shot and get dizzy. However, you shouldn't drink as often as they do to develop the same feeling since it might not work the same!

Of course, alcohol tolerance varies from person to person in every way – from the number of drinks you consume to the moment you become tolerant. You will eventually get used to alcohol if you drink a bit daily, but it's not the way to overcome that. You should drink when you want, not because it's time for your daily dose!

8. Juices Don't Have That Much Sugar

Short answer – they do. Long answer – juice won't be the healthiest option for your body, no matter how much you love it! People try to justify consuming juice drinks daily and regularly because they love them so much. Still, nothing is as good as water if we talk about daily drinking. Everything else has its disadvantages!

Of course, drinking juice occasionally won't kill you, especially if you don't consume too much sugar in general. However, don't let the myths about sugar in juices fool you since it's present. It can make things more complicated than when you eat chocolate because you have no idea you're consuming sugar. This way, it's more dangerous because you don't feel like you consume it!

7. Coffee After Alcohol Helps

Short answer – coffee won't heal you. Long answer – there's no cure for a hangover, and coffee can sometimes worsen it! The truth is that they should altogether avoid this state if possible since nothing can cure it. Nothing but time and rest!

Hence, if you think you'll be in a better function tomorrow after a night full of alcohol if you drink coffee, we're sorry to disappoint you. On the contrary, coffee might ruin every chance you can fall asleep since caffeine and alcohol can make it hard to do so. It's better to avoid coffee and not trust this myth!

6. Milk Is Unhealthy and Packed with Bad Ingredients

Short answer – it's not highly unhealthy, the way they say. Long answer – everything has two sides, but it seems to be a trend to drag milk down. Generally speaking, dairy products have a bad reputation, but things aren't that clear. If you're consuming those moderately, they'll also benefit your health. 

Of course, lactose intolerance is another thing. If you have developed it, avoiding milk is natural. However, if you're not intolerant, we see no problems with consuming milk moderately when you feel like that. Nowadays, headlines tend to overreact and say everything you eat causes cancer, but it's not true!

5. Mixing Drinks Makes You Drunker

Short answer – this is a pure myth. Long answer – even though mixing drinks makes you dizzy, the same feeling happens when you drink whiskey alone, too! Of course, we don't recommend mixing drinks too much since it can make you sick, but it's not an issue when you drink cocktails well-made in a bar!

The simple rule is that some beverages don't go well together, making you sick. Therefore, it's better to consume them separately. Hence, follow some rules regarding mixing, and you won't have specific problems. Drink alcohol moderately no matter what type you choose – mixing has nothing to do with it!

4. The Price Determines the Quality of an Alcohol Bottle

Short answer – price can't determine quality. The long answer is that price definitely means something, but it doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll get a high-quality bottle! Some branded alcoholic drinks sell out fast, and the price can be high because people will pay for them!

Meanwhile, some brands might wait a while to get the fame they deserve, so their prices are lower, but the quality isn't! Not everything depends on the cost, especially not the taste, so don't let the price fool you. Price can give you some basic guidelines, but nothing more than that.

3. A Bottled Water Brand Is Better Than the Regular Water

Short answer – brand doesn't guarantee anything. Long answer – every bottled water brand has pros and cons, and it doesn't have to be better than the regular water humans need! You know what we mean – those water brands all over the billboards and ads, such as Smart Water or Core, seem to convince you they're the healthiest. 

The truth is that those brands have celebrities by their side, and the promotion is going strong, but more is needed to guarantee quality. Just like the price tag can't tell you that you're getting the best of the best, the same goes for the ads! Choose the water you want to drink because it tastes good, but don't let celebrities convince you!

2. Every Wine Type Gets Better After Some Time

Short answer – this rule doesn't apply to any wine. Long answer – every wine type ages, but not necessarily in a good way because it depends on the type! This wine myth is so famous that it even got a phrase, "aging like fine wine," but this rule doesn't work every time. Some types were made to be consumed way faster!

Of course, every wine will age after a year or more passes. Indeed, your wine will change its flavor, and it will feel different after a long time, but don't be 100% sure it will get better! Hence, get the correct information about the wine type you bought before you lock it in the basement!

1. Alcohol Will Make You Happier And Help You Overcome Stuff

Short answer – it won't. Long answer – It's a myth that everyone drinks at parties to feel better since they'll only get lost in their feelings even more. Alcohol might make you carefree for a minute. Still, in the next second, you'll be down again since alcohol is a depressant. Partying and spending time with friends is fantastic, but alcohol doesn't contribute to your well-being!

If you're using alcohol as your coping mechanism, we're sorry to ruin that for you; it's the worst option ever! You won't overcome anything because you'll ditch your worries only while the effect lasts. Yet, when you wake up, you'll have a bad hangover, and everything will seem worse than usual.

Of course, myths are based on rumors, which were never entirely accepted. However, some people believe in them so religiously that they avoid some drinks for their whole life, while it's not how it should be. The best advice you could get is to consume every beverage moderately – everything will be alright that way!

Do you believe in these top ten myths? Are some of them actually true, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section!

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