Top 10 Savory Pancakes That Are Perfect for Dinner

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-03-11 06:00:05

When we think of pancakes, the first things that come to our minds are the Instagrammable, perfectly shaped, and decorated sweet pancakes that will catch your eye. They are very delicious as well, and chocolate makes everything even better! However, savory pancakes are not a thing you should underestimate. They're actually a growing trend, with many pancake lovers giving them a try with many recipes that are about to blow your mind. To show you how great savory pancakes can be, we made a top ten list of recipes you'll want to turn into your fancy dinner!

10. Ricotta Pancakes with Tomato Sauce

This one's a regular recipe without ingredients experimentation, but you're free to explore

Cheese is a real king of taste when it's slightly melted. Still, ricotta is even better because it's already very creamy! It comes in many versions, with its white and creamy authentic look and sweet taste that makes these pancakes even more delicious. 

When it comes to the choice of additional ingredients, here, you can also explore. Tomato sauce is a classic one, which you'll like for sure. Furthermore, ricotta goes well with meat (even weird one, we guess), and beef with iron-rich spinach sounds like a good recommendation – let us know if you try it!

9. Ham and Cheese Pancakes

These might be the easiest to make on the list

Now, these are the classic ones, and who wouldn't like to try them, to be honest? Ham and cheese might be the basic ingredients of your regular breakfast, so these pancakes can easily combine your good old favorite taste. You can use cheese of your choice, though mozzarella is a recommendation!

Moreover, nothing is as smooth as dried ham, and if you put it together with cheese that melts over it, you'll get a masterpiece. These are a dream breakfast but also a good choice for a light dinner. You can't make a mistake with a meal as delicious and simple as this one!

8. Cheddar-and-Scallion Pancakes

Crunchy pancakes are a thing, and here's how to make them with scallion

It kind of seems like cheese took over this list. However, we still didn't mention cheddar, which is absolutely inevitable if we discuss cheese types! Cheddar originates from the United Kingdom, and it's a good source of calcium. It also provides bone health, so there are many benefits here as well. It's certainly a better choice than the deadly Casu Marzu

If you hoped you would find an idea here when it comes to crispy pancakes, here it is! If you like your pancakes crunching in your mouth, add some scallion in them, together with cheddar, and you'll be obsessed! This is not the easiest recipe we have, but it indeed is the most intriguing one!

7. Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes

We're sure you've never seen this dish before!

Are you a real gourmet, always in search of the most challenging and extraordinary dishes? In that case, you'll be the most amazed with this one. Bacon and corn griddle pancakes sound like a mess, and that's how they look like, too! You'll have to burn your calories after this dinner!

Bacon isn't only decoration here – the pancakes are fully stuffed with it, and to make it even better, it's accompanied by corn, onions, chives, and Monterey Jack cheese. Cheese just couldn't be excluded here! The pancakes you make for this meal are especially fluffy and light, so you can enjoy the smooth taste!

6. Kimchi Pancakes

You'll enjoy this tutorial because Seonkyoung is undeniably funny

Did you hope for a recipe that introduces you to primarily sour pancakes? Yes, here they are, and they are very piquant! Kimchi pancakes originate from North and South Korea, and kimchi itself contains many salted and fermented vegetables and seafood. 

This gem from Korean cuisine completely changes the usual taste and look of pancakes, so you'll experience a different color and crispy structure that you aren't used to. However, that's the point of trying new dishes – this one is a must for your next dinner, and you'll come back for it!

5. Chicken Pancake Rolls

The rolls are another world you should discover!

Pancake rolls are not a phenomenon that's hard to make. It's quite easy, but we rarely see them since pancakes aren't usually made to be pliable. However, you'll see the thin pancakes with various filling if you're ever heading to Europe! After this recommendation, we're sure you'll want to try these!

Moreover, thin pancakes that are flexible are even more useful for experiments because you can put almost anything in them. Chicken is, for example, far more suitable for thin, stuffed pancakes, and you can add mushrooms or any cream you like!

4. Salmon Pancakes

It looks like you can't match these with pancakes, but… Give it a try!

Fish as a pancake ingredient? Sure, why not! Furthermore, salmon is one of the finest fishes, baked in so many spicy ways. If you need more protein, fish is always a good choice, and you can include sour cream in these pancakes to make it more smooth!

Sour cream doesn't sound like your cup of tea? That's not a problem because you can add literally anything else, including avocado! It's interesting how this fruit became one of the biggest trends of modern society, and the recipes seem to get more and more creative!

3. Chorizo and Homemade Chili Butter Pancakes

If you're a fan of "stronger" savory pancakes, here is your favorite!

Several recipes of these pancakes on the Internet literally have "dinner" in their title, as they are perfect for that! The recipe is very unique, and you can prepare these in a few minutes only, so they are great for a quick dinner you didn't have time to plan!

Chorizo is a sort of sausage, so it's a high-calorie and high-fat food, ideal for your dinner. However, it's also low-carb and isn't as unhealthy or dangerous as some other meat products. Moreover, chili butter goes flawlessly with it. You won't struggle with preparing it as well – the recipe has approximately four ingredients!

2. Mini Pepperoni Pizza Pancakes

Pizza and pancakes might combine your two favorite meals!

The news about pizza pancakes broke the Internet when this recipe got released first! But, yeah, of course, you can use pancakes as your pizza crust, and it feels revolutionary! Furthermore, this pleasure is especially unique because pancakes are way more fluffy and smooth than the regular crust you use for pizza.

Besides having a fluffy layer below, you can put on your pancakes anything you actually put on pizza. Here, this specific recipe focuses on pepperoni, making this version of pancakes especially spicy! Feel free to add any sauce you like!

1. Zucchini and Peppers Pancakes

This is just one way of turning zucchini into pancakes

When it comes to zucchini pancakes, you can literally experiment and explore any way you wish! Our suggestion is zucchini pancakes with red peppers as an addition. They can also be vegetarian if you feel like it. You prepare them in a way similar to zucchini pasta, which is another recommendation you should check out!

Moreover, zucchini isn't only delicious and versatile for many meals since it definitely has many health benefits! Zucchini contributes to normal digestion, and it can reduce your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it can even affect your vision and thyroid function positively. What are you waiting for, then?

With pancakes, it's the same as recycling: the possibilities are endless. You'll never find out all the recipes for them because there are no limits. However, we hope some of these top ten ideas inspired you to research more and be creative with your exquisite meals. Enjoy your adventure of baking savory pancakes because it's even more entertaining than you thought!

Do you prefer sweet or savory pancakes? Which recipe did you like the most?

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