Top 10 Biggest and Most Dangerous Crime Organizations in the World

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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There are numerous reasons why people organize criminal groups. Usually, they come into existence in hard times as a way for people to protect themselves. Mob groups originated in Sicily, ruled by a long line of foreign invaders. The occupying forces were often hostile, so Sicilian people unified to defend themselves. The groups became clans or families with their own justice and retribution system. The concept existed everywhere, so now we have very powerful and organized criminal organizations worldwide. This list will show the top ten of the most dangerous mobs in the world.

10. Crips & Bloods

Rival gangs in a perpetual war

The Crips were founded in the late 1960s and are sometimes called the Original Crip Homies. They are a group of Afro-American youth that unified to handle metropolitan tribulations in Los Angeles. The Crips ultimately became one of the foremost gangs, with over 800 fractions nationwide and around 35 thousand active members.

Soon after, The Crips, Original Blood Family, or The Bloods came into existence, like their counterpart. The feud between these two criminal groups lasted for decades, and it's still going strong. Crips and Bloods are recognized by colors and various differing hand signals. They are still a menacing presence in the respective neighborhoods. Thus, they make Los Angeles one of the most dangerous cities in California.

9. Irish Mob 

Standing by the people from Ireland to docks

The Irish Mob began in 1800 as a group of street gangs doing protection and bootlegging in port cities like Manhattan, Boston, and Montreal. During Prohibition, the North Side Gang of Chicago was prominent, especially as the opposing gang to the Al Capone-led Chicago Outfit in the south. 

The Irish Mob eventually transcended street violence and went into politics and the police department. This infiltration opened the door into high society for the Irish Mob. Thanks to the political power, many of its members became celebrities. Ironically, the Irish Mob in Ireland became active much later, in the 1960s.

8. D-Company 

The most notorious gang in India

D-Company is the most notorious crime group in India. Therefore, if someone investigates criminal activity in India, they will surely come across them. D-Company is a massive and violent syndicate with its fingers in large-scale fraud, extortion, and even terrorist activities. The most prominent member of the D-Company is Dawood Ibrahim, also known as Indian Al Capone.

Ibrahim has been avoiding international authorities since the 70s and his rise to the top of the Indian criminal underworld. D-Company spread its influence worldwide, including in the Bollywood movie industry and various terrorist groups. Most notably, they allegedly procured guns for Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda.

7. Hells Angels 

A lot more than just a biker group

Hells Angels were formed during the massive return of American veterans from World War II. Soon enough, this motorcycle club garnered quite a reputation. Although the Hell's Angels don't openly admit their criminal activities, they are connected to various mobs worldwide. These connections gave the Hells Angels an anti-hero persona they gladly accepted.

However, the Hell's Angels are not as innocent as they claim. Hence, many of their members had been arrested for various criminal activities. Moreover, police organizations have listed the Hells Angels as one of the big four motorcycle gangs. Although Hell Angels members insist they are only a group of Harley-Davidson fans, their activities tell a different story.

6. Triad

Old School Chinese organization

Triad dates way back to the 18th century. At first, they were a group of secret societies driven underground by British colonists. Unfortunately, even after the British left, the Triads were even more pressured by the Chinese communist government. They are oriented toward criminal activities such as drug dealing, prostitution, and forging money.

Triad members have a rigorous code of conduct and pride in the organization. Every new Triad member has to go through the initiation ritual, during which he takes an oath of secrecy. Triad organizations are connected with outside countries, and they remain one of the most fearsome criminal organizations. Yet, they remain secretive, hard to get into, and even harder to get out of. 

5. Russian Mob 

Nothing worse than thieves in law

The Russian Mafia is one of the most well-organized criminal groups. It has a long legacy, dating back to the 18th century and the Imperial period. Unlike the Triad, the Russian Mafia developed even further under Communist rule, infiltrating government institutions.

Many Russian mafia factions have successfully meddled in politics, business, and black markets worldwide. The operatives in the Russian Mob, also known as thieves-in-law, are recognized by their cryptic tattoos and enforcing way of doing business. The main chapter of the Russian Mob is Solntsevskaya Bratva. This extremely wealthy group was associated with various murders and economic scandals.

4. Cali Cartel 

A group without the leader

This is one of the wealthiest drug cartels in history, and it was made in the late 70s thanks to the cocaine boom. Initially, the Cali Cartel was a less significant fraction of Pablo Escobar Medellin's cartel. Cali Cartel's operators were primarily out of Colombia, but they had a long international reach. 

Unlike the Medellin cartel, Cali wasn't solely organized around a central figure. Its independent structure caused its success in the drug market. Charlie Carter operated in all social structures, going as high as political and military. This criminal group is not active anymore after the arrest of its major heads in the mid-90s. Nevertheless, the Cali Cartel left a massive impact on the drug trade.

3. Mexican Cartels 

Dangerous paramilitary in mutual war

The Mexican cartels are imposing in number and highly protective of their own people. They also gained the reputation of being borderline barbaric when dealing with opposition. The cartels in Mexico are highly organized and well-armed, on the level of a paramilitary organization. 

Despite being successful in criminal activities, several Mexican cartels found themselves involved in bloody territorial disputes. Unfortunately, the disputes escalated into gang wars which took many lives - cartel and civilians alike. The cartels influence their local areas, including politics and public work. Their discipline and brutality make them a force to be reckoned with.

2. Yakuza

Dark knights of Japanese society

Yakuza origins date back to the Japanese Edo Period, in the 17th century, which makes it one of the oldest criminal organizations. Yakuza are defined by one of the strictest honor codes with draconian punishment for any mistake. Although the Japanese police and press see them as criminals, Yakuza consider themselves a "chivalrous organization" above the law.

The power of the Yakuza is divided between four main clans. The reach of the Yakuza is enormous, and they are so integrated into society that the Japanese economy would probably collapse without them. Moreover, the Yakuza are eager to help people in need, like in the 1995 Kobe earthquake and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. However, they have not justified vigilantes, as they deal in some very shady business.

1. Sicilian Mafia

The most famous mobsters in the world

The Sicilian Mafia is the most infamous criminal group, immortalized in many movies and other media. The Mafia began in Sicily in the early 19th century, but they extended their operation to American soil soon after. From America, the Sicilian Mafia spread out all over the world.

The Sicilian Mob has the internal name Cosa Nostra and its set of rules. Its members deal in all kinds of criminal activity, including rackets, gang violence, protection rackets, and money laundering. Furthermore, rumors connect the Sicilian Mob with some of the high-profile assassinations. The Sicilian mobsters are immortalized as "gentlemen" gangsters, and Cosa Nostra is inseparable from that image.

Criminal organizations often began as a way of protection from the oppressive government. Yet, they are still very dangerous and unpredictable despite being popularized and romanticized by many books, movies, and other media. Therefore, idealizing people like those is not very wise. 

What is your most fearsome criminal organization? Which criminal organization would you add to this top ten list?

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Urhnglar Sluntuggahelm Says:

Funny, I don't see the American Repubican Party listed

August 10 at 01:01:23 PM

JJ Says:

This author just copied someone elses list without actually doing any research. No fucking way the Yakuza or Sicilian Mafia have more power in ANY regard than Mexican cartels. CJNG and Sinaloa are actually fighting proxy wars with each other in multiple other countries outside of Mexico. No other gang/organisation has operations with a scope that large, not even close.

July 30 at 11:47:41 PM

Robert Trindade Says:

The current maga organization is by far the most damaging if in the list the article has stated. They created an insurrection to the Capital “Congress & senate “ it has infiltrated in our congress and forced us to listen to a rhetorical theme that contradicts most of our valued concepts and acts to foment violent reactions from the I’ll informed.; proven Jan 6th , citizen s died because of that maga gang . ☮️☮️🦍🦍

March 30 at 04:38:19 PM

I’m not entering my name to this website lol Says:

First, your gonna have to learn some grammar before people will take you seriously in politics. Second, MAGA is not a criminal organization, it’s a slogan. BLM, on the other hand, is a criminal organization. They caused way more violence than Trump and did some pretty shady things with donation money. Even if they didn’t directly advocate for violence and most of the protest were peaceful, it was still more violent than January 6th, and they kept leading protests even after several had turned violent, meaning they knew that they were spurring on more violence, but they did it anyway. And it was all for one man, who had a pretty bad criminal record. Now, I’m not saying there weren’t groups such as the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers, but MAGA itself is still not a group. It is a slogan and perhaps a movement, but not one specific group.

April 18 at 02:19:46 AM

Zio Ciccio Says:

No mention of the Calabrese Ndrangheta ? Really ? They only supply over 80% of the cocaine in the European market, operate internationally with annual income in the billions and considered by interpol to be the most powerful and richest mafia in Italy! And you have the bloods and crips up there. What a joke my 8 year old brother can research better than the guy that wrote this. Get this bad info of the internet asap !

March 25 at 02:28:13 AM

Alin Stan Says:

Great. Amazing article. Needed to read. Thanks.

February 12 at 09:50:30 AM

JJ Says:

It wasn't even researched properly. Are you happy to have absorbed incorrect information?

July 30 at 11:49:27 PM

Robt. Lee Says:

The KKK is nothing more than a bunch of uneducated brainless morons. They make the entire South look bad. Nobody supports them except other brainless redneck morons. The WORST thing these fools do is use the honorable Confederate battle flag as though it’s theirs, & it stands for THEM! It’s NOT, & it DONT!

January 28 at 02:21:57 PM

Urbadatwriting Says:

Not true at all. Sicilian Mob and Yakuza aren't even close to the power of Mexican cartels....

January 20 at 12:58:54 AM

mark Says:

Your train of thought is weak. The cartels are up against a pathetic government. If they tried to go to actual war in the streets with the US, they would be crushed like bugs. See the numbers for size of economy and military to gain an understanding. In Mexico, they are powerful against the army. In the US, they'd last 3 minutes.

January 29 at 11:02:39 AM

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