Top 10 Iron-Rich Foods to Prevent Anemia and Feel Stronger

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-12-19 11:53:58

Do you have headaches and insomnia every day, you feel exhausted even when you're at home the whole day, and your heartbeat is oddly rapid? You could be in danger of anemia, a condition where you lack blood cells that you need to function properly and feel healthy and strong. People who suffer from anemia have lower iron levels. To prevent that scenario, you should eat at least some of the top ten iron-rich foods we'll show you here!

10. Beetroot

Here's your guide to adding beetroot to your diet

Maybe it's not your favorite vegetable, but it's smooth and even sweet, so perhaps you should consider adding beetroot to your weekly or daily habit. It's very rich in iron, not as much as the other foods we'll mention here, but it definitely helps you cope with anemia. 

Moreover, beetroot makes your blood better since it boosts your vitamin C (great for your skin, too!) and hemoglobin, which is also iron-rich. You won't lack fiber and manganese with it, too. Beetroot lowers your blood pressure and gives you the energy you need, so if you like vegetables, beetroot is a must!

9. Tofu

Tofu meets all your creative ideas regarding food because the recipes are various!

Vegetarians and vegans love tofu, and they have made a real trend out of it lately. Tofu is being used more and more in everyday cooking, and it's even beneficial for your health, more than you thought! It's one of the good decisions to boost your proteins, which will automatically upgrade your energy. In that way, tofu has a similar effect as meat.

Furthermore, tofu contains more iron than regular food, so people with anemia should add it to their diet. It won't stress you out because the variety of recipes is massive, and you'll even have fun adding it to the food you already consume!

8. Legumes

Learn first what counts as legumes and how they can be prepared

With legumes, you have plenty of options and ways of preparing a meal! Actually, they have many versions, such as lentils, beans, peas, and peanuts. Beans and peas are something that can literally fit for dinner or lunch! Moreover, it's very nutritious to eat them after an iron-rich breakfast, such as liver or fish.

To make it even better, peanuts can be an addition to your meal and is great for your hair. For example, you can eat peas with potatoes and a piece of meat, too. Furthermore, legumes go well with foods that contain vitamin C – that's your bonus combination because vitamin C makes it effortless for your body to absorb iron!

7. Turkey

Turkey is the most beloved meal for Thanksgiving

When it comes to turkey, everyone remembers it for holidays. However, why wouldn't you turn a turkey into your weekly routine? Isn't it incredibly delicious for every Thanksgiving? We recommend you should eat it more than twice a year because it actually brings you so many health benefits!

To kick it off, we'll say that it has more iron than your average lunch, and it's also high in protein and vitamins! Another mineral your body needs and turkey has is selenium, which boosts your immune system and works well for your thyroid and heart. Anemia will avoid you if you eat turkey, for sure!

6. Chokeberry

Drink Aronia to be the strongest person out there!

They say that all fruits are very beneficial for our health and that consuming them helps us anyhow. However, some fruits are better and more valuable than others, so it actually matters which ones you eat. Chokeberry, better known as Aronia, is definitely your number one choice if you're suffering from anemia. 

Even if your iron levels are alright, you can eat chokeberry or make a berry juice out of it to make sure that you don't lack iron! Chokeberry regulates blood pressure levels, too, and it has anti-diabetic effects. Benefits all the way, so don't skip this one at all costs!

5. Liver

Liver for breakfast can save your whole day and keep you energetic

You'd be surprised if you found out how efficient organ foods are. One portion of the liver is so nutritious you'd give your body enough iron even by eating it only! Vitamin A is something that you won't lack if you consume liver, too, and that will make your skin glow. Vitamin B and proteins are guaranteed as well!

A bonus is also the fact that the liver is almost sweet and absolutely tasty. Mix liver with potatoes, eggs, garlic, or something you gladly eat for breakfast, and you'll start your day in the best way possible. Moreover, it doesn't even have to be breakfast – liver is so versatile that it can make your lunch awesome!

4. Spinach

Spinach can be the healthiest part of your already delicious breakfast

You know what food is usually called "superfood?" You got it right; that's spinach! Even Popeye, the Sailor, ate spinach to increase strength to show kids how great and healthy this leafy vegetable is. You could improve your abilities with spinach, too, because it will provide enough iron to your body and vitamin C as well!

Vitamin C boosts iron absorption, and you'll even increase your iron levels from other foods easier if your vitamin C is high enough. Furthermore, spinach is good for your skin and hair, and if your blood cells function right, you instantly look better on the outside. We see no reason to skip spinach!

3. Fish

Fish is recommended even if you want to lose weight

We can't remember any scenario that says that fish isn't allowed or any diet that excludes fish. It has to be one of the foods that bring you benefits only, and that's how it goes with iron levels, too. Moreover, iron-rich fish includes sardines, tuna, and anything you can afford and eat for breakfast daily, so it's not a big deal in any way.

Besides iron benefits, fish doesn't increase your glycemic index, or cholesterol, or anything "bad." It's even recommended in a low-carb diet, and it provides brain health and helps your immune system. Anemia will say goodbye to you as soon as you find out about the magic of fish!

2. Cocoa 

Even chocolate can be healthy if you get the right one!

Cocoa is extremely rich in iron, and you should consider eating it almost every day. What makes natural cocoa great is that it doesn't contain anything that damages your health since it has low sugar and wouldn't affect a low-carb diet, too! Raw cocoa powder is the most natural source of iron you'd ever need.

If you'd love to consume cocoa in a "sweeter" way, you can even eat it in the form of dark chocolate. Maybe you'd never think you'd find chocolate on a list of healthy foods, but that's probably because you've eaten the wrong one! In fact, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa has many health benefits, and it's even so delicious it leaves that bittersweet taste in your mouth!

1. Red Meat

Meat is also full of proteins that give us energy more than anything else

Ask anyone who is anemic what they think about vegetarianism or veganism, and you'll see how it frustrates them. The reason behind this fact is that these people literally wouldn't survive without the most substantial meat types. Meat really gives us the energy we need and helps our iron stay on the right level!

Red meat (even a strange one!) is highly caloric and full of proteins, and it definitely boosts your iron levels and B vitamins as well. A good example is a beef, which you should consume more than usually if your iron levels are low. In conclusion, you shouldn't ditch anything from your diet, but red meat is something you have to consume even if you're not a fan of it because it could solve your problem.

Maintaining a proper diet that your body needs is one of the crucial decisions of your life, so we hope we helped you with our top ten list. Unfortunately, some people have to take supplements because their iron levels are too low to get them back with food only. However, don't lose hope and work on it because your body can't function without iron!

Do you suffer from anemia, or your iron levels are worrying you? Do you believe that a diet can help you live a healthier life?

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