Top 10 Celebrity Advice On How to Feel Better About Yourself

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-09-15 07:28:31

Do you often have bad days when nothing goes your way, and you just don't feel so good about yourself? Well, you're not the only one, believe us, as we all go through the same process. Just remember, it's normal to have those moments, and days, because they will pass. Since many see celebrities as role models, let's look at our top ten favorites said about being OK with who you are. 

10. Ruby Rose

You may learn something new about her

Orange Is the New Black star has some pretty good advice for us all, as she exudes confidence and self-love. She reminds everyone that beauty does come from the inside, no matter how overused that sounds sometimes. Ruby told in an interview how she considers women complimenting each other a beautiful thing, and she's right. 

What that actually means is that you're at peace with yourself, so much so that you'll tell someone else how good they look. Praising others represents true confidence. 

9. Shay Mitchell

This is how Shay Mitchell works out

Shay Mitchell has practical advice for you; just work out to feel better. Although it's hard to do it sometimes, whether you're not used to it, or don't have the time, do it anyway. It's not your body that you're focusing on solely, but also your confidence and happiness, she notes. 

This practice helps her balance out her food and also keeps her mind sharp. And you can do it on your own terms, as she mingles between walking, boxing, or dancing. Remember that any physical activity positively impacts your body and mind, as it releases dopamine and serotonin, so you feel amazing afterward. 

8. Zendaya 

Check out this interview with Zendaya

One of our favorite young actresses, Zendaya, claims confidence doesn't just happen, as you have to work on it. She advises you not to feel discouraged when you're not feeling great every day, as that's normal. You're not supposed to be happy with yourself all the time! 

In fact, it's a process that you need to invest in, at your own pace, without putting pressure on yourself. And you know what, that's called growth and maturing as a person! Zendaya reminds us to take every opportunity to learn and fall in love with ourselves, day by day. As long as you do that, you're doing fantastic! 

7. Rihanna

Rihanna always inspires us

You may wanna hear a piece of advice from a global superstar and a woman who launched Fenty Beauty. In fact, her makeup and the cosmetic brand transformed the industry, bringing much-needed inclusivity and diversity. When asked what her idea of beauty is in an interview, she said that it's the moment when you finally learn to love yourself. 

Rihanna says that if you accept your body and imperfections and do what you want, nobody will steal your happiness. In conclusion, you have to be in charge of your own life and decisions. And that's beautiful, a woman happy with herself, the songstress echoes. 

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor also makes awesome music and videos!

A pop sensation, Taylor Swift, says that being kind and sweet to everyone doesn't lead you anywhere, and she's right! Your parents may have raised you to be a polite young lady, but there's a point where you should say no. If you continue with this practice throughout your whole life, people will only take advantage of you. 

Have you found yourself at that point in your life, and you feel desperate and not in control? Then, grow a backbone, as Taylor says, and learn when to strike back and trust your gut. We'll just end with one of our favorite quotes: "Be like a snake, only bite if someone steps on you." 

5. Ariana Grande

Many girls and women look up to Ari, and rightfully so

In her 2017 Cosmopolitan's April cover story, Ariana talked about not looking for love to complete you. In fact, many people do this, expecting their better half to finally make them happy. The songstress says that she wants to be whole and then fall in love with someone who is the same. 

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't be totally obsessed with that person, Ariana reminds us. But before that, feel like yourself 100 percent, and then you can love your partner better. So, what do you say about her advice? Does it make sense to you? 

4. Pink

Her daughter has the best mom!

Pink's message to her daughter at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards is an inspiration to all of us. At the moment, she gave a passionate speech to her 6-year-old, Willow, but it resonated with everyone watching. Specifically, she talked about everyone making fun of her strong appearance, muscular body, and short hair

As she made it clear that she'll never change no matter what people say about her, we were crying in front of our TV screens. So don't you ever make compromises trying to please people, as you'll only be unhappy. Make your own choices, as that's the only way to success and happiness. 

3. Victoria Justice

Check out Victoria Justice MTV interview!

Now, Victoria has advice for you that hits home, especially in these times when the global pandemic changed our world. Wanna know what it is? Guess what? Not everything is about how you look physically and all the trivial and shallow things. Of course, you're not perfect, as nobody is, and we need to accept that fact. 

Just wake up and be grateful every day that you and your family are healthy, as that's the most important thing. Really, being surrounded by family and close friends who are good physically, that's a blessing! And you need to celebrate that every single day…

2. Beyonce

Beyonce even features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her music video

Who doesn't want advice from a woman who handled fame since being a teen? Not only that, but she built quite a career along the way while raising her beautiful family… You know what, even Beyonce doesn't feel great all the time, as she has bad days too. 

When she's not feeling her best, she just asks herself what she's gonna do about it; it's that simple. Our Queen B uses negativity as fuel to transform herself, and ain't that one of the most brilliant things we've heard. If her words aren't enough for you, just look at her actions as they speak for themselves. 

1. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish tells all for British Vogue

You already know who she is, heck, the whole world knows, and that's pressure by itself at such young age. Billie advises you to always be your own best friend, as you won't find anyone better. For example, she considers herself really funny sometimes and gets along pretty well with herself. 

So, take her words and implement them, and have a great time with yourself, as that's one of the keys to feeling good. Although aware that she still doesn't know herself completely, the young star has a good reflection of her personality and fame. Some parents worry that teens follow Billie, but what can her depressing music do except make them feel understood? 

We tried to collect the best pieces of advice from celebrities themselves to inspire you and show you how they also struggle. We're all the same and go through the same issues, no matter the fame. 

Tell us about some of your favorite celebrity advice outside of our top ten list. Have they changed your life for the better? Write to us in the comments section. 

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