Top 10 Best Ariana Grande Duets and Collaborations

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 18:00:08

Ariana Grande is someone who knows how to use her wide vocal range and incredible skills, no matter if she's singing alone or in a duet. Collaborating with her sounds like a dream come true for many artists, and those who worked with her usually say it was a pure pleasure. That's why we made a collection of the top ten incredible collaborations that prove how great Grande works with others!

10. "Love Me Harder" with The Weeknd

This isn't the only collaboration Grande achieved with The Weeknd, but it's among the best ones

You might think it's one of the "not so successful" Grande duets, but when you look at the number of views and streams… This one has remained a hot topic. Maybe even more than the other Grande x The Weeknd collaborations! These two artists respect each other endlessly, and who knows how many great tunes they'll deliver together in the future.

"Love Me Harder" is an excellent example of a classic yet bombastic pop tune, the thing that Grande always does so well. The Weeknd has been an alternative artist, but he understood the assignment as a pro here. Their duet is obviously a highlight of "My Everything," the album that came right before Grande's best ever, "Dangerous Woman!"

9. "Right There" with Big Sean

"Right There" is every girl's dream come true, visually and lyrically

Another thing Ariana loves to do with her collaborators is to… Fall in love with them, for real! Big Sean is just one example of how her intentions to work turned into romantic feelings. They started dating after making a love song, "Right There," together. The love lasted shorter than the success of their hit, but "Right There" is what matters, after all!

"Thought I'd end up with Sean, but he wasn't a match" is a famous line from "thank u, next," showing how Grande feels about those old days. Yet we're sure she has zero regrets about making this great song. It might also be the prettiest music video she ever released since everything is so aesthetically pleasing here – pure princess energy!

8. "Boyfriend" with Social House

In case you missed "Boyfriend" in all the chaos, check out this excellent track!

"Boyfriend" is that song that deserved more, but it remained underrated and lost among Grande's other iconic career moments. However, it's definitely one of her best collaborations ever. Moreover, we'd like to give a standing ovation to anyone who did Grande's ponytail and eye makeup for this music video since she looks like the most perfect human here!

Neither of them confirmed the romance, but several photos and rumors were circling around. Therefore, maybe the whole song said enough about their relationship. They were "something," and they didn't want to label that, which is also OK. Open relationships are usual nowadays, so many people relate to this fantastic tune!

7. "Dance to This" with Troye Sivan

Troye is so good at smooth songs like "Dance to This"

Ariana does it like a mastermind when she makes a pop song, but she's also great at smooth, sultry tracks with romantic and cute artists like Troye Sivan! Troye is a man of class and genuine emotions, so they both let loose in this collaboration and combined their sweet voices into something phenomenal!

"Dance to This" is that song to put on when you need peace, love, and quality time with your beloved. And you both know you don't want those noisy places and crowds – you just crave each other, and you won't waste your time! Dance in the kitchen with your significant other. Let go of the responsibilities and deadlines – this is a song for that!

6. "Problem" with Iggy Azalea

"Problem" is one of the best Grande songs ever!

There we are, in the zone of untouchable, massive hits undeniably loved by everyone and everything worldwide. "Problem" is still counting its billions of views and streams, and one reason behind that is also how well Grande and Iggy Azalea complement each other here. Ariana was so young at this point in her career, but she did a fantastic job!

On the other hand, Iggy is a savage queen, knowing that since the beginning. Hence, her line, "I've got 99 problems, but you won't be one," is even smoother than those she usually raps. Grande loves rappers (in many ways), so this collaboration was more than expected. And well done!

5. "Side to Side" with Nicki Minaj

A song with Nicki Minaj is a dream for many artists – Grande had this chance many, many times!

The hit that counts even more billions than "Problem," with a rapper with even more star-studded collaborations than Azalea, is "Side to Side," Grande's magnum opus! Something about this song made the whole world go crazy for it, and it's one of the reasons why Ariana is considered among the biggest names in the industry.

We won't dive deeper into the tune's meaning, but it's a common topic that Grande and Minaj like to cover, especially when they team up. Furthermore, this isn't the only time they got together and topped the charts. They also released "Bed," "Bang Bang," "Get on Your Knees," "Bad to You," and "The Light is Coming." Their friendship is a pure gem!

4. "Save Your Tears" Remix with The Weeknd

A pure royalty kind of collab!

There he is, again! This time, The Weeknd brought Ari to the studio for his own smash hit, "Save Your Tears," and helped the song gain even more popularity. "After Hours" might be his best record yet, with this fantastic song as one of the best tracks, and Grande's heavenly vocals made the whole experience sound royal.

We'll never know what's the magic of this collaboration. The fact that this song's production was already mindblowing? Grande's incredible way of pouring all the emotions into a song she didn't even record for herself? It's a pleasure to put this tune on, and it truly belongs to Grande's high-quality duets!

3. "The Way" with Mac Miller

It's probably the most emotional Grande collab now

They worked together, loved each other endlessly, and some bad things happened… And there were some regrets, but there is no way to push rewind in life. Mac Miller is no longer with us, yet Grande is making sure the world remembers his name forever, and this massive hit will be a hot topic forever.

"The Way" is a sad story that unlocks many feelings. Still, Mac Miller was an angel in Ariana's vision, and their connection is way more than this single collab. However, even without knowing the backstory, this one would end up in the top three, as it's indeed a dream R&B collab and a smooth tune that manages to make you happy whatever happened!

2. "Bang Bang" with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj

The three legends coming together, making a masterpiece

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the precious moment we never had at school. The moment when three people have to work on a project, and everyone puts effort. The full effort! There is no point in ranking these three girls in how they did it the best because they all slayed. They ate and left no crumbs. This is a cultural reset!

Of course, Jessie J's killer vocals are one of the rare moments that completely follow Grande's talent and quality. Not many people can compete with Grande's singing abilities, but Jessie can! Nicki Minaj is also a rapper far beyond her colleagues, so it seems like the best of the best came together to make a song that goes down in history!

1. "Rain on Me" with Lady Gaga

Gaga and Grande are masterminds!

On "Bang Bang," Grande teamed up with two fierce ladies that know their worth. On "Rain on Me," she worked with a living legend, an artist who knows what art is and how to make it. Grande is a guest on Lady Gaga's magnificent album "Chromatica," and it's pure honor – her magical vocals made this song a thousand times better!

Tears can be good when you let them fall, and healing is a natural process after pain. Both Gaga and Ari know how it feels, and it's noticeable in this incredible high-quality pop track. It also got a Grammy for Best Pop Duo Performance, making it the first female collaboration to win it. Well deserved, legends!

In conclusion, most of the hits that Grande delivered with other artists are as famous as her solo songs. People see that her connections with colleagues are natural and high-quality. Some people do duets for popularity, but the originality and quality will always find their way to the public, and Grande still has it all!

What's your favorite Ariana Grande song? Do you prefer her solo material? Let us know your preferences!

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Marianne Says:

"Only 1" is probably my favorite underrated Ariana Grande song. Luckily, she sometimes performs it live.

October 17 at 12:22:41 PM

KaleySoley Says:

I forgot about some of these, like "Dance to This". "Save Your Tears" is my favorite, although it's not strictly Ari song.

July 14 at 09:52:46 AM

Diana Kent Says:

Ariana sounds like an angel in "Save Your Tears"

June 20 at 10:09:54 AM

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