Top 10 Reasons Why Consoles Are Better Than PC For Gaming

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-11-27 09:02:05

If you want to create a heated discussion, find a group of gamers and ask them if consoles are better than PCs. Both sides will have tons of arguments, but some of them are often proven faulty. The truth is, consoles are more popular than ever, as every generation sells hundreds of million units. So, why are they irresistible to many? Here are the top ten reasons why gaming on consoles is better than on the PC! Oh, and check our Top 10 Reasons Why PC Is Better Than Consoles list for a complete picture.

10. Playing on Consoles Is More Comfortable

A girl relaxing with her feet on the table
You can easily connect your console to any TV

Yes, thanks to the HDMI standard, it's possible to connect your PC to that colossal TV in your living room and play your favorite rally, action, or sports games. But, for a large percentage of users, that's too much of a hassle. It's not only that you need to move your computer, but you also have to think about connecting it to the internet. Maybe you'll even need to buy a wireless card/USB dongle and a better router.

Also, playing with a mouse and keyboard from the sofa is practically impossible. Even if you are controlling PC games using a gamepad, you'll still need a mouse and a keyboard (preferably wireless) to navigate the operating system. While we've connected PCs to our living room gaming TV numerous times, it will never be a comfortable solution.

9. Better Couch Multiplayer

A woman and a man playing a football game with PS4 controllers
Some developers still haven't figured out that PC gamers also love split-screen gaming

Let's say that you're willing to move your PC to the living room once your friends arrive for the local multiplayer games. While there are plenty of games supporting couch play, sometimes it's exclusive to console versions.

The list of multiplatform games supporting split-screen only on consoles is pretty long, even though things are looking better for PC users in the last couple of years. Yet, due to the technical limitations of platforms such as Games for Windows or Steam, consoles remain a better choice for local multiplayer.

8. Larger Player Pool

PlayStation logo
You'll have so much better online experience playing FIFA, NBA 2K or many other games on consoles

Of course, you'll have no trouble finding people to play Overwatch, DotA, LoL, or Fortnite on PC, but what if you dig deeper? Console versions of multiplatform games are usually selling much better, so it's easier to find opponents and teammates. 

If you like Electronic Arts' FIFA series, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or even more obscure titles, you will have a much better multiplayer experience on consoles. The wait time is much shorter, so you'll spend more time playing.

7. Console Games Are Better Optimized

PlayStation 4 slim gaming console
It's incredible how beautiful or some of the games on the basic PS4

The uniformity of console hardware means that developers can use every ounce of power available. Unlike on PC, they don't have to think about optimizing games for tons of different components. The truth is, they don't do it anyway! PC games are sacrificing performances for maximum compatibility, as detailed optimization would delay the release. 

Plus, powerful consoles such as Xbox Series X don't have tons of resource hogs working in the background. Even though they all have an operating system, they are fully optimized for gaming. That's impossible on PC because gaming is only a portion of what a computer does. Of course, there are deviations to the rule - Cyberpunk 2077, anyone?

6. Games Won't Work on Every PC

A laptop screen showing a warning sign
There's is always a possibility that something will go wrong when playing on PC

When you play games on PC, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. Maybe the game doesn't support your operating system, or the newest version of GPU drivers are making a mess. In the worst-case scenario, you might have a unique problem that can't be easily solved. 

Maybe your RAM is faulty, or your controller is not compatible with the game, even though it should be. One time, we couldn't start the game at all until we figured out that it doesn't work if two controllers are connected to our PC! Some developers obviously still think that PC gamers don't have multiple gamepads. While even PS5 has some issues, they can't compare to all the bad things happening to PC gamers.

5. Consoles Have Longer Life Span

Xbox 360 gaming console with a controller
Xbox 360 was relevant for a whole decade

In theory, the PC is timeless. Some members of our team have never sold it but upgraded it for decades to always stay relevant. But, what if you decide to buy a reasonably powerful PC the same day when the next generation of consoles? After a couple of years or so, you'll need to upgrade to play new games at higher graphics settings.

However, the same console hardware stays relevant for at least five to six years, or even a decade, like the Xbox 360 or PS3. It's highly doubtful that your 2013 PC could run 2020 PS4 games such as The Last of Us Part 2 or the Ghost of Tsushima. Even if you've spent thousands of dollars building a new PC in 2013, you would still need to upgrade it multiple times by now. It's even worse with laptop PCs or Steam Deck, as you can't upgrade them significantly.

4. Gaming on Consoles Is Much Cheaper

Multiple $100 bills
You need to invest at least three or four Benjamins in your PC every year

To build a PC with roughly the same power as the new generation of consoles, you would need to pay at least two or three times more. That was always the case, and even though consoles like PS5 are now basically a customized PC, things haven't changed a bit. This happens because console makers aren't trying to make money on hardware.

Maybe you'll be shocked to know that Microsoft and Sony lose tens of millions of dollars as they sell consoles underpriced. Nintendo is the only manufacturer that profits this way, but only slightly. So, why are they doing this? Because they want to establish the user base as quickly as possible! Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony receive at least 40% revenue on any games sold for their systems. And still, triple-A costs the same as on PC. Of course, you'll need the right TV for your console, but they are very affordable now.

3. No Setup Necessary

Graphical setting for Codemasters Formula 1 game
You'll have to do plenty of tweaking on PC games unless you have a monster rig

You have the latest and the greatest PC hardware? Lucky you, as you can crank up the settings knowing that the gameplay will be smooth. However, for at least 99% of PC gamers, that isn't the case. That's why it may take hours to find out the best balance between performance and graphics quality. Some people enjoy this tweaking more than gaming, but again, they are only a vocal minority. 

Recently, consoles offer graphics customization in some games, but it's all about choosing between a higher resolution or 60/120 fps performance. On PC, some of the options are hard to understand, even for experienced gamers.

2. You Can't Sell Your PC Games

Buying digital items via laptop
Going digital means that you are buying something that you can't resell later

So, you have a Steam account with games worth thousands of dollars? While yes, they are in theory yours to keep forever, you don't really own them. Don't believe us? Well, you probably have tons of games you've finished playing, and you don't need them. Wouldn't it be great if you could sell them, even for a few bucks? Maybe you would like to give them to some poor kid who can't afford those games? No, Steam won't let you do this, nor will Uplay, Epic Games Store, or Microsoft Store. Some of these services won't even let you play your games until you are online!

Although the digital distribution of games is now prevalent on consoles, they all still support physical copies. Even when you install and activate them, you can always sell them. Of course, you'll also save tons of money by buying used games.

1. Console Exclusive Games

PS4 games including The Last of Us Part II, God of war, Ghost of Tsushima and Gran Turismo Sport
Sony won't give up its exclusives easily - God of War came to PC four years after it was released in 2018

There's no doubt that there are many PC games that will never be released on consoles. The trouble is, there are no triple AAA games among them. Or double AA games. Almost every PC exclusive title, and the biggest indie games, receive a port on consoles. Developers and publishers are highly motivated to get their game to hundreds of millions of console players.

While some console-exclusive games eventually come to PC, you may have to wait for years. However, many of them will still skip Windows, especially PlayStation exclusives. Don't wait for the PC editions of Gran Turismo, Ghosts of Tsushima, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

As our top ten list implies, consoles are here to stay, and even if you are a passionate PC player, you might consider buying them at least for exclusives and the comfort of play. We genuinely believe that to call yourself a complete gamer, you have to embrace both platforms and enjoy diversity.

Do you primarily play on PC or consoles? What gaming systems do you have in your collection? Discuss it in our comments section.

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DJ Says:

1 cont. Exclusives are not becoming sustainable for your preferred platform. Phil and Jim have already come out and admitted this being the case. Exclusives such as FF16 and Returnal (no longer exclusive) would have done much better had they released on xbox and PC as well. there is data to backup this claim, as FF16 sold roughly 2m in its 1st week, while FF15, a multiplatform release, sold double the amount in the 1st week. Likewise with returnal, housemarque saw an abysmal 500k copies sold in week one, but we can only imagine how well it would've done if it was available on multiple platforms...

I do not, and will not agree with games being available on only one platform in 2023, where a digital only market dominates the gaming space. In an ideal world, you can play your favorite games on any platform you choose, and not have to buy a ps5 for final fantasy, or an xbox for halo...

July 06 at 08:48:37 PM

DJ Says:

1. Ah, the old exclusive argument. It never ceases to crop up in twitter spaces or console war discussions. While the point is true that consoles offer great games only on their platform, and exclusives are the primary driving force for console sales, this concept is quickly becoming outdated. With the majority of PS5 exclusive games becoming available on PC, and Xbox now releasing their previously exclusive games day and date on PC and gamepass, exclusives are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I'm here to welcome it too, as this will give MS and Sony incentive to innovate, and when these companies innovate, this is good for the consumer. Consoles will be judged by the merit of their hardware and features rather than what games they want to keep off other platforms. PC players don't mind waiting years for exclusives, since they tend to run much better than they would on console, with some exceptions (tlou). plus, steam and epic will keep them more than busy...

July 06 at 08:40:17 PM

DJ Says:

2. I'm curious as to why you didnt mention ps+, as this digital market also doesn't let you sell your digital games. this article is already biased towards consoles, now does the writer also prefer sony? while some of these points are true, this argument may become less relevant quicker than you think. Due to the majority of gamers playing primarily digital today, it's no secret to why MS and Sony are releasing digital only versions of their consoles. It's cost effective to exclude a diskdrive and physical copies. This is almost a no-brainer. corporations care about money, go figure. As physical games eventually go the way of blockbuster and the dinos, so will diskdrives in consoles, which will eventually make this argument obsolete.

July 06 at 08:29:25 PM

DJ Says:

3. This will not take hours lol. the two most important settings to worry about on mid range to lower end PC hardware is, resolution and textures. bump resolution down to 1080p-1440p, and lower textures to medium and you will have a great experience 99% of the time. You also have access to dlss, fsr and xess depending on your hardware. No matter what, you will have access to at least one of these upscaling tech on modern hardware, provided the game you're running support's it. Recently, consoles do offer graphics customization in games, but as the hardware becomes more outdated, you could be stuck with 30fps on higher resolutions, or 60 fps on very low resolutions. 640p in jedi survivor and 720p in games like forspoken and FF16. Very rarely do more demanding AAA titles offer a 120fps mode on consoles these days. If they are, then they aren't very graphically demanding. It doesnt matter how optimized the game is, it will be the hardware that is the limitation.

July 06 at 08:16:01 PM

DJ Says:

4. Very innacurate statement. let's break down what hardware are in the consoles. The ps5 gpu is comparable to a radeon RX 6700 10gb, while the cpu is closer to a Ryzen 7 3700x. While these parts were expensive to obtain at the launch of the consoles, this is more or less, a $700 PC build today as of writing this. a 6700 10gb can be found on the used market for $250, while the 3700x can be found used for $110. Ram as well as storage is dirt cheap these days. a good 16gb ram kit can be found for $30. So this theory has been debunked. In contrast, the price of console with its sub based services may cost more overtime. the cheapest version of ps+ is roughly $10 per month. If you were consistently paying this amount every month for the typical console generation, it adds up very fast. by my math, $800+ over 7 years! factor in the cost of the console itself, or any extra storage and you are in high end pc territory. If you plan to play online, you will need this sub based service. ouch!

July 06 at 08:09:56 PM

DJ Says:

6 cont. It took many attempts in order to update the dualsense firmware on my ps5. while this may not be a widespread issue, the issue was still there nonetheless. Consoles are known to have inadequate cooling, and is a problem that regularly crops up. We've seen this problem in square enix's recent game FF16.
5. This is not true at all. prior to the release of ps5 and xsx, the highest end pc you could build at the time was an i9 9900k paired with an RTX 2080ti. this parts were released in 2018, and while using the same settings in games on both platforms, it's not a secret that this PC still outperform consoles today. Consoles were outdated hardware when they launched back in 2020, being superseded by Nvidia's RTX 30 series line of gpus, and AMD's zen3 line of cpus. Now in 2023, these consoles are further outdated by RTX 40 series and AMD zen4. This is the typical lifecycle of consoles, becoming so far outdated by the middle of it's lifecycle. 30fps games are becoming the norm again.

July 06 at 07:59:04 PM

DJ Says:

7 cont. It is assumed the consoles are using all of its cpu cores and allotted vram for games, when this is far from the case. 6 out of its 8 cores are used for gaming, while the other 2 are reserved for the OS. the same is the case with its vram. while the ps5 has 16gb of vram, only 12.5 is available for games, while the rest is reserved for the OS. Cyberpunk is not a deviation to the rule as you put it. Cyberpunk on PC does not utilize AMD ryzen based cpus properly, however, generous users have found a workaround for this issue in recent months. It was a simple fix that CDPR couldnt be bothered with. They could be too busy...idk, optimizing the game for other platforms (heh)?
6. These arguments sound like they're straight out of the year 2000. while drivers can be an issue, they can also offer very large performance boosts. up to 75% in fairly recent titles such as Jedi Survivor. Issues can also crop up on consoles as well. consoles regularly roll out updates...

July 06 at 07:49:37 PM

DJ Says:

7 cont. FF16 see's similar resolutions with framedips below 60fps, and there's also been reports of the game overheating and shutting down ps5s. Redfall saw a rough launch on xbox, with the framerate capped to 30fps no matter what mode you use. the same will be the case for starfield in September. Also, the chances are high that if the game is poorly optimized on PC, it won't run much better on console. So what if it's easier for developers to optimize for one set of hardware vs multiple sets? Does that mean you encourage developers prioritizing a smaller market (yes, the PC market is larger than the console market) over a larger market?? This can also lead to encouraging developers to do the bare minimum, which is what u definitely dont want in the gaming market. I don't mind them delaying these games for better optimization, because after all, most games are already getting day 1 patches, when they could've delayed the game for another 2 weeks then fixed these issues before release.

July 06 at 07:39:22 PM

DJ Says:

10. This "games journalist, lmao" must've never heard of small form factor PC's, which often times can be lighter and smaller than consoles, thus making them just as easy, if not easier to move around. hook the keyboard and mouse up, place it on the coffee table and deal with the os that way. open up steam, hook your controller up then use big picture mode. problem solved. buy a wifi usb dongle, if the mobo doesnt already have built in wifi.
9. You probably have a bigger list of split screen games on PC than you do on console, which shouldnt be news to anyone as steam probably has more games than both xbox and ps combined.
8. I'm hearing the exact opposite. I hear these games are just as easy to find a mp lobby as they are on consoles. Also, have you counted player numbers on PC compared to console? bring us those statistics. we can wait.
7. Have you played more recent games on console lately. Jedi survivor dips as low as 640p and sees abysmal framerates, sometimes hitting the teens...

July 06 at 07:29:00 PM

Ugo Says:

Thanks for the laugh, I love this kind of trolling based on obviously false assumptions and twisted arguments.

June 19 at 12:30:49 PM

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