Top 10 Best Rally Video Games Still Fun to Play Today

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-11-27 09:05:22

Rallying is the highest test of driving abilities. To be a rally champion, you must be a brave soul capable of tackling the most formidable challenges. Going over 100 mph (160 km/h) on a narrow road in the middle of the night might be scary, but it's also a perfect material for rally video games. Our top ten list features only one game per series and includes simulations and arcade titles. Also, we've listed the other recommended games from the franchise, if any. With that said, it's time to start the engines!

10. Neo Drift Out: New Technology (Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD)

Neo Drift Out is the perfect top down rally racer
Initial release: 1996
Best qualities: Great old-school graphics, easy to learn
Skip if: You want a longer experience
Try also: Super Drift Out (SNES), Drift Out '94: The Hard Order (Arcade)
Rally game info

Due to its high price and scarcity, many Neo Geo games were relatively unknown until the rise of emulation. While this platform is mainly recognized for fighting games, Neo Drift Out showed how good rally video games can be on a 16-bit system. This one is short, like most arcades, with only six stages featuring all surfaces.

Surprisingly, the game features licensed vehicles, including Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Celica, and Subaru Impreza. Furthermore, they all offer slightly different performances. The isometric view is zoomed out, giving you time to react, and your co-driver will tell you all about the next turn. For skilled players, there are even shortcuts! Cars in Neo Drift Out are easy to control while drifting mechanics is incredibly fun. Plus, the beautiful hand-drawn graphics stand the test of time better than early polygonal games.

9. Rallisport Challenge 2 (Xbox)

Rallisport Challenge 2 sways toward arcade despite realistic cars
Initial release: 2004
Best qualities: Multiple rally racing disciplines, excellent controls
Skip if: You prefer a realistic experience and longer stages
Also try: Rallisport Challenge (Xbox)
Rally game info

It sounds weird, but Rallisport Challenge 2 is developed by the same guys and girls responsible for the Battlefield series! This high-speed game is between the arcade and the sim and offers a lot of content. This is the only title on our list presenting four rally racing types: ice racing, hill climbing, rallycross, and classic rallying.

The driving experience is fun and forgiving since the tracks are wide, so you'll have to try hard to break the car. Also, since the stages are short, you probably won't have the time to cause much damage. While it sure looks a bit dated now, this was one of the best-looking games at the time. Unfortunately, it's only available on the original Xbox (and isn't backward compatible), so only a few players will enjoy it.

8. Rally Trophy (PC)

Rally Trophy is all about the history of rally racing
Initial release: 2001
Best qualities: The best historic rally experience, long stages
Skip if: You are more into modern rally racing
Try also: Wreckfest (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch)
Rally game info

Before they developed the Flatout series and Wreckfest, Bugbear Entertainment debuted with Rally Trophy. What makes this game unique is the focus on the early era of rally racing. There are no modern WRC monsters like the Audi Quattro driven by Michèle Mouton, just a ton of models from the sixties and the seventies, all incredibly challenging to drive.

Still, that's what makes them fun! The stages are massive, and the roads are wide, giving you plenty of opportunities to recover. However, we wish there were more rallies. Rally Trophy can be played on modern gaming PCs with a few fan patches, and it's still worth your time if you are into retro rally racing.

7. Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is the best Milestone rally game
Initial release: 2016
Best qualities: Rich content, Sebastian Loeb career mode
Skip if: You can't stand sensitive controls
Try also: WRC 4 (Milestone ‚Äď PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita)
Rally game info

Once Milestone lost the WRC license, they teamed up with the greatest rally driver in history, Sebastian Loeb. The result of their collaboration is one of the most feature-rich rally video games. The unique aspect here is exploring Loeb's career through a dedicated mode, explained through fun and informative videos. Alternatively, you can dive into a lengthy career, taking you across eight rallies worldwide.

Yet, this game is lower on our list because of its driving model. While some will say it's very realistic, we think it's just hard. Consequently, the handling is twitchy, and the cars feel like they lack weight. So, while this one isn't for everyone, you should give it a go, especially as it's dirt cheap now.

6. Mobil 1 Rally Championship (PC)

There's no game with such long stages as Mobil 1 Rally Championship
Initial release: 1999
Best qualities: The longest rally stages ever, hot seat championship
Skip if: You don't enjoy a highly-challenging experience
Try also: International Rally Championship (PC)
Rally game info

Mobil 1 Rally Championship is the only game on our list featuring massive real-life stages. This means plenty are longer than 15 miles (20+ km), even close to 30 miles (45 km)! As the game features narrow roads and a punishing damage model, you'll be happy only to survive.

We never particularly liked the physics model here, which is challenging rather than realistic. However, it's still far from unplayable, even today. Of course, such an old game can't look perfect today, but modern PCs can still run it. A long and realistic championship always makes this one attractive to play, so give this forgotten classic a try! Oh, and there's a PlayStation version, but don't bother with it.

5. WRC Generations (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

You can drive many classic cars in WRC Generations
Initial release: 2022
Best qualities: The best career mode in rally games, lots of rallies
Skip if: You have played WRC 9 or WRC 10 - there's not much new
Try also: WRC 10
Rally game info

WRC Generations is the last WRC game made by Kylotonn, which has held the license since 2015. The game features the 2022 season, including all the drivers, teams, and rallies. While most of the special stages were in previous games, they remain to drive. These include long stages, often longer than 15 miles (20+ km), that require maximum concentration. While cars are harder to drive, thanks to real-life changes, various options make them more predictable.

WRC Generations features the best-ever career mode in rally video games. Thus, you can start driving in Junior WRC before progressing through three higher classes. There's so much stuff to do between races, working with sponsors, improving your car, or hiring crew members. Finally, many legendary cars and rallies are coming from all WRC eras. This all makes it one of the best rally games. While the graphics aren't great and have some performance problems, this is still a decent-looking title. We suggest getting the PS5 version, as the DualSense controller support is excellent.

4. Sega Rally Championship (Arcade)

Sega Rally features a timeless gameplay
Initial release: 1995
Best qualities: Gorgeous tracks, excellent arcade handling
Skip if: You prefer realistic rally racing
Try also: Sega Rally 2 (Arcade, Dreamcast, PC), Sega Rally Revo (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)
Rally game info

With only four tracks and three cars, Sega Rally Championship is a game that needs more content. Still, even today, it's incredibly fun to drive! The game features stunning-looking stages and the best-ever arcade driving model. Sliding the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale and Toyota Celica while fighting against the time and the opponents never lost its charm.

Sega Rally was a technological marvel at its release, beating other rally video games available on PC and consoles. Later ports couldn't do it justice, so the arcade release is still the best. The next games in the series are also solid, but the original is our top choice for quick-fix gaming. Now, if it could only get a remaster.

3. WRC 4 (PS2)

WRC 4 is still fun to play, despite the dated graphics
Initial release: 2004
Best qualities: Excellent handling, hot-seat championship
Skip if: You prefer a full simulation experience
Try also: WRC 2 Extreme (PS2), WRC 3 (PS2), WRC: Rally Evolved (PS2)
Rally game info

Now defunct Evolution Studios might be best known for their MotorStorm series and underappreciated DriveClub, but their WRC games were also excellent. Even though five titles were released as PS2 exclusives, only the first one appeared in North America. That's a shame, as all later versions were much improved.

WRC 4 is the best WRC game as it offers an excellent career mode, plenty of tracks, and an immensely fun sim-oriented model. Featuring a superb damage model and fantastic graphics at the time, WRC 4 is still highly playable. It also features a hot seat championship, which is rare these days.

2. Richard Burns Rally (PC)

There's no rally racer with so many mods as Richard Burns Rally
Initial release: 2004
Best qualities: Endless mods, realistic handling
Skip if: You don't have the patience to install mods
Try also: Rally Championship Xtreme (PC)
Rally game info

Once you start playing Richard Burns Rally, you'll quickly realize why it never sold well. This is the ultimate survival game, where every turn is another chance to turn your car into junkyard material. Only those with a lot of patience and love for the sport will get a hold of its complex physics. This game was so hard that even some WRC drivers complained that the developers overdid it! Still, until this day, this title has a large and passionate following, primarily thanks to improvements made by fans.

No stone is left unturned as modders added hundreds of cars and stages, but also multiplayer and VR support. While the graphics look dated now, there are visual packages that will make them more tolerable. Be aware that you'll need the patience to install mods, but finding the tutorials online is easy.

1. EA Sports WRC

In EA Sports WRC, crossing the finish line intact is a huge challenge
Initial release: 2023
Best qualities: Gorgeous and long stage, car handling, vehicle selection
Skip if: You want the most realistic handling model
Try also: Dirt Rally 2.0
Rally game info

While Dirt Rally games were always beating efforts from Milestone and Kylotonn, Codemasters could never get a WRC rights. Yet, that changed when the company was sold to Electronic Arts. You could easily call this game Dirt Rally 3.0, and it would probably called that if not for the new license. Thankfully, there are plenty of other improvements over previous Codemasters rally games. Excellent handling is even better now, so even the tarmac driving model is visibly improved. Furthermore, you can still easily crash your car, as even a small bump in the road can end your race.

Codemasters uses the license better than any previous WRC game. Thus, you'll find over 400 miles (600 km) of roads, many translated from the real world. Furthermore, expect over 80 cars from all eras, with only a few iconic vehicles missing. Finally, the career mode is way better than in Dirt Rally 2.0, as you can create your team and take from the lowest to the highest class. With additional modes and online play, this title will keep you occupied until the next release!

There's something unique about every game featured on our top ten list, which makes them all recommended. Even though Dirt 2.0 is our choice for the best rally racing game overall, maybe you'll prefer the moddability of Richard Burns Rally or the simplicity of Sega Rally.

What are your rally video games favorites? Do you favor an arcade or a sim-like experience? Tell us in the comments!

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Dirt Rally games are still amazing. Now that Codemasters has WRC license, I hope we can expect something great in 2023.

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I loved WRC games on PS2. Evolution Studios was great.

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