Top 10 Reasons to Buy PS5 Console Now

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-07-24 10:00:20

Buying a new console isn't easy, especially as it's a significant investment. However, we're not talking only about the system's price, as that's the least of your concerns! The thing is, you'll potentially spend thousands of dollars on online subscription services, games, peripherals, and a gaming TV. If you're still unsure about which platform is right for you, here are the top ten reasons why PS5 may be your choice. However, also consider the reasons why you should skip it.

10. You Don't Need Internet Connection

Router with LAN cable connected
Internet is optional on PlayStation 5 (Thomas Jensen/Unsplash)

Microsoft still desperately wants your data, so when you buy Xbox Series X or S, you won't be able to use it immediately. Instead, you need to go online and activate the system, losing a bit of time and privacy in the process. Moreover, if you ever reset the console, keep in mind that you'll need to repeat the procedure. However, PS5 won't ask for such a thing.

This might seem like a minor issue as almost every gamer has a decent internet connection, Yet, it's still a bad practice. Besides, we have to wonder what'll happen one day when Microsoft shuts down its verification servers? While we can play on consoles released 30 years ago, it doesn't look like Xbox Series X/S will be usable in a couple of decades. 

9. 3D Audio

Mark Cerny presenting the Tempest Engine at PlayStation online event
Mark Cerny presenting the Tempest Engine (Screenshot/YouTube)

Does anyone still care about the audio quality? Even the most expensive PC configurations lack dedicated sound hardware, using subpar integrated solutions instead. However, Sony is changing the game with its Tempest Engine. This is an advanced 3D audio solution available only on PS5, and you don't need to buy additional hardware to enjoy it.

Therefore, it'll work on headphones, sound systems, or even your modest TV speakers. We love that this is a hardware solution, meaning that it doesn't use a PS5 CPU. More importantly, Tempest Engine can be configured to match your hearing, letting you maximize the 3D audio experience. Take some time and set it up, as it'll be used in the software you run on the console. All this on a system that doesn't even support CD-Audio

8. Game Help

Get a solution without going on YouTube with the Game Help

Sometimes we all get stuck when playing games, so we have to stop and browse the internet for a solution. Still, PS5 will save you tons of time because of its Game Help service. This user interface option shows you easy-to-understand walkthrough videos made by the developers. The only question is will every game come with it.

Oh, and thanks to the Picture-in-Picture Sharing feature, you can watch the Game Help videos while playing the game! Hence, getting unstuck in PlayStation 5 games is easy, although we hope you'll use this function as little as possible. 

7. Head Start

PlayStation 4 controller illuminating light in the dark
PlayStation 4 made things easier for its successor (Federico Vitale/Unsplash)

PS4 easily won the war against Xbox One, ultimately benefiting PS5 too. Since Sony's reputation as a gaming company is better than Microsoft's, they had a head start. This means that gamers, developers, and everyone else will gravitate toward PS5, and Microsoft will have a hard time trying to change that.

Of course, history told us that everything is possible, as PS3 had troubles keeping up with Xbox 360. But even in that case, Sony's console eventually managed to catch its rival and even outsell it. If you want to bet on the safe option, your choice must be PS5. After all, it's doing much better already.

6. VR

Kids using VR devices
If you want a VR experience on consoles, you have to buy a PS5 (stem.T4L/Unsplash)

Microsoft is still not a believer when it comes to VR. After a colossal failure that was Kinect, the company is not too keen to experiment. However, Sony is still enthusiastic about virtual reality, so if you care about technology, PS5 is the only choice. Yet, many know that VR on PS4 was pretty limited because of the console's hardware.

However, PS5 has plenty of power, and we can expect more triple-A games to support it. Still, keep in mind that VR equipment is not cheap! Also, many felt disappointed when Sony announced that you can use your old PS4 VR on PS5, but only to play backward compatible games. However, the prices are going down, so PS5 VR will only become more attractive. It's all about having a choice.

5. Faster SSD

Cyberpunk 2077 illustration
Cyberpunk 2077 loves fast SSD

PS5's solid-state drive is more than twice as fast as one in Xbox Series X/S, which could be a huge advantage. We say "Could Be," as the backward compatibility tests proved that Microsoft's solution is often faster, sometimes considerably. Nevertheless, the situation is different regarding games made for PS5.

These titles are built to use SSD to the full extent, so if you compare PS5 and PS4 versions of the same software, you'll see that PS5 loads them more than five times quicker! As the games get more massive (Cyberpunk 2077, anyone?), Sony's console will (probably) be able to further pull away from Microsoft.

4. SSD Expansion

M.2. solid state drive by PNY
PS5 will be able to use fast 3rd party SSDs (Amazon)

As the games grow larger, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll need to expand your SSD storage. What's nice is that it's simple to do it on PS5 and even easier on Xbox Series X/S. Still, Sony's console has a considerable advantage in price and freedom of choice. Instead, Microsoft sells its proprietary solution and doesn't support alternative solutions.

Furthermore, the problem is that its launch price was well over $200 for a 1 TB expansion, making it quite unattractive. While things will be better in time, PS5 will always have an advantage as you can install a 3rd party SSD solution. While not every SSD is compatible with the console, you'll still have a vast selection.

3. PlayStation 4 Compatibility

Uncharted 4 screenshot with Drake and Sully
Uncharted 4 looks gorgeous on PS5

This one is a no-brainer, as if you have PS4 and tons of games, PS5 will let you play them. Since Sony's latest console supports all but about ten PS4 games, the compatibility is excellent! If you wonder why you would care about playing the best PS4 titles on PS5, the answer is one word - enhancements. This means that every PS4 game will look better on PS5, and sometimes the difference is astonishing!

Many titles are already upgraded from 30 to 60 fps or support up to 4K resolution, making them gorgeous! Hence, PS4 exclusives look like remasters or even native PS5 games with these enhancements. In some cases, we can expect more, including support for DualSense functions, like haptic feedback. Even if the game isn't patched, you'll get a boost in frame rate and loading time. So yeah, you can put your PS4 on sale!

2. DualSense Controller

White DualSense controller
DualSense makes multiplatform gaming better on PS5 (Harpal Singh/Unsplash)

DualSense is the most revolutionary controller Sony ever made, and its functions are significantly enhancing the gaming experience. While it looks very similar to DualShock 4, this gamepad implements a couple of essential improvements. The first is adaptive triggers, which act differently in every game. This means you'll feel varying tension when accelerating with different cars or firing guns.

On top of it, we have haptic feedback, which will let you feel the game environment. This means you won't have to look at the screen to know if you're on a gravel road or stuck in the mud in a rally game! Of course, the developers will still have to invest many resources to implement this. Still, even then, DualSense is far more exciting than the Xbox Series X/S controller.

1. PS5 Exclusives

Gran Turismo 7 PS5 screenshot
Gran Turismo 7 is a PS5-only title (Screenshot/YouTube)

You don't need an Xbox console if you own a powerful gaming PC. Every Xbox Series X/S first-party/second-party title will also appear on Windows PC, looking a bit better. Microsoft's strategy is to have only console exclusives, meaning that their key games like Halo won't be on PS5.

However, PS5 will still have many real exclusives that look gorgeous if you have a suitable TV! While some of these titles may eventually be released on PC, they'll come much later. Basically, if you have a gaming PC and PS5, you'll be able to play every game, except for Nintendo Switch exclusives. Although, Switch emulators for PC are getting quite good!

Thanks to its exclusives, innovative gamepad, VR support, and excellent PS4 backward compatibility, it doesn't look like PS5 will tarnish the brand, despite some problems. While the console will get cheaper and have more attractive bundles, your money won't be wasted even if you buy it right now!

Have you purchased a PS5, or will you do it, and when? What's your main reason for choosing PS5, and did we mentioned it on our top ten list? We're waiting for your thoughts in the comments section!



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Stank Says:

Gran Turismo 7, a PS5 only title, runs pretty damn well on my PS4.

June 07 at 08:18:20 PM

Mike Says:

Nah. Weak points.

December 23 at 06:52:36 PM

Andre Says:

ingenious... as a pc gamer with a 3090 ti i asked google why i should buy a ps5.... and what do you get? 3d audio, faster ssd etc? are you kidding me?

July 31 at 09:01:29 PM

Wayne C Says:

DualSense is an excellent controller, and you can even use it on PC. Some PC games even support DualSense features, like Codemaster's F1 series.

July 18 at 01:29:04 PM

WoggyJ Says:

Well, these reasons aren't at the top of the list. Yet, PS5 is worth getting because of its exclusives, and the controller is excellent. I still rather play most of my games on PS5 because of it.

August 01 at 09:50:17 AM

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