Top 10 Reasons Why PC Is Better Gaming Platform Than Consoles

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-02-03 18:00:06

Once the first Xbox had its debut, many believed that PC as a gaming platform would be dead in a few years. However, gaming on PC, especially Windows, is now better than ever. There are many justifications for owning a gaming PC, giving it a serious edge over consoles in our top ten.

10. PCs Are Easier to Fix

Modern gaming PC case with water cooling
Modern PC cases are much easier to work with

When you have an issue with your console, you probably don't want to open it up. Even cleaning your console's internal components is way more complicated than doing the same thing on your PC. When you can't fix a PC, it's easy to find a company that will do it for you.

With consoles, things are much more difficult. Locating someone to repair it is often challenging, and you'll void the warranty this way. Still, for many console gamers, that's the only solution. Contacting a manufacturer, sending a console, and waiting for the return may take weeks.

9. Better VR Options

Female using a VR device while outdoors
PC gamers have much more VR options

While VR experiences are available on consoles, they are often very restricted. Just look at Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 as an example. While the game supports virtual reality, it's limited to races against a single opponent on selected tracks! VR gaming on consoles is all about compromises, and it's doubtful that will ever change.

Yet, on PC, you're the boss! You can choose between different VR sets and use them without limitations. Of course, you'll need powerful hardware for the best immersion, but the possibilities are there. Oh, and of course, more VR games are available on PC!

8. Better Control Options

Gaming equipment including PS4 controller, headphones, and a keyboard on a messy table.
PC will let you use almost any controller to play games

Amazingly, you can use almost any controller on a PC. Xbox gamepad support is integrated into Windows, and hooking up PlayStation controllers is also simple. Of course, you can also utilize traditional devices like a mouse and a keyboard, as they are still a much better combo for shooters or real-time strategies.

Although some consoles support a mouse and a keyboard, there are two problems with that. First, there's a lack of compatible titles. Second, since consoles are meant for playing on your comfortable sofa, using a mouse and a keyboard doesn't seem practical.

7. PC Has Way More Games

A collection of PC flight simulators on display.
You can play very old games like Falcon 4.0 or anything else on modern PC

Console exclusives are still a thing, so you can't play some titles on your PC. However, there are thousands of games you won't ever enjoy on consoles. We are not talking only about indie games but also triple-A exclusives such as Starcraft II. Even better, you can enjoy almost any game ever released on PC, thanks to emulators! 

Go back in the past and enjoy great DOS releases, games for Nintendo or Sega consoles, or even titles for the current-gen of consoles. For example, the Nintendo Switch emulator supports even newly released titles. Emulated games can also be enhanced, so they may look much better than on original hardware. Plus, you can also easily enjoy fan-translated releases.

6. Real Modding Is Only Possible on PC

Modded Grand Theft Auto V looks magnificent

Many PC games have a dedicated modding community that can fully transform a good game into an excellent one. Although console games sometimes offer the in-game editor, you can do so much more on PC! This includes adding new cars and tracks in driving games, changing the physics, improving the graphics and sounds, and even implementing VR support.

The PC modding community also found a way to mod console games playable on PC using emulators. The possibilities are endless, and you can improve your game daily, always adding something new that will keep you playing. Why wait for GTA 6 when you can have next-gen graphics in GTA V?

5. PC Digital Games Are Cheaper

Steam Summer Sale logo beginning at June 25th and ending on July 9th.
Steam sales are frequent and some games even become free for a limited time

If you're a console gamer, you can buy your digital games only from the official store. On PC, you have digital distribution services that compete against each other. Steam is the best example, as you can often grab triple AAA titles for meager prices or for free!

Sales are frequent, and a Humble Bundle digital storefront even lets you decide how much you want to pay for a package of games. Finally, let's add to all this a bunch of free multiplayer titles and loads of fan-made software. 

4. Multiplayer on PC Is Still Free

PC gamer with headphones playing a game
Free multiplayer is now possible only on PC

Could you believe it, but multiplayer was once free on consoles! After Microsoft decided to charge for its Xbox Live service, Sony and Nintendo soon followed the example. Purchasing a game and then paying a monthly subscription to fully enjoy its features sounds ridiculous, but its apparently legal. 

Games offer free multiplayer services on PC, so Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, and everyone else won't try to charge for it. Of course, the MMOs are exceptions, but that's a whole different thing.

3. You Can Upgrade Your PC

Mounting a custom cooler on a PC CPU.
Some PC upgrades are cheap, like mounting a better cooler for your CPU

Every console has a life-span of about 5-6 years on average. Alternatively, you can buy a PC and use it forever, as they are wholly upgradable. Hence, many PC gamers bought their first PC decades ago and never sold it. Plus, you can make partial upgrades according to your budget.

If you spend about $20-30 monthly on your PC, you'll always have at least a mid-range hardware still more powerful than the current generation of consoles. While changing the motherboard or PSU might not be comfortable for beginners, you'll easily find someone to do it. On the other hand, slotting a new graphics card or a memory shouldn't take much effort. While gaming laptops or Steam Deck are more limited, you can still upgrade them.

2. Graphics Are Always Better on PC

Upper-midrange PC can easily outperform consoles as seen in the video

Yes, always, no exceptions. Whenever a multiplatform game is released, you can be sure that the PC version is better than on Xbox Series X or PS5. In the worst-case scenario, you'll play in higher resolutions with a rock-solid 60 frames per second. Most games will also let you set an unlimited frame rate, a higher level of details, or even offer effects unavailable in console releases.

Also, lots of games on consoles work only in 30 frames per second, making them less attractive and less playable. There were a couple of 30 fps console ports to PC, but the modding community managed to patch them if the developers didn't do it.

1. PC Is More Than a Gaming Machine

Elegant PC setup with two monitors, with one of them in pivot position.
Multi-monitor setups are great for both gaming and working

Yeah, we have to pull this card. While someone will say that it's ridiculous to compare a PC with consoles beyond games, we think it's fair. This is because console gamers often analogize PCs and consoles' prices while forgetting that PCs cost so much because they are not only gaming platforms.

Of course, you can use your PS5 to browse the internet, watch YouTube or listen to music, but doing all this on a PC is more comfortable. Plus, a PC gives you a million ways to unleash your creativity using advanced software unavailable anywhere else. Not all PC gamers need to have a console, but all console gamers need to use a PC... or Mac, at least.

Using your PC as a gaming platform may not be as affordable or accessible as playing on consoles. Still, this top ten list should motivate you to do so. Of course, it's perfectly OK to own both a gaming PC and a console, as together, you'll have access to every game you want to play. Ultimately, enjoying the benefits of both platforms should be your only priority!

Do you own a gaming PC? Have you ever sold your PC to buy a new one, or are you constantly upgrading? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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