Top 10 Music Memoirs That will Intrigue You From the First Page

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Hannah White

Hannah White

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If you are a passionate music admirer and a huge literature fan, then music memoirs are meant for you. In the sea of plenty of interesting rockstar life stories, we've picked the best ones. Through our top ten list of music memoirs, you'll find those that will grab your attention and hold it until the last page. The feeling might be even better if you, for example, play "Letter To You" in the background while you are reading "Born To Run," an autobiography by Bruce Springsteen. Enjoy!

10. Lemmy: 'White Line Fever'

Lemmy's story, in Lemmy's own words, is outstanding

Ian Fraser Kilmister, most famous as Lemmy, was an English musician and frontman of the rock band Motörhead. The funny thing about Lemmy's nickname is that it originated from the phrase "Lemmy (lend me) a quid 'til Friday" since he had a habit of borrowing money from people to play slot machines.

Anyway, Lemmy formed the famous band Motörhead in 1975, and in 'White Line Fever' described his rock-and-roll lifestyle enriched with women, drink, and drugs. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy reading this amusing, often bizarre, autobiography of one of the greatest rock-and-roll icons.

9. John Taylor: 'In the Pleasure Groove'

"In the Pleasure Groove" is so compelling and engaging

John Taylor, Duran Duran's co-founder and bass guitarist, takes the readers on an interesting journey through his life and memories. He's created some of the greatest music hits of all time, including their debut single 'Planet Earth.' 'In the Pleasure Groove' is quite an exciting ride through John's incredible stories, which followed his accomplished dreams, acquired lessons, and defeated fears.

John founded Duran Duran with his friend Nick Rhodes, who was soon accompanied by Roger Taylor, then Andy Taylor, and Simon Le Bon. This autobiography book is an enchanting rock-and-roll story, with the band's exclusive pictures, and we highly recommend it.

8. Chuck Berry: 'The Autobiography'

You can feel those unique guitar riffs in his every song

'The Autobiography' is a remarkable and honest autobiography of the personal journey of Chuck Berry, the "Father of Rock and Roll." It contains discography, filmography, and details of all of his recording sessions. Moreover, Chuck writes openly about his prison days, the racism he experienced while growing up in St. Louis, and some of his rock and roll career's misfortunes. Therefore, his insights on racial politics and enlightenment about life in general expose an enormously complex individual.

Nevertheless, writing lyrics that focused on teen life and consumerism, Chuck developed a music style that included terrific guitar solos, as we can feel those authentic guitar riffs in his every song. Our favorite Chuck song is "Johnny B. Goode" since this is his all-time hit. Click on a link and enjoy the music.

7. David Bowie: 'Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust

The great David Bowie was such a versatile artist

David Robert Jones, much better known as David Bowie, was a singer-songwriter and actor who became the leading figure in the music industry. Moreover, he was proclaimed as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

He was a very creative individual since he repeatedly reinvented his music and visual presentation. Furthermore, he significantly impacted popular music with his music and stagecraft, mostly through his work over the 1970s. Nonetheless, "Moonage Daydream" is the most complete, detailed survey of one of rock 'n' roll's most fabulous creations: Ziggy Stardust, as this was Bowie's alter-ego.

6. Anthony Kiedis: 'Scar Tissue'

"Scar Tissue" reached first place on The New York Times Best Seller List

'Scar Tissue' is the autobiography of the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and it fastly became The New York Times bestseller. Kiedis released and authorized it, in collaboration with Larry Sloman, who compiled information and conducted interviews. The book title wears the same name as the RHCP single from their album "Californication."

The story follows Kiedis into the depth of his experiences with drug addiction. It's a book of dedication and desire, intrigue and integrity, recklessness, and redemption. In short, a typical story about a famous rockstar and his ups and downs in life and career.

5. Billy Idol: 'Dancing With Myself'

Billy Idol reveals the stories behind his popular hits, including "White Wedding," "Eyes Without a Face," and "Rebel Yell"

More famous as Billy Idol, William Michael Albert Broad is a popular English musician, songwriter, and actor. His music crossed over into '80s pop mainstream, securing him the top spots on the charts. Therefore Billy Idol, one of MTV's first stars, remains a music legend. In this honest memoir, Billy Idol shares his life story, from his early days in England, and follows his rise to fame throughout the expanse of the punk-pop revolution.

Nevertheless, in 'Dancing With Myself,' Idol brings to life the significant events that shaped his life, music, and career. Moreover, he describes his period at Sussex University and the time spent as a member of punk bands Chelsea and Generation X.

4. Slash: 'Slash'

Slash is a huge rock icon

'Slash' is an exciting autobiography written by rock guitarist Slash in collaboration with Anthony Bozza, author and journalist. The majority of the book focuses on Slash's years with the band Guns N' Roses. That includes many rockstar stereotypes like trashed hotel rooms, girls, and close calls with death because of heroin, cocaine, and other forbidden stuff.

However, he also writes about Axl Rose, frontman of Guns N' Roses, and describes his leaving the band in the mid-1990s. Besides, Slash explains how the band initially came together, how they created some of the greatest music hits that soared them among the stars, and in the end, how it all broke into pieces.

3. Keith Richards: 'Life'

Keith Richards is a phenomenal musician.

Once again, we have the opportunity to testify to great musicians - journalist collaboration. So, 'Life' is an excellent memoir told by the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and journalist James Fox. Among all, this is a superb chronicle about Richard's passion for music, discovered through blues. It also follows the story about the founding of the famous Rolling Stones.

Additionally, there are stories about his turbulent relationship with the frontman, Mick Jagger. As almost every rockstar had involvement in drugs at some point in life, so did Keith. You can also find many exciting parts focusing on his personal life. Some of them are about moving to London from Dartford and living in a flat with Mick Jagger. Moreover, there are also stories about his musical collaborations with Chuck Berry and Gram Parsons.

2. Bob Dylan: 'Chronicles, Volume One'

"I'd come from a long ways off and had started long ways down. But now, destiny was about to manifest itself. I felt like it was looking right at me and nobody else." - magnificent Bob Dylan.

The 'Chronicles, Volume One' is the book of memoirs of the iconic Bob Dylan. He divided the book into three chapters and covered stories about the period between his arrival in New York, the enchanting city of opportunities, and releasing his first album.

Moreover, he devoted the book chapters to his albums' New Morning' and 'Oh Mercy,' where he collaborated with poet Archibald MacLeish and producer Daniel Lanois. In conclusion, Dylan's perfect collection of intense personal memories from his trips to Woodstock and New Orleans is also an honest story about his thoughts and influences. Oh, and his biopic is worthy of your time too!

1. Bruce Springsteen: 'Born to Run'

Bruce writes with his soul, the same as he creates his music.

'Born to Run' is our favorite autobiography so far, and it was written by one and only Bruce Springsteen - the Boss. Bruce named his memoirs after his iconic album 'Born to Run,' from 1975. He brings all his sincerity, hilarity, and creativity to these pages, making you run through them! Anyhow, Bruce's life came to a crossroad when he attended Elvis Presley's debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Therefore, that's when his rock'n'roll journey truly begins. If you're a Springsteen fan, then 'Born to Run' will amaze you with details that even the biggest fans don't know. However, if you didn't get a chance to dive into Springsteen's work, then hurry up to read it since it'll occupy you from the very first page.

So, have you read any of these top ten memoirs? Let us know which one do you find the most interesting.

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