Top 10 Reasons Why Is George Orwell So Censored Yet So Beloved

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Some books had to go through hell to finally be published. However, if they were socially criticized or challenged, they must've reached fame and love since people definitely paid attention to it. That's the double side of quality works that actually make people intrigued. You probably read at least one of George Orwell's works as they are essential classics, and if you're wondering why it's so censored all the time, we've got some good points in our top ten list!

10. The Sexual Content (Is It More Like an Excuse?)

Hear her side of the story and find out if you agree

One of the reasons why "1984" is among banned books in many countries is the sexual content, as some sources state. We don't think they're saying facts with this thought since sexual content has an immense growth throughout the 21st century, and it's everywhere now, without any particular ban.

However, Orwell indeed created detailed scenes including a married guy and his mistress in his famous book – these "obscene" moments could have a bad influence on young people. Nevertheless, any content like this is 100% approachable all over the Internet, so we don't think you should avoid "1984" for graphic sex scenes!

9. ...And the Islamic Values, Too

Islamic rules about food and animals are stringent

If the reason why "1984" keeps being challenged surprises you, you wouldn't believe the reason behind "Animal Farm." Some countries prevented their people from reading this fantastic book because of its attitude towards pigs, and animals in general! Since Islamic values have a radical approach, the UAE had to ban this book.

Nevertheless, you should understand (and you probably do) that this story has nothing to do with treating animals since it's a metaphor. It shows way more than animals' relationships – it's about the actual humans. You should respect other countries' points of view, but don't look at this story as if it were about animals!

8. The Political Content Makes the World Afraid

Dive into his political views

No matter how much some groups of people point out Orwell's sexual content and approach to animals, the main issues revolve around politics for sure. Not a single book in this world would draw so much attention to itself if it weren't about problematic political views – or the truth about it, to say the least.

Unfortunately, yet objectively, politicians are always afraid of art that speaks about their field. Since they're potent enough, books end up banned and challenged for ages. However, art can't and shouldn't be silenced – some people need to read "1984" and "Animal Farm" in their early days to have a shaped political view in the future.

7. His Open Letter About Fascism and Democracy

Learn more about these two ideologies

If we had to bind two completely different sides in politics, fascism and democracy would be the perfect example of that. Nothing is similar in these two ideologies, and Orwell managed to touch upon both of them in his life and glorious career. In "Fascism and Democracy," Orwell's essays' collection, you'll find all of his notable works from the Second World War!

Furthermore, the most crucial thing about Orwell's truth is that it points out how hard it is to be free in this society. Freedom is fiction nowadays, and violence is present even when the world is at peace. Even though you think democracy brings freedom, it doesn't differ too much from fascism, and Orwell wasn't afraid to tell you that!

6. The Books Are Seen as Pro-Communist

The differences are obvious

"Animal Farm" is a perfect way to show a young person through an exciting and easy-to-read metaphor of how society works. Still, some anti-communists often point out that this work is pro-communist. However, if you agree with this statement, you probably didn't understand the satire behind his words!

Moreover, the only ideology Orwell supported was socialism, which definitely isn't the same as communism. Communism is a branch of socialism, but it has a different view on ownership of resources. "Animal Farm" was used as a way of showing how flawed this system was, and it wasn't supportive of that in any way!

5. ...But Also As Anti-Communist

"1984" has a hidden message: freedom!

The truth is, anyone could blame Orwell for basically any ideology and similarities between them. While "Animal Farm" was seen as pro-communist, "1984" was the exact opposite in the eyes of many readers! How accurate would it be that Orwell changed his mind in the time between these two masterpieces?

Nope, Orwell definitely didn't alter his perspective – it's just a fact that these two works showed a different time and place, and he knew well both their good and wrong sides. Nevertheless, both books are evergreen, since "1984" is highly relevant in the 21st century, and "Animal Farm" doesn't have any time boundaries. 

4. People Would Find Themselves in His Characters

His warning has to do with all the people, not only the political system

The worst thing that could occur to you is to find a problematic character relatable. You know that feeling when you start seeing the pieces of you in those descriptions, and you wish you could unread it. Well, Orwell's characters aren't all necessarily problematic, but they're indeed not someone to look up to!

However, it's true that "1984" has such natural characters that they seem like real people. Moreover, "Animal Farm" animals rarely give off an "animal" vibe since they're way more humans! Actually, "Animal Farm" was made for you all to find your group in society. Identifying with one of the characters is crucial, and people actually like it, even though it's wrong!

3. Social Class Issues

Racism is a central theme in many banned books

Looking at most banned and challenged books, they all have a certain similarity. This is as most of them are playing with the aspects of racism and other discriminations. Controversial themes always end up in the problematic area, but that doesn't mean they don't get famous. On the contrary, they must gain attention all the way!

Luckily, Orwell's magnum opus "1984" didn't avoid social class struggles. Hence, people loved it even more for its honesty about a topic that not many authors want to cover. From the elite party to the proles, Orwell clearly pointed out how their lives differed, and you'll find nothing but the truth on those pages!

2. He's Telling the Truth

He somehow managed to predict what's coming up, and it won't get better

You know what they say – the truth hurts. Yet George Orwell didn't have any problems with it, and he's been spitting facts as if he were a fortune teller. Who would say a novel published in 1949 would be relevant and relatable even in the middle of the 21st century? It's because the truth never fades, no matter how cruel it is!

Alright, so the social classes are a part of the past. Then why do some people still relate to the horses from "Animal Farm?" Why are the pigs so similar to the particular part of our society that we all depend on? The truth is striking, and it doesn't spare anyone here. If you don't want to hear it, better avoid his work, but maybe you need to open your eyes!

1. His Work Will Be Influential... Forever

Nowadays, you can ever hear an adjective named after Orwell and his work

All the truth and the whole story behind the metaphors and controversial content left an indelible mark, and you must confess that, even if you hate Orwell. His work's relevance is enduring, and it will keep on growing for ages if the situation stays like this. Even if it doesn't, the future generations will learn from these as if they were history books!

Some books made history for good and bad reasons, but they won't be forgotten even after one hundred years. Therefore, "1984" will be relatable for ages to come, and "Animal Farm" will be the first dystopian novel for many young generations. While you can ban some things for years, they'll find their way anyway if they're supposed to. Orwell's work passed the test of time!

Of course, some people just don't want to read controversial stuff, including Orwell. Luckily, there are various other genres, so you'll definitely find something that fits you if the political themes don't. However, if you understand these top ten reasons and relate to Orwell's stories, you must be someone with excellent critical thinking!

Do you gladly read George Orwell? Is his work too controversial for your taste? Let us know your preferences!

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