Top 10 People Who Might Possibly Be the Real-Life Version of Batman

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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Batman is one of the most famous fictional characters of all time. Yet, the main reason for his popularity is that he's not a superhero at all. Instead, Batman's powers are his strength, intellect, and almost unlimited funds. The significant part of Caped Crusader's appeal is the possibility that somewhere in the world might exist a masked vigilante who protects the innocents from the criminals. The thing is, Batman's origin story is way less realistic than his superhero peers. To learn every skill the Batman has, someone would have to train and study for at least 200 years. Therefore, it's way more possible to get whiffed by radiation and develop superpowers afterward. However, some people would be able to don Batman's cape and mantle easier than others. Yet, these top ten men are either tech-oriented billionaires or martial arts masters, rarely both.

10. Richard Branson 

Daredevil adventurer on the private island

Richard Branson is not the first person you would think of when discussing real-life Batman. Indeed, he doesn't have a rugged look with a granite chin, or he's at the best age for any extreme activity. However, Branson excels in something, and that's his adventurous spirit.

Therefore, his daring accomplishments are legendary - he's the only person that crossed the Atlantic in a boat and hot air balloon. Needless to say, Branson is very wealthy and keeps himself in good shape. He also has his private Necker Island he uses to isolate himself - it's like a Batcave, just sunny and warmer.

9. Vidyut Jammwal 

Supermodel-looking action superstar

It sounds controversial that a real-life Batman would be an Indian. However, Jammwal is more likely to be a superhero than one would think. He definitely looks the part, as he's super handsome and even tried himself in modeling before becoming an actor. 

Furthermore, he's a highly trained martial artist, practicing ancient Indian martial art kalaripayattu since he was three years old. His physical prowess is on par with the real-life Bruce Wayne, and he has enough charisma and good looks to pass as a womanizer. The billionaire part is missing, but since Jammwal is an action superstar, he isn't struggling for sure. 

8. James Packer 

A billionaire in the best shape

James Packer is an Australian media mogul who earned his fortune in entertainment. He's one of the few billionaires who actually looks the part. Packer has enough youth, vitality, and physique to actually hold his ground against an ensemble of super-villains. 

However, he would have been Batman in some alternative universe where Gotham City is in Australia. Recently, Packer made a move to the casino business, which is something real-life Bruce Wayne would do. He's also a great philanthropist with several charitable organizations. All in all, quite an appropriate candidate for real-life Batman. 

7. Dave LeDuc

The fearsome martial arts champion

Dave Leduc is a Canadian fighter and current champion in Myanmar Lethwei, the most dangerous martial art. After becoming the first Canadian who won the infamous prison fight tournament in Thailand, he earned some notoriety.

We're talking about the guy who knows how to beat criminals and is a master of one of the most complex fighting styles in the world. Leduc used his popularity to become quite well paid too. Although not a billionaire like Bruce Wayne, he's pretty successful.

6. Sergey Brin

A billionaire that loves gadgets

The famous founder of Google, the most popular web browser, is much more like Bruce Wayne than you would think. That's primarily because Brin is fascinated with gadgets and technology, a trait he shares with Bruce Wayne. Google Glass is one of the things that this man would gladly have in his arsenal of gadgets. In fact, Google and Wayne Enterprises are much more similar than someone would assume. 

This primarily works for their development of biotechnology and electronics. Sergey Brin might be too much of a geek to be a playboy. Still, his passion for industrial development and philanthropy make him someone who might as well work as Batman. 

5. Scott Adkins

The most popular martial arts actor in the world

Scott Adkins is another martial arts superstar with enough good looks, charisma, and skill to be a real-life Batman. Actually, Adkins even auditioned for the part. He was so impressive that numerous petitions and movements asked studio executives to make Atkins the next Batman.

Except for exceptional martial arts skills, Adkins is a tremendous worker, shooting movies nearly without any pause all year long. He even worked with the most legendary martial arts actors and directors. This guy can fight eight hours in a row all year round. If that's not the Batman material, we don't know what is. 

4. Sean Parker 

Billionaire philanthropist with a weakness

Sean Parker made his money from Facebook and Napster, but lately, he has turned to politics. Indeed, that's something real Bruce Wayne would approve of. Likewise, he has led multiple campaigns focused on community issues. Yet, the similarities with Bruce Wayne don't end here. Parker is really wealthy, keenly interested in technology, and pretty handsome. 

However, what would make him a convincing protagonist is vulnerability. Parker's weakness is allergies, and he has been to the hospital several times after allergic reactions. Thus, he also donated substantial money to allergy research centers. With that, Parker ticked many boxes for a real-life Batman.

3. Dae Kyung Yoo

The embodiment of the martial arts encyclopedia

Dae Kyung Yoo, also known as DK Yoo, is a world-famous martial arts instructor. He achieved mastery in 15 martial arts and is considered a contemporary version of Bruce Lee. When Yoo was ten, he survived major surgery, enduring many illnesses and pain in his childhood. Regardless, he found a way to improve his health and physical capability through meditation and martial arts. 

Nowadays, Yoo is one of the most sought-after martial arts instructors. He even trained Korean and American special forces in close combat. Thus, DK Yoo is one of the best specimens in terms of physical abilities and combat skills. 

2. Elon Musk 

He can certainly hold his own with Iron Man!

Elon Musk has everything needed to become a real-life Bruce Wayne. He's wealthy, handsome, charismatic, and a genius. He is also quirky enough to be interesting. Musk is an owner of various companies with the goal of bringing innovation to how the world works. His projects include electric cars, space rockets, high-speed transportation, and digital payments. 

He is, in equal measure, an innovator and businessman. He's also very philanthropic and donated millions of dollars to the invention of alternative fuels and the development of AI. Also, Elon Musk has trained in Jiu-Jitsu since he was six years old and tried his skill in judo, Kyokushin kai karate, and taekwondo. He might be the closest we have to a real-life Bruce Wayne. 

1. Tom Cruise

He could be Batman if he weren't so famous

We don't think there is a need to introduce Tom Cruise to anyone. This global movie star ticks all the boxes for ideal real-life Bruce Wayne. He is very charming, charismatic, and still very youthful-looking despite being born in 1962. He's also a daredevil who does his own stunts, which drew studio executives crazy. 

Cruise is also very skillful in hand-to-hand and weapon combat, and he's in tremendous physical shape. He is incredibly wealthy, with a net worth of over $600 million. Last but not least, Cruise is very quirky and eccentric, which ranges from charming to awkward. The only reason he's not the real-life Batman is because everyone would recognize him instantly, even under the cowl. 

Batman is famous because he doesn't have any superpower, despite being rich and crazy. However, becoming Batman is not possible to achieve in one's lifetime. Despite that, some people reached one aspect, or a few, of Batman's legendary abilities. 

Who do you think is the best candidate to become a real-life Batman? Which people would you add to this top ten list? 

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