Top 10 Star Trek Episodes That'll Get Stuck in Your Mind

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Hannah White

Hannah White

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If you are a big science fiction fan, you probably heard of Star Trek. This franchise is world-famous as there are Star Trek-themed video games, figurines, novels, toys, and comics. Heck, it even predicted the future! "Star Trek" franchise fans are called "Trekkies" or "Trekkers," and if you are one of them, we're sure that some ST moments left a significant impression on you. Thus, dive into this fantastic universe through our top ten list of the best Star Trek episodes of all time. So as the famous captain of Enterprise would say, "Engage."

10. Star Trek - The Next Generation: "The Best of Both Worlds"

The Borg has assimilated Captain Jean Luc Picard

In this thrilling two-part episode, captain Jean Luc Picard is abducted by the vicious alien species Borg, which assimilates anyone into their biotechnological collective. In an attempt to do the same to Earth and humankind, they seize one of Earth's finest and make him a Locutus. 

Not in control of himself, Locutus helps the Borg in the fight against the Federation. Meanwhile, the crew of USS Enterprise D struggles to save their captain and Earth from assimilation.

9. Star Trek - Picard: "Et in Arcadia Ego" 

Picard saying Goodbye to Commander Data

Iconic "Star Trek" character Jean-Luc Picard dies in this one, and it was such a shock! Still, this wasn't the last of him as the son of famous Dr. Noonien Soong and Jurati, a female cyberneticist from Earth, manages to download Picard's consciousness into an android body. 

This episode also brings an inevitable closure for Data and Picard since Data asks Picard to switch him off and allow him to die. In a dream-like scene representing the subconscious, these two meet for the last time. This is when we learn that Data's "soul" existed on planet Coppelius in the "massively complex quantum simulation." Without a doubt, another of the best "Star Trek" episodes!

8. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: "Trials and Tribble-ations" 

Caption: Dax and Sisko find the bomb among the tribbles.

Imagine two "Star Trek'' universes intertwining in one state of art TV show episode because that's what happened in the episode "Trials and Tribble-actions." Traveling back in time, Captain Benjamin Sisko and his crew from Deep Space Nine struggle to prevent Captain James T. Kirk from being killed.

As Klingons attempt on Kirk's life using a booby-trapped tribble, Dax and Sisko find the bomb and, with the help of their ship Defiant, transport it into space, where it explodes. It's pretty incredible, but Sisko and his crew are digitally inserted into the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles," aired in the '60s. We think that Gene Roddenberry would be proud of it! This episode was written as a tribute to Star Trek's original series in the show's 30th anniversary year. 

7. Star Trek - Voyager: "Scorpion, Part II"

Seven of Nine meets Captain Janeway and Tuvok

Since they are stuck far from Starfleet in Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway and her crew must forge a temporary alliance with the Borg. Janeway helps Borg develop the weapon against Species 8472, and in return, the Borg will escort USS Voyager safely through their territory. With the help of Borg Seven of Nine, Voyager finds itself in "fluidic space," home of Species 8472. 

The weapon test is successful against bio ships, and Seven returns Voyager to normal space. As Voyager deployed the weapon again, it wiped out most of the bio ships fleet. However, Seven tries to assimilate the Voyager's console, but with no success. As a result, the electrified console knocks Seven out and severs her link to Borg Collective. Thus, Seven is about to embark on an extraordinary journey to regain her humanity and become a Voyager crew member.

6. Star Trek - Next Generation: "Brothers"

Data hijacks the Enterprise

En route to obtaining urgent medical treatment for an injured child at Starbase 416, Data suddenly hijacks the Enterprise. However, he's not in control of himself since his creator Dr. Soong activates a homing device summoning him to his workshop on some remote, seemingly unpopulated planet. Deep in the jungle in his sanctuary, dying Dr. Soong plans to give Data a chip he perfected over the years that will provide him with human emotions.

Data learns that he isn't inferior to his evil brother Lore since he was created after Lore was deactivated because humans feared him. However, an unexpected guest is about to show up! This episode is a testament to Brent Spiner's acting abilities since he plays three of the main characters in this episode, Soong, Data, and Lore.

5. Star Trek - Discovery: "Such Sweet Sorrow"  

An overview of the episode

"Star Trek: Discovery" season 2 finale brings us a lot of excitement and twists packed in one visual marvel. In a struggle to stop Section 31 AI named Control from gaining Speare data and destroying all biological life, the USS Discovery crew receives unexpected help. At the helm of the USS Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike addresses his team: "This is Captain Pike. We have one job: To get Commander Burnham and Discovery through the wormhole. Section 31 is in our way."

Finally, Michale Burnhum guides Discovery through the wormhole 930 years into the future, forever preventing control from gaining Sphere data knowledge. Debriefing in Starfleet Headquarters, Spock suggests that Starfleet erase Discovery from all records to prevent a similar thing from happening again. This explains why Discovery was never mentioned in the official canon.

4. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: "Sacrifice of Angels"

Space battle against Dominion

Captain Benjamin Sisko must regain control of the strategically important space station Deep Space Nine from Dominion's influence. Onboard USS Defiant, he commands a rather large fleet of Federation ships. Moreover, the Klingon fleet joins the attack just in time to flank the Dominion and clear a path for the Defiant. Meanwhile, on the station, Quark's brother Rom and Kira sabotage the station's weapons with the help of constable Odo. In his desperate suicide mission, Sisko orders Defiant into the wormhole to prevent Dominion's reinforcements from coming through.

With the help of Bajoran Prophets, powerful aliens who live in a wormhole, Sisko manages to make Dominion ships vanish. Back at the station, the Dominion evacuates. Gul Dukat's daughter Ziyal tells her father she helped Kira and her friends escape. Gul Dukat's right-hand man Damar overhears her confession and shoots Dukat's daughter for treason, leaving him in grief.

Odo finds home

While trying to find and contact the Founders in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko and the crew onboard USS Defiant encounter the Jemha Dars ships. While they overwhelm Defiant, Odo and Kira escape in the runabout. As Kira regains consciousness, she discovers that Odo has set course to Omarion Nebula. Some invisible force calls Odo to that Nebula since they arrived at the Gamma quadrant.

What they discover is the M Class planet, which appears to be Odo's homeworld. Odo then links with another of his kind and experiences the Great Link for the first time. However, not everything is as it seems. At the end of the episode, disappointed Odo confronts the Leader of the Founders, telling her that while appealing to the Great Link, he already has a "Link" with his friends and will stay with them.

2. Star Trek - Voyager: "Timeless"

Message to Hari Kim to Hari Kim from the future

In an attempt to come home from the Delta quadrant much faster with the help of the experimental slipstream drive, the crew of the USS Voyager ends up dead and stranded on some ice planet. Hari Kim and Chakotay, Voyagers, as only survivors 15 years later, with the help of reactivated IMH Doctor, try to dispatch a message back in time to Seven Of Nine using a stolen Borg temporal transmitter to prevent disaster from ever happening.

Seven receives a message that helps break the fatal slipstream trip and saves USS Voyager. At the end of the episode, Janaway presents Kim with the log entry sent by future himself, encoded in telemetry, which kept them safe. That's when Kim figures out that his miscalculation about the slipstream drive caused the Voyager crew to end up dead and that future he sent a message which prevented disaster.

1. Star Trek - Enterprise: "Regeneration"

The Borg crash site

While researching the Arctic Circle, scientists discovered a crashed unknown spaceship. As they pick up two humanoid bodies with cybernetic implants, reactivated nanoprobes repair long-dead Borg drones before they assimilate scientists. Drones escape using stolen transport enhanced with parts from their wreckage ship, making it faster and with better weapons. Dispatched to retrieve the kidnaped scientist, Archer and his crew encounter an assimilated Borg ship attacking Tarkalean freighter.

Enterprise tries to disable their weapons, and the ship jumps to warp. While rescuing an assimilated crew from the Tarkalean freighter, doctor Phlox from USS Enterprise is infected with Borg nanoprobes. Yet, Enterprise still catches up with assimilated Borg transport and receives the Borg hail saying, "You will be assimilated; resistance is futile." The Enterprise's crew must engage in battle with this strange unknown adversary.

As the Borg said, "Resistance is futile," so don't resist. Watch these top ten episodes and tell us which one you liked most?

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