Top 10 Internet Aesthetics To Freshen Your Style

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-12-21 14:53:42

When you look closer and know where to watch for inspiration, the Internet is literally the world of ideas! Internet subcultures and aesthetics, slowly taking over Tumblr and TikTok, are now the primary source for creativity. That's not only in the area of art forms such as music, films or literature but also in fashion! If you're looking for new trends to revive your wardrobe and make it more up-to-date, we have the top ten list of Internet aesthetics to inspire you!

10. Adventurecore

Adventurecore can look very chic and vintage

Are you that person that loves to dress outdoorsy? Then you've already found your aesthetic at the beginning of this list! Adventure sounds like a lot of running and walking, so this aesthetic is very comfy. Still, it can also be very trendy for the fall and winter seasons!

Adventurecore will let you shine in your long cloaks and ponchos since it focuses on the outwear. Moreover, an essential part of the outwear can be accessories, so gloves, cute beanies, or backpacks are very welcome in your adventurous and daring outfit!

9. Kidcore

Too many colors? No, that's the main rule in the kidcore aesthetic!

Just like its title says, kidcore is, for some people, "immature." However, we can't judge a book by its cover since many people feel empowered by the 90s icons and trends, tulle dresses, and huge accessories. We shouldn't even mention how crazy the colors are in this subculture – everything just screams "happiness!"

JoJo Siwa is a perfect example of combining vivid colors and extravagant, lavish accessories to give you a signature look. Her bow ties in bright colors are her distinctive feature now – get yours immediately by trying this aesthetic!

8. E-Girl

This style is for the "bold" girls that like to be the center of attention

The overly beloved aesthetic on TikTok nowadays is the "electronic girl," better known as the "e-girl," who is very open-minded and eccentric. E-girls speak their mind, she is unapologetic, and so is their style! The girls love tattoos and piercings and chains on their shorts and pants. Furthermore, they usually dye their hair in unconventional colors!

Moreover, these ladies obviously stan Corpse Husband, the Internet personality with the extraordinary low-pitched voice! Corpse dedicated his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" to this aesthetic, so this number will help you understand their favored music type. After all, don't forget that music genres determine your style as well!

7. Royalcore

Elegance is the key, says royalcore

Aesthetics are usually focused on the past ages and make you nostalgic. Still, nothing makes you wish you lived in the ball gown ages the way royalcore does! This subculture was made for the ladies who can't stand the female fashion's e-girl or tomboy tendencies. These ladies wish they were still wearing gloves and maxi dresses daily!

Of course, you can't follow this aesthetic for your regular walk to the city. Still, we believe it can inspire your next party outfit or a formal occasion. Bare shoulder dresses, buns, and a lot of fancy jewelry, since you're royalty, are a must! Check Red Velvet's "Psycho" video as the perfect illustration!

6. Chaotic Academia

Mariel from dressrelief tried to look as chaotic as possible!

Did you know that your chaos can also be your style? Of course, an Internet subculture supports the disarray you create in a hurry or intentionally since chaos is, for some people, the source of inspiration. The rules about this aesthetic are... That there are no strict rules, so if you love that, you've probably found your favorite!

What defines this aesthetic are torn clothes, disproportionately combined with hoodies, heavy boots, and/or messy makeup without particular care for the rules, colors, or shapes. Even mismatched socks are allowed if you feel like it!

5. Goblincore

This aesthetic is wildlife-focused and out of the urban trends

If you love dreamy outfits, flannel shirts and skirts, and cozy sweaters, you'll get insanely inspired with the goblincore aesthetic! It's pretty much similar to the cottagecore subculture. Nevertheless, it's not so wide-known, and it focuses on nature way more than cottagecore.

Unlike cottagecore, this aesthetic focuses on nature itself, with its pros and cons, especially the ugly sides. It glorifies frogs, snails, moss, and mud, and if you were that kid drawn to nature and collecting mushrooms in the woods, this aesthetic was made for you. Nothing is creepy or strange to you when it comes to the wildlife!

4. Dark Academia

This could easily be the most prominent internet aesthetic ever

With the growing need to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the late 10s and early 20s developed dark academia and put it into focus more than ever. It's the flawless aesthetic for cozy fall or winter, mainly because the dark academics love cozy, long coats, turtleneck sweaters, and long scarves.

Like other academic aesthetics (which are literally worshiped on the whole Internet,) dark academia isn't only about the clothes we mentioned. You should read gothic literature, drink coffee, and awaken your "gloomy" side. And don't forget those cozy olive green blankets to stay warm!

3. Light Academia

Get to know the whole aesthetic with this helpful guide

Unlike dark academia, the light one doesn't focus on fall and winter – you can wear stuff like this anytime. However, spring and summer feel perfect for the pastel colors it represents! Since this is another academia subculture, the clothes remain very sophisticated, appropriate mostly for the fancy street style.

Light academics love museums and fine art, and they live for sfumato, smooth, and pastel colors. Soft souls and artists that don't like goth and gloomy style are especially into this subculture. Light mood boards are just everywhere, and they're simple to follow in real life!

2. Cottagecore

Cottagecore loves escapism and poetry, so its fashion is light and loose

Cottagecore makes you live a comfortable life, far away from everyone and everything except your art, nature, nostalgic music, and summer dresses. If you need a guide to the cottagecore fashion, just imagine what a forest fairy would wear... Or what you would wear if your job were only to hang out at your cottage with your loved one and read poetry to them out loud!

Taylor Swift made this aesthetic bloom in 2020 by publishing two alternative cottagecore records, "folklore" and "evermore," that broke the charts even though they aren't pop bangers. The isolation from the world and walking through meadows in the morning, daydreaming alone… Sounds like heaven these days.

1. Romantic Academia

Romance helps us survive, or so this aesthetic says – and not only the romantic love

It's refreshing to see how the Internet aesthetics seem to glorify academics – education is obviously an essential aspect of your life. Furthermore, the aesthetics remind us that we should romanticize the smallest details in our lives because that's how you make each day unique!

Romantic academia focuses mostly on romanticizing drinking tea from your favorite cup, taking a walk on a bright sunny day, walking your dog, or even the tiniest moment you enjoy. The outfits complement the vibe since they are light and bright, comfy, and loose. Strawberry dresses are the best example of this fascinating subculture!

Some aesthetics on this top ten list are also quite similar, so you can combine them and make your own, too! We're sure at least two or three of them will fit you perfectly, mainly because there are light, dark, screaming colors, cozy, outwear-focused... They have just everything you need to inspire your wardrobe and your next shopping!

Do you already follow some of these aesthetics? Which one complements your style the most?

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