Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports To Try Your Luck With

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-12-07 14:09:04

Humanity has always shown a great deal of creativity when challenging itself. The readiness to overcome the obstacles and rise on top is one of the critical factors of our current rank over other living creatures. We are the apex living beings on Earth, despite not being strongest, fastest, or biggest. However, what can people do if no life-threatening challenges are imposed on them by nature? The answer is simple: finding new, inventive ways to endanger themselves for the bragging rights and sheer joy of achievement. Now, what happens when usual mountain climbing, free diving, and paragliding aren't enough? What is the most dangerous sport? Well, our following top ten list will show you! Heck, some of the most dangerous combat sports suddenly don't look so challenging!

10. Mountain Unicycling

Down the mountain on a single wheel

If the usual mountain biking isn't enough, there's a simple way to make it more suitable for your preferences. Namely, you simply take the wheel away from your bicycle and turn mountain biking into mountain unicycling. As if riding down the dangerous terrain on two wheels wasn't hazardous enough, you can make it even more life-threatening. 

This sport isn't for anyone afraid of heightshigh speed, and imbalance. Imagine how hard it is to drive a unicycle on a flat surface and then compare it to a mountain bike track. But we are pretty sure that the adrenaline level during this activity soars higher than a rocket ship. 

9. Volcano Boarding

Only an inch of plastic between you and fiery doom

Volcanoes are among the scariest natural phenomena because of their sheer destructive power and the ability to change the shape of the Earth by making or destroying masses of land. Therefore, volcanoes are the center of interest for many people. Some of them are scientists trying to explore the nature of volcanoes, but others do it for entirely different reasons. 

Imagine sliding down the slopes of an active volcano on a thin board -sounds like something you would see in a Vin Diesel movie. Yet, some people gather around and try their luck in volcano surfing. The most popular place for this dangerous pastime is Cerro Negro, Nicaragua.

8. Creeking

If kayaking wasn't dangerous enough, to begin with

When it comes to the risk factor, creeking is one of the extreme sports with the highest value. This danger level isn't surprising because creaking is the extreme variant of kayaking and canoeing, pretty dangerous on their own. The main difference is the type of the track. As the name says, creeking takes place in steep and fast-flowing rivers. The tracks might include slides, waterfalls, and unexplored areas. 

Of course, special gear is required to ensure the participants' safety. This sport is associated with many dangers, such as random stacking rocks, waterfalls, and people getting stuck underwater. Regardless, creeking is growing in popularity year after year.   

7. Wing Walking

Your adrenaline level will reach the sky, and so will you

Although it's not as dangerous as the other sports on this list, wing walking is one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities. The idea is quite crazy; the participants get strapped for the top wing of the biplane, and then they are taken to the sky at a speed of 135 mph. The pilot will perform various air tricks and acrobatic maneuvers to ensure the person strapped doesn't get bored. 

This extreme activity was reserved for stuntmen only, but everyone brave enough could try it out now. It's entirely safe, or at least safer than all the other extreme sports on this list. However, there's still a concern about what would happen to you if something goes wrong with the plane.     

6. Extreme Barbie Jeep Races

The most fun you could have in a Barbie car

We are not sure who and how invented this obscure sport, although we suspect that copious amounts of alcohol and a lost bet somehow were involved in the process. Whatever it was, this is the type of entertainment that will leave you in stitches - both figuratively and literally. Barbie jeep racing is most definitely the funniest activity you can have with a 15-pound pink car. This event takes place annually and gathers an increasing number of spectators and participants. 

 We're pretty sure there is a group of little girls that still look for their cute pinky floral jeeps while a bunch of grown-ass people ride those toy cars downhill, kamikaze style. The question is, are you brave enough to ride a Barbie Jeep without brakes and driving gear?

5. Cliff Diving

Ready to have a leap of faith

If you are afraid of heights, deep water, and crashing against the cliffside, you might want to skip this one. As the name says, cliff diving is jumping from the high cliffs into the bodies of water. Not only will it give you a major adrenaline rush, but you will see some of the most remarkable landscapes. However, the most significant selling point of cliff diving is the feeling of free-falling down the cliff wearing only swimming trunks. That is a kind of a rush you can't find anywhere else. 

Unfortunately, this extreme sport is associated with many deaths and injuries every year. If you don't break the water properly, the impact is strong enough to break your bones. Also, you can collide with rocks and branches during the fall. Therefore, checking the jump area is crucial before attempting a cliff dive.

4. Highlining

Don't mind it's a bit windy up there

Like wing walking, highlining was also an acrobatic discipline before becoming an extreme sport. However, it's not recommendable to anyone who is afraid of heights and has problems with balance. Balancing on the rope line is hard enough by itself, let alone a couple of hundred meters above the ground. Some people practice line walking a few inches off the floor. Still, some people take it to the extreme, putting ropes across buildings, cliff tops, and other dangerous places. 

While safety harnesses are mandatory, they don't guarantee survival. There are some cases in which harness snapped, taking the line walkers to death. Indeed, that doesn't discourage people from getting increasingly crazier with line walking. The adrenaline addiction and feeling of accomplishment are stronger than the fear of dying. 

3. Cheese Rolling

Mouse traps aren't the only way to die catching cheese

You have probably seen some of the video clips from the legendary cheese-rolling competition, which takes place annually in Gloucestershire, England. Many brave people run downhill after a roll of cheese, completely disregarding their well-being. Injuries are common, and many participants will return home with a lifetime memento to their cheese-rolling adventure.

According to documents, this event started back in the 1800s, but more deliberate exploration shows that this custom dates way back to the Roman Empire. As the years went by, this tiny event in a small village became a worldwide phenomenon, and people from everywhere came and tried their luck in chasing the famous cheese roll.   

2. Wingsuit Flying

A chance to become a human jet plane

At one point in life, every one of us wondered what it would look like to jump out of the airplane with a parachute. Wingsuit flying takes us one step further, giving us a chance to experience an actual engineless flight. With the help of the specially designed wingsuit, you'll be able to soar through the sky at super speed. If you are afraid of free-falling, you might consider skipping this one out. 

To achieve the engineless flight, the participants have to jump out from a greater height. It could be a mountain top, a cliff, or a plane. After the jump, the suit works by spreading the arms and legs. Near the ground, they deploy a parachute for a safe landing. Wingsuit flying is an extremely dangerous sport, and every mistake could be fatal. Nevertheless, this is the closest you can get to fly like Superman.

1. Train Surfing

The subculture of riding the railway

Train surfing is the most dangerous sport. We have all seen a movie scene where characters jump onto a moving train, balancing on top of the wagon. During the 80s and 90s, an entire subculture of people tried to do the same. Unfortunately, it led to many deaths, and train surfing became illegal in almost all countries. Lately, this extreme activity has resurfaced, mainly in South Africa, India and Russia. 

This practice had roots back in the 19th century. Its inventors were poor migrants, workers, and soldiers who didn't have money to buy railway tickets. Therefore, train surfing is the only extreme sport that started as a survival method. However, it soon became a hazardous urban recreation for young people from poor neighborhoods. Despite killing hundreds of people every year, train surfing is still increasingly popular among youngsters worldwide.

Extreme sport is a very diverse category, ranging from the elite disciplines that require expensive equipment to entertaining and dangerous games with nature and infrastructure. There are various reasons why people risk their lives, but all of them boil down to a simple question: "Am I up to the challenge?"

Which of these top ten extreme sports seems the most exciting? Which of them would you like to try?



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