Top 10 Intriguing Spanish TV Shows to Brush Up on Your Language Skills and Enjoy

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Spanish has to be one of the most melodic languages – their words speak romance and passion! A vibe like that is tailor-made for the whirlwind and emotional plots, so these TV shows will wake up all your senses! With this list, we'd like to introduce you to the top 10 TV shows that took our breath away and helped us improve our language skills!

10. Todo Por El Juego / Side Games

The show was inspired by the book "El fútbol no es así" ("Football is not like that")

Side Games is, just like its title says, focused on the issues regarding corruption among soccer players and teams. If you're a soccer enthusiast, this is the chance to see how it all looks like "behind the scenes." You'll see the darker side of the game, though.

This story might look like standard criticism of everything wrong in soccer nowadays if it wasn't for Roberto Enríquez, who took his character to the next level! Hidalgo's kindness and morals will try to keep on shining after he finally gets what he wants, but is it possible to stay fair in this foul play? 

9. Gran Hotel / Grand Hotel

You'll enjoy the Grand Hotel if you love mystery and romance combined

When you see the posters for this show, you'll imagine a love fairytale set in an unusual hotel that looks like an ancient castle. However, not everything in this story seems so trouble-free! Actually, as the main character, Julio infiltrates into the Gran Hotel to find his lost sister. This journey will bring him to the secrets he didn't ever imagine discovering.

The show's highlight is undoubtedly the incredible performance of Yon González, the "Prince Charming" of Spanish drama. You'll notice Pedro Alonso under his beard among the famous faces as well – you know him as Berlin if you watched Money Heist. Let us tell you, he's outstanding, once again!

8. Elite

If you watched Money Heist, you'd see some familiar faces here – they're pretty much the main characters again

The whole world is already crazy for Elite, so we don't have to introduce it in detail – chances are you already know everything about it! If you're asking yourself if it's overrated or not worth watching, well, you'll see some better suggestions on our list, but don't skip this one as well!

Furthermore, Elite is Spain's best answer to the American young adult Netflix dramas, so it's very fresh. After all, who wouldn't be obsessed with a dynamic high school setting that also includes a murder?

7. Alta Mar / High Seas

As you can notice from the style of the characters, the show is set in the 1940s

 "Some secrets are deeper than the ocean," says the motto of High Seas, another Netflix original that originates from Spain. Some series show their magic as you start to watch them, and some capture your attention since the first time you've seen the trailer. High Seas is definitely the second type – you'll be hooked from the first moment.

The show has some flaws and plot holes, but its twists and turns will always keep you entertained. The fans' usual reviews say that High Seas combines Titanic's romance and Agatha Christie's mysterious plot twists. In conclusion, if you're searching for something like that, High Seas is a fantastic mix!

6. Velvet

Velvet is a family saga about a fashion store, and it's very addictive

For anyone who has a great time watching Spanish TV shows, Velvet is a must! It already belongs to the top of Spanish TV production, and it gathered 5-star reviews from people worldwide. However, note that it's a pretty long show, with four seasons, so watch it when you have enough time to enjoy it. Also, don't skip on Velvet Collection as a two-season sequel.

Women empowerment is a central theme of the show, and it plays an essential role as a reminder of how women used to live. Women in this show are gorgeous and witty, but you'll see the difficulties of being the "weaker sex" in the 1950s. 

5. El Tiempo Entre Costuras / The Time In Between

If you love history, and especially World War II, this show was made for you

The highly acclaimed book "The Time In Between" by María Dueñas finally got its TV show adaptation in 2013. The Spanish title El Tiempo Entre "Costuras" ("seams") hints at the main character's job as, since her earliest days, she's been a seamstress. Her incredible talent will help her overcome all the obstacles that life during World War II brings.

Of course, young Sira is a brave woman before all. She's portrayed by the pretty and talented Adriana Ugarte, who will become one of your favorite actresses after this show. The Time In Between will teach you some lessons about love and loss, friendships, and sticking together when the times get rough!

4. Las Chicas Del Cable / Cable Girls

Girls in this story are indeed role models, and you can look up to them

Cable Girls is the first Netflix original Spanish TV show. We can totally understand why the company funded a story as captivating as this one! Las Chicas is set in 1920s vibrant Madrid, and it showcases how women used to live in these challenging times when ladies still were in the shadow of their husbands. 

The setting and the girls' hairstyles and outfits spice up this whole story, and the scenery is so eye-catching if you love romantic and ladylike looks. Nonetheless, don't let that fool you. These four señoritas are incredibly intelligent, sharp-sighted, and, above anything else, full of love for each other. They are prepared to risk it all to keep their friendship intact. This show will teach you some of the most important life lessons about finding your freedom and helping people along the way.

3. El Embarcadero / The Pier

The Pier is a whirlwind story about losing someone you didn't actually know, even though you spent your life with them

It feels like El Embarcadero simply couldn't fail since it brought a star-studded team together. Álex Pina, who produced Money Heist, is the creator of this show as well. Furthermore, the Money Heist star Álvaro Morte plays the central role. Irene Arcos and Verónica Sánchez, just like Roberto Enríquez a.k.a. Conrado, did a remarkable job with their undeniable charm.

After all, the place where most of the show was filmed is literal heaven on Earth! Albufera will make you book a trip to Spain and find your peace since the characters couldn't deny the magic of this divine lagoon. Besides the visual beauty, this show will wake up all your senses. It explores the deepest parts of the human mind and uncontrollable desires.

2. Vis a Vis / Locked Up

With the star-studded and professional cast, this story did a fantastic job

Your friends probably already recommended Orange Is the New Black if you love intriguing jail stories. Still, did anybody tell you that Locked Up is way, way better? Vis a Vis, a.k.a Locked Up, which is the title you'll see on Netflix, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting TV Shows you'll ever watch in this genre. The whole project felt very fresh and new to Spaniards, and, luckily, the show got its breakthrough outside their land as well!

Vis a Vis is so addictive you'll barely close your eyes (you won't blink, honestly) throughout the first and the second season. We agree that the story about an innocent young girl, Macarena (yes, like the song!), who ends up in jail sounds so familiar. However, Locked Up will show you another side of the inmates. We promise you'll even love them, as many characters will find the way right to your heart!

1. La Casa De Papel / Money Heist

Money Heist is so passionate and intriguing you'll end up thinking about it for days after watching

Money Heist is just inevitable on a list like this. Since it's the most beloved Spanish TV show ever, the cast is already famous worldwide. In fact, you'll end up rooting for all the dangerous thieves that break into the Bank of Spain and the Royal Mint of Spain. All of a sudden, they'll break into your heart and steal it as well! 

You shouldn't miss this one, so if you still didn't check the magic the whole world already feels about this show, it's never too late to catch up and log into your Netflix. Long story short, Money Heist is worth the hype and the recognition it received!

If you're learning Spanish, we hope our list will help you get lost in the melodies of this beautiful language. Spaniards are stunning people with fire in their veins, and all of these shows display that. There is pure magic in the passion "The Pier" displays, and there is the crucial truth "Side Games" hides in its meaning. Just find the show that suits you the most!

Have you seen any of these shows already? Did any of the trailers catch your eye and make you put the show on your wishlist? We hope you'll enjoy them the way we did!

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