Top 10 Songs from "Harry's House" to Play on a Trip to the Countryside

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

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Harry Styles' third studio album came out on May 20, 2022, and all of the girlies are left screaming, chewing people up, and dancing in their bedrooms. While some of these actions are preferable to others, we also have a couple more to recommend. The first one is going on a road trip, and the second is daydreaming about going on a road trip. 

10. As It Was

The author may or may not have read too much ao3 before writing this

The windows of the room are wide open, it's a hectic day outside, but it's even more hectic inside the apartment. Packing for the trip seems nigh impossible, trying to bring every possible outfit combination and rushing to get out in time while checking to see if anything is forgotten. When packing last minute, we'd probably forget our head if it wasn't attached to the rest of the body.

Rushing to get everything done matches the hectic vibe of the song perfectly. While the lyrics don't match much, we are firm believers in vibes before anything else. Besides, imagining yourself rushing to meet up with your friends or significant other while the bridge plays is an A++ experience. And in our experience, every trip starts chaotically.

9. Music for a Sushi Restaurant

Fighting back demons (second person POV)

Everyone's just met up. All of the suitcases are somehow packed in the back of a rented SUV, and the squad has taken off. Everyone's sharing stories of what happened since they last saw each other and laughing. There's a general excitement as everyone thinks about what is waiting to happen on the trip. Spirits are high, the music is on - it's the start of a journey.

There are a couple of high-energy songs on this album, but we think none of them encapsulates the high of the beginning of a trip as well as "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" does. It's the type of energy that makes you want to burst dancing, doing cartwheels, whatever, just because you physically can't hold in your joy. It's the essential but often forgotten part of a trip.

8. Keep Driving

The demons are at bay. Good prevails

After hours of driving, the car pulls up to a stop. Everyone climbs out and rushes to the nearest toilet. After that, it's a race to find the closest fast food place. Everyone is stuffing their faces, and talking is significantly reduced. There's still something electrifying in the air, but it's all much more subdued. Chaos is waiting on standby, but it's too tired to break out now.

There is something magical about stops on the way to your destination. After hours spent cramped in the tight confines of a car, everyone is tired. And yet, since the trip is still ahead of you, everyone is still excited. "Keep Driving," while being a metaphor, is still the best way to describe that mood. It's a perfect middle ground between tired and excited.

7. Matilda

Wait, no, why are the demons coming back

When the conversation stops, a lull comes on every trip, and everyone is too tired to talk. Just like the times when we're lying in bed, every single memory comes back to haunt us. There is nothing there but yourself, the rolling fields, and the weight of every decision you ever had to make on your shoulders. What a time to have an existential crisis!

And there is no song better for an existential crisis than "Matilda." It speaks to our traumas of growing up unloved. It's a wound that stings more people than we realize. However, existential crises can have a healing side, which can occur if you have the right support system. Even if your friends aren't nearby to talk with them, there are songs like "Matilda" that are healing enough by themselves.

6. Little Freak

We are trying to subdue them, but at what cost?

Everyone is sitting down, turned towards the horizon. Some are scrolling through their feed, and some are talking to each other. The sky slowly changes color, turning from clear blue to shades of oranges and red. The clouds create paintings in the sky. How can there be a better place to exist than this exact moment of perfect peace? 

The best song to accompany this is "Little Freak." It's similar to some Oh Wonder songs that are just perfect for watching the sunset. There is nothing better than stopping to smell the roses or look at the sunset. Really, there is only so much time that we have during our life, and we should spend as much as we possibly can with our loved ones.

5. Grapejuice

Is the fight even worth it?

Someone bought one of those airy balls that deflates easier than a cheap balloon. Everyone found a nice big clearing, and now you're all playing volleyball. Once that grows old, you switch to some other childhood game. It doesn't really matter what the game is as long as you get to run around. Whether it's a zombie tag or something unique to your childhood.

Grapejuice carries the essence of summer in its melodies. You can just imagine a slow-motion montage of people running around to it. Maybe you can even grab some roller skates and drive around to it as well. This entire album is the perfect background music for a coming-of-age film, and we mean that as a compliment.

4. Cinema

We've given up

The trail in front is well-kept, and the bike is sliding smoothly. The day is sunny, there's a nice breeze, and everything seems idyllic. The rented bikes weren't too expensive either, so everyone jumped at the opportunity to bike around the countryside. There isn't much talk outside a couple of shouted snide remarks, and everyone is enjoying the ambiance.

"Cinema" is another upbeat song from the album that makes us want to be on the move. Biking around while letting it play from someone's Bluetooth speaker seems the best way to do that. Harry Styles manages to put joie de vivre in the vibes of this album. Something in it makes us want to cover ourselves with melodies like we would with a blanket.

3. Late Night Talking

You're in an x Reader

It's past midnight, and everyone is still up. While there weren't many parties in the middle of nowhere, it's still easy to have a good time in great company. Hits from the twentieth-century play from someone's phone as you're all huddled around the table enjoying card games. Laughter and alcohol are a-flowin', and everyone is having a good time.

"Late Night Talking," like many tracks from the album, has a retro vibe. If you slipped it into a playlist with ABBA, Queen, or anything as iconic, only people playing extremely close attention would notice it. It's essential to have good background music for hanging out with your friends, and eleven more essential to have good background music for crushing them at poker or board games.

2. Daylight

Y/N, your mother sold you to 1D

The afternoon heat is blistering. There's hardly any wind around, and all thoughts of reading a romance book in the sunlight are abandoned. There is no activity better than lazing about in the shade, dozing off while some calming music is on in the background. There isn't even any motivation to hang out or do any activities since it's too damn hot.

Is there anything better to do than sleep off a hot summer's day? Daylight is one of the songs that would perfectly fit a napping session. We're not saying that it's a bad song, far from it. It's just that the vibes are excellent for some relaxation. Relaxing songs might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we adore them.

1. Love of My Life

Harry is the only one who decided to keep you

The drive back was quiet, as everyone was tired and deep in thought. Getting back to the apartment was bittersweet. And now, looking back, there is nothing but happiness in those memories. Riding bikes, playing cards, and spending time with your friends is firmly embedded in your memory. It's something that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

"Love of My Life" is a perfect song for introspection and recalling memories. Whether it's you dredging up fond memories from your childhood or reviewing more recent ones. Whatever it may be, it's a good fit for introspection. Turn up the music, lay down in your bed, and spend hours upon hours reflecting on the past. That's healthy, right?

We hope you had fun imagining fake scenarios in your head with us. Going outside instead of spending hours in the room in a depressive spiral, doing quizzes, and reading articles would be a welcome change of pace for everyone. Don't feel bad; we're in the same boat. Some of these days, we might even pick up a book instead of spending hours on ao3.

What's your favorite song from the album? What are your favorite silly little scenarios? Tell us or plug your fanfics in the comments!

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Love the album, he's already bigger than 1D ever was!

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