Top 10 Mexican Flowers to Impress You With Their Beauty

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Flowers are natural wonders in all their beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors, and we have the tradition of buying them for people we love. What you might not know is that many gorgeous flowers famous worldwide are either Mexican or have an authentic Mexican version that is even prettier. These ten Mexican flowers on our list will show you the most original colors and shapes you’ve ever seen!

10. Red Sunflower

It’s super-easy to grow these gorgeous flowers!

As you already know, sunflowers aren’t supposed to be red. In fact, their authentic colors are black and yellow, so original that this color combo usually reminds us of sunflowers. However, the Mexican version of the sunflower is red, and its other name is Tithonia. This is an annual plant, so if you want to grow it, you’ll have to repeat it every year!

The central, small flowers inside this flower aren’t black – they’re actually yellow, and the petals are either bright orange or reddish. There is also a yellow Mexican sunflower, but the red one is authentic and cute at the same time. These attract many bees and butterflies, and if you decide to grow them, you’ll have a whole garden!

9. Mexican Poppy

What a beautiful yellow hue!

If you’ve seen some small, bright yellow flowers with huge petals in a park, it’s probably a Mexican poppy. This tiny little flower isn’t only around Mexico. It spreads quickly, you can find it in many parts of the world, and they’re everywhere during spring and summer – basically half of the year. And their color is incredible!

Moreover, a fun fact you probably didn’t know is that the Mexican poppy is poisonous. Still, natives in Mexico use it in traditional medicine for various purposes. Furthermore, this plant is annual, but it spreads insanely fast, and you can get hundreds of them. Think twice before growing this beauty!

8. Frangipani

Subtle and gorgeous!

Some of the flowers originating from Mexico can be found only during spring, but frangipani is immortal. Its colors vary from light yellow to pink and even red, with a hint of white on every petal. This flower is a symbol of immortality, and it’s one of the most flexible flower types ever, as it blossoms anywhere, anytime!

Furthermore, this plant is well-known for being a base for one of the most famous fragrances ever, and everyone adores its sweet and floral base. It’s also as exotic as any Mexican scent would be, even though frangipani looks ordinary when you see it for the first time. This is one of the flowers you’ll want to smell all the time!

7. Mexican Morning Glory

If you live in a house, you really need these for your fence!

Flowers of Mexico have the most stunning names, and Morning Glory has to be the winner in that category. It’s also one of the prettiest flowers when it comes to color, as morning glories are sky blue, and they go so well with huge green leaves around them. These are the number one decorative flowers for a good reason!

If you’re a fan of climbers, you should get this sort of morning glory because it will grow high and all around your facades. It also has big leaves, making this plant more massive than it looks. You just need some wires to make it climb properly, and you’ll adore the results. It’s a dream for every person that lives in a house!

6. Poinsettia

You definitely should keep these after the holidays end, too!

You already know this flower, but you probably didn’t realize it comes from Mexico. Poinsettia is the most authentic flower resembling the Christmas season, and it’s crucial in Hispanic culture during winter. Poinsettias are deeply connected with Christianity and the birth of Jesus, and their crimson-red color and shape have a long history!

Furthermore, the other way Mexican citizens name this flower is “Flor de la Noche Buena,” which means “the Holy Night flower.” This flower’s originality lies in the season when it grows – you can find it in its full bloom only during winter. However, poinsettias have found their way to last longer, and they’re now in European houses, too!

5. Mexican Hat Flower

Spring is the ideal season for this plant

You’ll see many unique shapes on this list, but the one that will impress you the most is this hat flower, whose petals look like a hat in a weird, even funny, way! Mexican hat flowers are a prominent symbol of positivity and good luck, and they’re an excellent thing for manifesting parties and having fun in the future!

Moreover, Mexican hat flowers attract beneficial insects, bringing an exotic vibe to everyone’s garden. They might be the most popular among all the flowers native to Mexico, especially for the happiness and originality they bring. If you’re a fan of sombrero hats, get some hat flowers, and you’ll have it all!

4. Laelia Orchid

What a gorgeous color!

This Mexican jewel is the ultimate winner when it comes to color, as laelia orchids are usually purple, in their best shade ever, which resembles lavender. To make it even better, there are two “layers” of petals, which brings two shades of purple and a hint of yellow in the middle part. You’ll be obsessed with this one!

Of course, not all laelia orchid flowers are purple since you’ll find lots of them in white color as well. Flowers in Mexico usually have at least one white version of every flower. Although laelia is mainly represented as purple, it’s also as bright as white! It’s pretty easy to grow these plants anywhere, even if you’re a beginner!

3. Mexican Petunia

It’s an easy task, and you’ll enjoy the process

If we had to choose one flower on this list that has it all, it would be the petunia because it’s the plant everyone wants in their garden. And everyone can have it indeed – it’s one of the easiest plants to grow, so you won’t have trouble with it. These flowers bloom the best when you plant them in a sunny place, but they’re incredibly versatile!

To make it even better, this gorgeous flower isn’t only flexible and available – it also comes in a thousand colors. Furthermore, it has some extraordinary outlines and shapes on the petals! From purple to yellow, you can have petunia flowers in any color you imagine, and you’ll be obsessed with collecting them once you start planting them!

2. Passion Flower

It can help you a lot if you struggle with anxiety

Let’s talk about uniqueness and how nature shaped it in the form of a flower. It doesn’t seem as “passionate” as its name states, but it’s the most authentic flower we’ve ever seen, and its originality is gorgeous. It looks as if it had purple octopus tentacles, and the description might be funny. Yet, how it looks is indeed super pretty!

Moreover, this is a rare species, and you should feel lucky if you get to see it in person. It comes in green and red colors, but it can also be yellow and purple, as we already mentioned. Since it’s extremely rare and blooms from July to September, you probably won’t get a chance to try its advantages, but it also helps with coping with anxiety and stress!

1. Dahlia

It’s the flower everyone wants in their garden

There she is, the queen of flowers, that also belongs to flowers native to Mexico! You’ve definitely heard about this beautiful natural wonder since it’s a popular flower to give to someone you love. It symbolizes devotion, deep feelings, and dignity. They also have various colors – from white to purple, one of them will surely impress you!

Dahlia is so famous for its beauty that she’s often mentioned in pop culture – the K-pop girl group that is constantly breaking records, (G)I-DLE also has a song named “Dahlia” on their arguably the best record ever, “I Burn.” Dahlia has around 14 versions, shapes, and colors, and it’s definitely one of the prettiest flowers ever.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all the flowers on Earth are there to make our world blossom. Flowers symbolize positivity, happiness, and we always think of them when we want to celebrate something. Life without flowers would be dull, so enjoy discovering new types whenever you can!

Which flower from the list is your favorite? Do you have a favorite flower in general? Let us know in the comments section!

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