Top 10 Beach Outfit Ideas for a Memorable Vacation

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-08 06:00:06

When the summer is near, all we can think of is a week or two at some sunny place near the seashore. This time of the year is almost everyone's favorite, so we believe that it brings some unique feelings to you. Still, it can be a bit stressful when you have to pack your bags with no idea what to wear all those days while you're away from home. We'll help you pack your suitcase and organize for a beach vacation with these top ten ideas on how to dress while you're taking a break somewhere by the sea!

10. Don't Forget Comfortable Footwear

Do you have a collection like this for summer?

Many people don't even think of shoes when they pack for the summer holiday – they just bring what they wear while driving to the destination. That's wrong because an outfit obviously contains not only clothes but also footwear! We shouldn't even mention how crucial it is to have something comfortable when going to the sea.

When you're having a summer vacation, you won't need two pairs of sneakers or boots – focus on sandals and slippers. Sandals are a superior option when you're going to the city to take a walk in the evening. For the beach, we recommend some comfy slippers that will let your feet relax. 

9. Have Both a Bikini and One-Piece Swimsuit

Find the best swimsuit for your body type

Why would you choose between bikinis and one-piece swimsuits? If you're able to get both, you'll be happy with what you'll wear most of the time you're spending by the shore. Many of us choose only one option, but if you can afford both, take them with you, and your beach look will never be dull!

Switching between one piece and a bikini will also benefit your skin since one-pieces cover more, and you won't get sunburnt too quickly. However, if you'd like to lie in the sun a bit, every second day in a bikini is OK, and you won't have any issues. With suncream, of course, as with sunburnt skin, you won't look good and look good!

8. You'll Need a Beach Bag

Laura is very organized, and she might give you some ideas

The most crucial accessory wherever you go is definitely the bag you're holding in your hand. Still, when you're heading to the beach, your bag shouldn't be a brand that you're showing off when you're in the city. Beach bags are somewhat different but still very cute and casual, and they're a valid symbol of summer!

Actually, straw bags are one of the first summer associations, so you should have one to put your things in one place while you're swimming. Of course, you shouldn't bring your most valuable possessions with you to a place like this, but do have some space for a book, earphones, suncream, and all the stuff you need!

7. Loose Shirts

Even a basic white shirt can look cool and versatile!

If you've always wanted to style the button-down shirts and the off-shoulder ones, your beach look is waiting for you! These might be a bit complicated to style if you've never done them before. Luckily, the Internet is overflowing with tutorials and ideas, and you're on your vacation, so you can do it for fun and without any stress!

Furthermore, shirts that are not so usually worn and are perfect for summer are those crazy tropical prints. You finally have a chance to pull them off, so don't waste it! Of course, a timeless white shirt is always a good option as well – just don't go with black, because that won't be a good idea when it's way too sunny and hot!

6. Cropped Tops

Creativity all the way!

These are getting more popular even when you're going out in the city and not staying by the sea. So, how could you skip some fancy cropped top to cover yourself before you dive into the waves? While you're by the shore, a cropped top is never way too cropped, so don't hesitate!

If you're still getting comfortable with clothing like this, chilling on the beautiful beach is the best way to see how great it looks on you. It's always in your attitude and confidence, so you should just choose your preferable types, and you'll never stop wearing tops like these. They're perfect for summer playfulness!

5. Jumpsuits

Short jumpsuits are everywhere now, so find some inspiration!

A one-piece outfit was born for casual days and moments when you don't have time and space to overthink your today's combination. Jumpsuits make it simple but still very classy. Of course, the ones you'd wear to a beach are more casual, but they're comfortable in every version and don't look cheap!

Moreover, jumpsuits are worn in all the seasons of the year, but they're kings of summer. They can be both lengthy and short, but we highly recommend you experiment with the shortest ones while you're on vacation. You'll get so addicted that you'll wear them at home again!

4. No Beach Without a Sun Hat

Did you know that you could make this one on your own?

We also think of accessories when we say "outfit ideas" since fashion wouldn't work without them. Accessories sometimes have only one function – to make your outfit look better. However, sun hats by the sea are something else. They are essential not only for a perfect look but also to protect you from the sun's rays!

If your skin is sensitive, and especially your face, staying too much in the sun can ruin your chances of enjoying your vacation. Being sunburnt can really bring some problems, so don't play too much. Sun cream is a must, and to protect your face, since it's the most sensitive part, wear a nice hat! You'll even look fancier!

3. Sunglasses Play the Biggest Role

They're diverse, so find the best version for yourself

Nowadays, sunglasses are a must even at night, at parties, in the streets, even when it's not sunny... Even on TV, if celebrities want to hide that they didn't sleep well. All these reasons might or might not be legitimate, but you'll definitely need sunglasses on the beach, so don't forget them!

Sunglasses will spice up any look you're trying on the beach, and they'll protect you from the sun. Of course, you'll even look way better in pictures if you're wearing them since your eyes will be relaxed and your face will be more natural. Some experts say we usually look prettier with sunglasses anyway, so go for them!

2. Shorts Make Everything Simple

You could wear them on a beach - just know how to wear them!

Bring as many pairs of shorts as possible when you're packing your suitcase for summer because you'll need at least five or six of them! You obviously won't require many jeans or trousers, since the weather will already be way too hot for that. Hence, shorts will be the best option, and you'll barely wear anything else when you're going to the beach.

Furthermore, shorts are casual, easy to handle, and they still look very suitable for every body type. Many people even swim in shorts, so they're obviously the first choice for sea vacation. The black shorts are a must, but the ones with various colors and tropical prints are a trend in every way – it just depends on your taste!

1. A Dress Solves All the Problems

Some of these are ideal for a beach day

Before you get to the beach and enjoy your time in a swimsuit, you'll need something to cover up, and a dress that is loose and comfortable is the best option. Beach Dresses that are perfect for a lazy walk around the sea are usually short and baggy, so you'll quickly take it off on the beach when you'd like to swim!

Nowadays, a huge trend is a lightweight, long dress that looks like a gown, so you can take some nice pictures by the sea if the wind blows. The whole point is definitely looking chill and comfortable, so these dresses are really beneficial since they're practical while still very fancy! That's why a summer dress tops our top ten list.

After all, if you look closer, sand and waves are already something that "ruins" your perfect look, and that's the magic of summer. Not everything has to look on point because you're taking a break from rules and restrictions. Stay stylish the way you can, but give yourself a pause from the real world, as you should!

Are you obsessed with looking perfect while you're on a chill vacation, or you'd rather chill indeed and forget about the rules? Both sides are entirely correct!

Cover photo: Julia Kicova/Unsplash



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Danica Says:

Some good advice here. I'm trying not to think much about it but to protect my skin, as I can easily burn.

July 07 at 09:46:49 AM

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