Top 10 Jaw-Dropping (G)I-DLE Live Performances That Will Blow Your Mind

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-07-03 07:48:24

Jaw-dropping is the best adjective to describe (G)I-DLE as the whole project. This 4th generation k-pop girl group has one immensely talented songwriter and three fantastic producers. The fact that they create their music is already authentic to k-pop. However, their performances might even be the number one reason to stan them. Check out our top ten favorite moments on stage, and you'll see why people can't take their eyes off this group!

10. "Hwaa" at M COUNTDOWN

Everything is so white and smooth here!

"I Burn" might be their best album yet, and "Hwaa" is obviously a unique way to make a comeback. (G)I-DLE are the queens of mystical atmosphere on stage, and they always bring out something different, occult, and somewhat dark. "Hwaa" is gloomy, yet their outfits are as white as snow, and everything is stunning here!

Moreover, the choreography's little details are outstanding, as are the girls' individual moments. Yuqi's hairstyle is the most iconic K-pop styling everyone wants to try, and Soyeon's death stare will blow your mind even before the girls strike a pose and start singing.

9. Minnie’s “La Ta Ta” Queendom Intro

Minnie makes the best intro every time

"Queendom" is a reality show that gave us some iconic renditions by many popular K-pop girl groups. Luckily, (G)I-DLE performed there as well and finished 4th, but their stage presence probably deserves the top spot! "La Ta Ta" is the group's debut, and it's still one of the tracks to be proud of. It's a total serve!

We put Minnie in this title because she owns this performance and makes it iconic. It would be an ordinary (G)I-DLE way of performing a title track, but Minnie's intro is so captivating that it makes you watch the whole thing. Minnie is the Scorpio of this kpop group, so she was born for creative, gloomy vibes!

8. Soyeon's Queendom Intro

Soyeon is the rapper that always makes an iconic entrance!

Who could ever make a better intro than Minnie? Soyeon, maybe? (G)I-DLE members are like family, and we shouldn't make this a competition because both girls slayed the intro so hard that no one can do it like them. However, Soyeon's intro is more impactful since it introduced us to the whole "Queendom" story!

One of the most authentic moments of this group is Soyeon's ability to spit words like it's nothing complicated. Her rap is always captivating, but this one snaps so hard that you'll see why we named this article "jaw-dropping" performances. Soyeon is the goddess of rap in K-pop, and everyone admits that!

7. Soyeon's KCON Thailand Rap

That iconic moment when she delivered a brand new rap!

Speaking of Soyeon's rap… Here's another one because you can never get enough of it! "Dollar" is an original Soyeon track, as she made it herself, and her rap is the best part. It's also a b-side of their first album, "I Am," so it's the earliest stage of the group's career yet so influential!

If you thought the rap from this video was the genuine "Dollar" rap… Soyeon actually made a new one for this occasion! She's so talented that she writes and rewrites raps like it's an easy task. She makes rap more attractive and smooth than it actually is, and that's why she's the greatest inspiration for future generations!

6. Minnie and Yuqi Singing "Scared to Be Lonely"

Their unique vocals take everything to the next level!

If any (G)I-DLE video went viral, it's this one. "Scared to Be Lonely" is Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa's masterpiece, but the most famous cover of this track was delivered by Minnie and Yuqi from (G)I-DLE. They sing so well that the emotion feels even more potent than in the original version. The song fits them so well!

Moreover, Minnie and Yuqi are also producers along with Soyeon. While she makes title tracks and any songs she wishes, Minnie and Yuqi usually write b-sides. Amazing b-sides, though! The three ladies are the top three members of the group if we consider the fact they write and compose songs, and this cover proved it again!

5. Soojin’s “Senorita” Intro

"Senorita" is basically Soojin's song!

Things will never be the same, and the group's vibe has dramatically changed since their sexy goddess Soojin left. However, fans will have Soojin in their hearts forever, and she stood out in most of the old (G)I-DLE performances. Hence, it's impossible to forget her. "Senorita" is well-known as a (G)I-DLE song made for Soojin's charm!

Whenever you're watching "Senorita" live performances, you just can't take your eyes off Soojin's iconic dance and facial expressions. Of course, Soojin was the one who made an iconic intro to "Senorita," and it wasn't singing. She actually danced the tango, the most sensual dance in the world. Whoever came up with this romantic concept deserves a medal!

4. "Oh My God" at 2020 MBC

"Oh My God" is how a perfect song sounds like

"I Trust" by (G)I-DLE is living proof that these ladies created their own genre within K-pop, and the title track "Oh My God" is one of the most unique and influential pieces ever made. This song had people guessing, questioning, and staring at the performances in awe. "Oh My God" was made for a big stage, and the girls gave us everything!

The "Oh My God" stage that will especially catch your eye is the 2020 MBC performance! The masked dancers in the beginning and the camera slowly drifting to the six queens of (G)I-DLE is the perfect opening. When Soyeon starts with her own intro, you're already hypnotized. This song is simply enchanting even when you listen to it without the visuals!

3. "LION" Live Performance(s)

This is art at its finest

The top three performances on this list are so good that you'll watch them in awe and confusion about how something could be this great. The savage K-pop is (G) I-DLE's trademark ever since "Oh My God" and "LION," while "LION" might be even bolder than the previous one. When they perform this insane track live, they're the queens of the whole world!

This empowering tune isn't even a title track. Still, it was way too good to not have promotion, a killer music video, and performances that would blow our minds. When we said "jaw-dropping," we meant Soyeon's bridge, where she raps like the queen that she is. And Minnie's high note. And Soojin's ending. Everything!

2. "Fire" by 2NE1 Cover

And that's how they set the stage on fire!

Is it normal to cover 2NE1, the queens of swag and energy, like it's the easiest thing to do? How wild is the stage presence of (G)I-DLE if they managed precisely that? 2NE1 was a group that used to spit fire with their technique, and you need a lot of courage to cover their song. (G)I-DLE have no fear, and they keep raising the standards!

"Fire" is a playful song with a lot of energy, and it's the official 2NE1 debut – it's considered a K-pop classic nowadays, more than a decade after its release. (G)I-DLE gave this track a refreshing vibe, with new boldness and authenticity. Like it usually is, Soyeon ate the stage and left no crumbs – "this girl is on fire" is a verse about her!

1. "Put It Straight" (Nightmare Version)

This is such a nightmare in every positive way!

All the videos from the top of the list are outstanding, but the "nightmare" version of the group's gloomy track "Put It Straight" will put you in another dimension! This song was already captivating by its sound, but this visual, these acting skills… This is beyond music and performing – this is acting and pure art.

It's insanely hard to choose the best moment of these three minutes full of talent and stage presence that is out of this world. Is Soojin's smeared lipstick the highlight? Or Soyeon's haunting rap while she seems to be going crazy because of this wild love that is breaking her heart? You'll keep coming back to this video forever!

Luckily, (G)I-DLE will stay active for many years to come, so we're sure you'll follow their journey until the end because they're still one of the leading groups in the industry. For a good reason, definitely, since their performances belong to the top ten lists all the time. No one does it like them, and that's why they'll last!

Do you stan (G)I-DLE? What's your favorite moment of their career? Let us know in the comments section!

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