Top 10 Facts About Vermouth That Might Make You Want to Drink It Every Day

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-14 06:00:08

Some drinks might be attractive to you when you see their names, and even the whole visual moment might catch your eye. Still, you don't seem to order it because you have no idea how it works, how much alcohol it has, and what's the flavor. Vermouth might be a mystery to you, but we've got you covered with the top ten tips and facts you'll need before you dare to order this great beverage!

10. It's Basically a Wine Type

This means - it tastes like royalty!

What you've heard is true – vermouth is wine, after all. But it's not just any wine you'd grab in a store! It's fortified, aromatized wine, with various additions that wine doesn't recognize. When we say "aromatized," we mean the aromatic plants that make this drink exotic yet drinkable!

Moreover, the aromatization makes vermouth smoother when it comes to the alcohol percentage, and it's easy for your stomach to take it. It's a rare situation that someone throws up after drinking vermouth, as it won't mess things up in your digestive system, just like wine keeps it OK.

9. It's Also an Aperitif

It's not too complicated, though!

Did you know that alcohol can work as an appetite stimulant? Actually, not any alcohol – but wine and vermouth will definitely do the thing! When it comes to vermouth precisely, its blessing is that it can be both digestif and aperitif, depending on the type you're consuming. It's all at once the way you never expected!

When you want vermouth that stimulates your appetite, go for the bitterer ones, such as dry vermouth. Of course, you're supposed to consume it before a meal! If you'd instead enjoy the beverage after eating, go for the sweet types. Vermouth is one of the best beverages to combine with eating!

8. It Can Be Extra Dry

Dry vermouth is a great cocktail ingredient!

As we hinted above, there isn't only one vermouth type with an authentic taste that you either adore or dislike. It has a variety of flavors and strengths, and the most famous one is extra dry, with a really bitter taste! As it's an aperitif, we highly recommend this beverage with rare herbs before eating, especially if you're drinking an extra dry cocktail!

A fun fact you probably had no idea about is that martini is usually made with extra dry vermouth. Therefore, you've probably been consuming it all these years without knowing! Martini is one of the most beloved cocktails, mainly because its taste is sharp and goes well with many foods, including fish and other fancy dishes!

7. …Or the Exact Opposite, Sweet!

He'll taste all the sweet vermouth bottles you wanted to taste!

Is the extra dry vermouth way too extra for your sensibility and alcohol tolerance? Don't worry, since you don't have to give up on alcohol forever – sweet vermouth will definitely contain enough sugar for you to take it! It's a famous Italian creation originating from Turin, also known as the red vermouth. Its color is way darker than the dry one!

Of course, don't expect sweet vermouth to taste like candy since it's still an alcohol type. However, it's one of the best choices when you want to spice up your cocktail without going too far as the classic martini goes. Negroni and Manhattan without sweet vermouth would be such a waste, so make them with this sweet delight!

6. It Even Has a Third Version – Blanc Vermouth 

Blanc vermouth goes so well with this cocktail!

Just when you supposed we were done with the types, we're here with another vermouth that has nothing to do with sweet and dry versions. Of course, they all have things in common, but blanc vermouth is closer to the "sweet" family, and it's not red or dark the way sweet vermouth is. It's less peppery than the basic sweet vermouth, though, so you can drink it very smoothly!

Luckily, blanc vermouth isn't only less peppery – it's also less bitter if we compare it to the dry version. Hence, if you'd like to become a vermouth expert, we highly recommend kicking off that journey with blanc vermouth since it won't be a complex task. It also goes great with various delicious cocktails!

5. It's a Good Drink for Ladies

Ladies, you'll love these mixtures!

Of course, beverages can never be separated into "for men" and "for women" groups since your taste doesn't depend on that. However, ladies prefer sophisticated tones and flavors, so we believe vermouth will be mostly their choice! Everyone looks fancier and royalcore when they're holding vermouth in their hand!

Moreover, vermouth is a good friend of many cocktails, as we mentioned many times. All these cocktails are very feminine and easy to digest! Men might prefer the extra dry vermouth, but you can give every type a try and check out which one does the best job for you. With vermouth, it's sure you'll look rich!

4. You Can Store It the Way You Store Wine

Actually, it does, so keep it the way you should!

Basically, any alcohol similar to wine should be stored in a fridge. Thus, it shouldn't be opened and left on a shelf like it's nothing. The taste of your vermouth will definitely go wrong if you don't store it in your fridge. We highly recommend opening it once you're sure you'll drink it with some people, so it doesn't last too long in the opened bottle!

You know the phrase that something "ages like fine wine," but it doesn't necessarily apply to vermouth! The fortified wine, a.k.a. vermouth, can go bad after only three months. Hence, make sure to enjoy most of your great beverage in the first two months. Invite some friends and have a party!

3. You'll Make Your Cocktails Easier with Them

We're sure you'll like all of them!

For all this time, we've touched upon cocktails with vermouth without explaining why there are so many. However, it's time to explain the phenomenon! Basically, vermouth makes it easier for bartenders to impress you with their mixing skills since they have to mix fewer ingredients when they include vermouth!

So, why does vermouth require less stuff in the cocktail? Because it has a wide range of flavors and makes the taste versatile. Your cocktail will seem like it has more than five flavors, while it's only vermouth with the other two additions. Using fewer bottles saves money and time, so vermouth is doing a great thing here!

2. It's Very Drinkable and Pleasant

You'll drink it smoothly!

One of the crucial reasons to drink more vermouth is that this drink is… Drinkable, to say the least! When you're drinking quality vermouth, the taste is smooth and pleasant, as this beverage isn't too bitter and still not too sweet. It's an ideal mix for everyone wanting to feel the alcohol but swallow it without the strong taste!

Moreover, we've already mentioned that vermouth is produced in various types. Hence, you can find your favorite version and decide whether you'd prefer a bitterer note or the sweetest vermouth possible. It should taste even more drinkable than wine, so it's excellent for beginners, too – once you begin, you'll never stop!

1. It's One of the Healthiest Options

An expert touched upon the health benefits, too!

Since it's a good friend of wine, vermouth doesn't actually ruin your health. Alcohol always has its disadvantages, but vermouth causes problems the least! If you think you can't reduce stress and delightfully boost your immune system, you should discover vermouth since it's enjoyable and healthy!

Like wine, vermouth works as an antioxidant, and it's anti-inflammatory, helping your digestive system. Even though it's high in sugar, you'll still have a lot of reasons to order this drink instead of vodka, tequila, or any other strong beverage served in shots. You can have zero regrets – feel free to treat yourself when you need it!

After reading all the good sides of drinking vermouth in our top ten list, we're sure you won't be afraid to try it anymore! Alcohol is both good and bad, depending on the occasion and your current state. Still, vermouth is a beverage to enjoy at any party without the feeling it's your guilty pleasure!

Do you drink vermouth whenever you can? Do you order it only on special occasions? Let us know in the comments section!

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Shannon Jay Says:

Vermouth feels so exotic, even though it shouldn't be. I haven't ordered one for a long time, completely forgot about it.

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