Top 10 Drinks That You Shouldn't Consume Every Day

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-16 14:12:35

Parties are always a good reason to be playful and go with some drinks you've never tried before. Some occasions make us drink stuff we usually don't consume, and that's OK! However, some people have insanely harmful drinking habits, tasting some of the worst types every day. To prevent diseases and stay hydrated the way you should be, skip these top ten drinks and don't consume them more than once a week!

10. Alcohol

It has many disadvantages, so be careful!

Everyone has a favorite alcoholic drink, and all of us started with beer, vodka, or wine when we were young. It's a part of today's culture and every single party, but we have to keep in mind that too much is never good! You have to know where to draw the line before it becomes a routine.

You don't want a terrible headache and hangover symptoms when you wake up, so take care of how much you drink at once. We shouldn't even mention that excessive drinking without a pause can destroy your immune system and attack many of your organs. Don't drink too many days per week!

9. Bottled Tea

Do you have a favorite tea brand?

Tea is the best when you prepare it, and we have no idea why someone would drink it any other way. Bottled tea definitely doesn't have the same feel and taste as the one you make at home. And it's not even only about the taste – it's the amount of sugar that's crossing the line.

Since these are kept in supermarkets for a long time, the antioxidants in the teas are almost absolutely gone because they can't remain for that long in a bottle. They are actually made to last, so the health benefits had to be sacrificed! If you almost don't have any benefits and only loads of sugar, why would you consume these, even though some are healthy?

8. Chocolate Milk

Some of the brands have better taste, but their ingredients are pretty much the same

The questionable ingredients and a lot of sugar make people usually give up on this sweet treat. In fact, this drink contains even more calories than a regular soda, so drinking it too often is definitely the worst idea. You can eat chocolate anyway without consuming this weird mix!

Unfortunately, many parents allow their children to drink way too much chocolate milk, and they later become obese or have diabetic issues. Of course, it's also packed with calcium and other benefits that regular milk brings. Still, its lousy side overshadows the good, so you can find all the "good" qualities in other drinks!

7. Energy Drinks

In some cases, the worst scenario could happen

Red Bull might have the most fantastic commercials, and Monster is already iconic with its design. These companies intend to attract with authenticity and boldness, saying that their drinks give you pure energy. Should we even mention heart issues? If you have any, don't ever drink this, and if you don't have them, drink these as rarely as you can!

This could be arguably the worst drink on this list, the one to skip in general (especially with alcohol!), so we wouldn't recommend this one even once a month. Of course, if you really drink it that way, it won't affect you, but this beverage is too addictive to let you stay away!

6. Cocktails

We know you'd never give up on these, but drink them moderately!

Alcohol should be consumed moderately, in general, but cocktails are something that you should drink especially carefully. Yes, they are stunning, served in a huge bottle, with various colors, and it's so easy to drink them. However, a cocktail is a mix of many ingredients that don't go well together… At least for your health!

Since the orange juice you mix with tequila is already more harmful than the tequila itself, it's a bad idea for your stomach and glycemic index. In conclusion, drinking more than two cocktails at one party is already way too much. So, consuming it every day would affect your immune system significantly.

5. Bar Smoothies and Milkshakes

They look perfect, but they might harm your blood vessels

If you make your own smoothie at home and use your fruit and don't sweeten it, it's OK and even healthy. However, those "pretty" milkshakes you order at bars aren't made of healthy stuff that we're talking about. They're actually high in fat and overflowing with sugar. These drinks primarily affect your blood vessels.

Of course, if your body is overall healthy, you don't have to worry if you wish to treat yourself after a hard week. Nothing terrible will happen if you know how to consume these beautiful beverages moderately. Just keep in mind that these are not made for an everyday routine!

4. The "Good-Looking" Coffee at Starbucks

These are not even the worst ones!

…Or at any other café. We're not saying that you should quit coffee or skip your daily routine of drinking it in the morning if that's your particular obsession. Still, don't ever make the "fancy" frappuccinos a part of your daily habits since they aren't even close to your regular coffee in ingredients, not even in the taste!

Of course, frappuccinos and other cool Starbucks drinks are sweetened way too much, and they have additions that are harmful to your health. These beverages can be consumed once in two or three weeks when you want to treat yourself and hang out with a friend in the city. Keep it at bay, and everything will be OK!

3. Pasteurized Fruit Juices

Raw juice is the only right way

Yes, they have fruits, but definitely not in a moderate quantity. Fruit juices that you buy in your nearest store or supermarket aren't healthy at all, and they give you a fake feeling of being hydrated. In fact, these fruits are somewhat addictive, and you'll just drink more and more, which will affect your health.

Of course, these drinks are loaded with sugar, and they're way too nutritious, but not in a positive way. If you don't want to stop consuming juice every day, you should try drinking raw variants only. If you know someone or know how to prepare raw juices, that's the only healthy way!

2. Soda

Avoid all of them, all the time, if you can!

In fact, we've come to the drinks that are so harmful that you shouldn't consume them at all, even though they seem like perfect summer drinks! Soda drinks are even way worse than the sweetened fruit juices, so if you never had a habit of drinking them, you're lucky. Even mineral water does a better job than Fanta and other brands that have become a part of our everyday lives, which is terrible. Furthermore, they may ruin your first date.

For example, drinking Coke after a hamburger is the worst habit for your digestion and the most significant factor for obesity and diabetes. Unfortunately, many bad habits regarding food come hand in hand with soda. Moreover, you shouldn't consider diet soda healthier than the regular one – don't try to find a replacement in this category of drinks, just skip them!

1. Almost Anything Except Water!

Scroll through the comments and see how great people react to water!

When you're not on your "cheat day," water is your one and only, and nothing can ever replace that drink. Humans can't survive without it, and if you think any other drink can hydrate your body the way water can, you're living a lie. If you skip everything above and stick to water, your body will be grateful!

Just like fruits keep you packed with vitamins, water keeps your organs healthy and hydrated. You'll actually notice that your whole mood is better when you drink it. Even your skin is glowing much better when you actually drink only something your body needs. Try this "diet" to notice health benefits from day one!

After all, you see that almost all these beverages on our top ten list can be consumed moderately, and when you do it that way, nothing wrong can happen. You should have your "cheat days," but overall, try to stick to a healthy daily routine because our health depends on what we drink!

Do you drink enough water, or do you think your drinking habits are too bad? Let us know in the comments section!

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Sinko Says:

Soda is my biggest bad habit, trying my hardest to consume it less.

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