Top 10 Pop Star Movies That Were Either Terrible or Amazing

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Everyday life would be so dull if we kept doing only one thing for the rest of our lives. Artists like to switch careers and try different paths – that's how many musicians ended up trying acting in movies and TV shows. They're often criticized for this, but it probably depends on personal taste. If you like movies with a star-studded cast, we have the top ten ideal recommendations for your next movie night, ranked from worst to best.

10. Britney Spears in "Crossroads"

The comments here aren't even that bad compared to the reviews of this movie!

Is there any movie the public hates more than Britney Spears' sophomore effort? Probably not, but "Crossroads" was released in 2002 when Brit was an absolute goddess, if not the princess of pop! No one could compare to her, and an acting role was a normal choice at that time. This rom-com is perfect for summer, as it's fun and lighthearted!

If you ask most of the critics, this movie was made for you if you're a Britney Spears fan, and if not, you should stay away from it. Almost 50% of the reviews on many sites gave the movie only one star, but we hope you'll love at least one of Brit's few movies. Still, her acting career isn't too prosperous.

9. Selena Gomez in "Spring Breakers"

This one got terrible reviews, for some good reasons, though

Selena Gomez has been an actress since her early days, so we wouldn't consider her a pop star only. However, she had more success and recognition in music, so let's say her acting career is still a side thing. "Spring Breakers" is one of the few "real" movies she's done, and it's the ideal mix of fun, youth, crime, and thriller!

From this perspective, "Spring Breakers" might look problematic, especially in the years when sexism and racism aren't a joke anymore (and they should never be). However, the truth is that it kind of represents the reality of college life, even though things the movie promotes should be avoided in cinematography and pop culture in general.

8. Justin Timberlake in "In Time"

"In Time" was obviously ahead of its time

Finally, a man on this list. Are women more relevant in pop music, so we don't have any men to mention here? Well, Justin Timberlake is obviously someone who shines bright in the music industry. Still, he also made various acting appearances that were highly appreciated! Therefore, choosing one movie where he performed brilliantly was a challenge.

"In Time" has various provocative ideas and will keep you guessing if you like Sci-Fi and action, despite the mixed reviews. Timberlake had many movies, but he might be remembered precisely for this one. If you'd like to see more of him as an actor, you're lucky since he has many of them covering various genres!

7. Christina Aguilera and Cher in “Burlesque”

This movie got us some phenomenal music

Imagine giving us not one but two legendary musical artists to create a musical together. Yes, "Burlesque" is so relevant in this genre that it got both Christina Aguilera and Cher! Christina's story is also 100% relatable to many girls, and any dreamer would fall in love with the idea of this movie.

Is this genre trashy or funny, or both? Is it worth your time, or was it just a perfect way to release some good music by these two incredible performers? That depends on your taste, but if you're looking for a decent story about music, this one is a brilliant example. A young girl in search of fame and money that also sings like a goddess… That's already good for this theme!

6. Whitney Houston in "The Bodyguard"

Such a memorable movie, if not the most memorable from this list

Now, let's discuss the movies with pop stars that are incredibly good and will give you quality time. The legendary "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston is the ultimate best in this category! The critic reviews might not agree with us, but the audience always loved those exciting love stories that warm your heart and break it simultaneously!

By the time Houston starred in this movie in 1992, no one was close to her fame, power, and glory. Songs like "I Have Nothing" and "I Will Always Love You" remained unmatched, and even today, they belong to the "best of the best" power ballads catalog. Besides the excellent music, you get a story you'll remember forever!

5. Jennifer Lopez in… Many Movies!

It's hard to choose a favorite among these masterpieces!

Here's the original, ultimate queen of rom-coms that you actually don't hate! J. Lo's rom-coms are appreciated, and we're sure you'll have a good laugh along the way – her acting isn't a joke, though! She's well-known as a pop diva, but besides music, she did so many movies that we can call her an actress!

Hence, there was no way to choose only one J. Lo movie to show off her prosperous acting career. However, her highest-rating one is definitely "Out of Sight" from 1998, an exciting crime comedy. "Hustlers," "Second Act," "Marry Me," and "An Unfinished Life" are also some crucial mentions from her glorious career.

4. Madonna in "A League of Their Own"

If you like Madonna as an actress, you can find her in more movies than this one!

"A League of Their Own" is still so iconic that it got a TV show version on Amazon Prime in August 2022. Still, way before Amazon Prime was a hot topic and TV shows looked like this, Madonna hit the jackpot as one of the greatest names of that time and got a role in this movie. This 1992 classic is very beloved among the public!

Many people don't know this, but "A League of Their Own" is based on a true story, and it's probably Madonna's peak in her acting career. The pop diva also did many other movies, though, so it depends on your taste if you like her acting or not. The fact is, she's an icon in both industries now!

3. Beyoncé in “Dreamgirls”

The fantastic soundtrack, once again!

And here we come to a musical with a phenomenal soundtrack and power vocals that won critical acclaim. See how it works when you make a perfect musical and still include a massive pop star? Beyoncé's acting moment mainly got positive reviews, and everyone praised this idea of how girl groups shaped pop culture.

Girl groups are now a huge trend coming from the East – from South Korea and K-pop, and "Dreamgirls" is an ideal example of a colorful and lively representation of them. The glorious era of girl groups is always welcome because they make pop culture alive and exciting. This is a spectacle to watch at all costs!

2. Harry Styles in "Dunkirk"

All the eyes were on this movie when it got released

And there is another man that made it big in the music industry. Still, he seems to be a superstar in Hollywood even more, if that's possible! Many reviews point out that Harry Styles might also be "the greatest actor of our time," at least in his generation. Those words are already profound, and we wish him nothing but luck, anyway!

Styles' acting debut was "Dunkirk" in 2017, and it was a serious role for his first time acting. He nailed it like a professional, and his relevant roles keep coming up. He might indeed become one of the most wanted names in the industry if he keeps slaying this way. Some people were born to shine in the spotlight, and Styles is definitely among them! Still, we hope he'll find some time for One Direction.

1. Lady Gaga in "A Star Is Born" 

No other movie soundtrack will ever come even close to "Shallow"

Forget everything you've read about a good plot with music and soundtracks that are high quality. You'll find it all in this marvelous remake of "A Star Is Born," a classic theme that never worked this well. Lady Gaga hit the jackpot with this movie, and we'll love her for the rest of our lives for this masterpiece!

From "Always Remember Us This Way" to "I Will Never Love Again," the marvelous album from this movie is among the best of the century. "Shallow" is definitely the ultimate movie soundtrack that got more awards than any other song from its genre. The story and chemistry between Gaga and Cooper are only a bonus, and we couldn't get enough!

Of course, many celebrities from the music world got their role because of popularity and not acting talent, but who cares, anyway? If you're happy to see your favorite singer in a movie, go and watch all of these recommendations. If you'd instead enjoy skilled actors in more serious stories, that's also alright!

Which movie is your favorite from this list? Did these pop stars act like real professionals? Let us know your opinion!



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