Top 10 Best Italian Foods That Prove They Have Exceptional Dishes

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Is Italian cuisine overrated? Some might say it's getting too much spotlight, but the truth is that Italy is one of the countries that really care for food! Their dishes are old and traditional, influencing the whole society, from western to eastern nations. They all consume Italian food, at least one dish. You've probably added various Italian dishes to your diet, but check out our list to see how many marvelous foods from our everyday life are actually Italian!

10. Muffuletta

This is rather an American-Italian version, though!

Muffuletta is a bread type, and Italians have the best in the world. Bread isn't usually a dish to mention, but this one deserves a spot. This round and crusty food originates from Sicily and is typically stuffed with sandwich ingredients. 

Moreover, Americans are so obsessed with muffuletta that there is a particular New Orleans version. In fact, the US made this trend of muffuletta being a sandwich stuffed with cheese and salami. It was previously only a bread type in Italy, but more was needed for the world. And we understand why, as it's fantastic!

9. Spaghetti

You can't eat spaghetti without tomato sauce, really!

The only reason one of the most beloved Italian dishes is so low on the list is that you'll see similar examples later. However, spaghetti is indeed the original pasta (some would say it's not a regular pasta dish, though), and it's one of the first associations when we think of Italy. Bolognese is one of the best variants, for sure!

Of course, a good tomato sauce is a must when preparing spaghetti. Tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and herbs are the best way to spice up your spaghetti, and it's a traditional way that Italians do at home! In America, it's usual to prepare spaghetti with too much onion and garlic, so you can choose which version you prefer! 

8. Macaroni

This is probably the safest choice on the list, as everyone likes it

Have you ever seen an Italian dish without cheese? We neither, so when we say macaroni, we definitely mean mac and cheese. This dish traveled the world, and there's nothing as smooth! Flour, butter, milk, and cheese make it smoother than pasta. If you like pasta, you'll prefer macaroni!

Moreover, you can prepare it in 25 minutes, and it's the ideal option whenever you have no idea what to cook for dinner. If you like your pasta cut in smaller pieces, macaroni is a better option than spaghetti, especially if you like creamy pasta. It's simple, without too many ingredients, and a perfect introduction to Italian dishes!

7. Calzone

The magic of cheese makes this one so smooth!

Have you ever heard about a stuffed pizza pocket? What if you could eat any pizza ingredient, even the dough, but in a nicer way, like a sandwich? If you ever thought pizza isn't smooth to eat, especially in the street or at school, you may need calzone. It's as delicious yet easy to handle! 

Luckily, calzone is one of the most versatile foods on our list, so you can put anything you wish inside. We highly recommend cheese – even more types than one, so you can make the combo more creamy. Meat is also more than welcome, and we'd definitely add some veggies. Choose those typical for Italian dishes, such as mushrooms.

6. White Truffles

This is a rare delight

It seems like all the best delights from Italian cuisine come from Piedmont, and you'll see some more examples on our list. The sensation coming from there are also white truffles, arguably the most delicious truffles ever! The black ones are also good, and you'll feel lucky if you try any of them!

Moreover, truffles symbolize wealth, as not everyone can buy them, and they're seasonal and challenging to grow. Only a few countries have it, so if you don't live there, it might be the most expensive thing you'll find in a restaurant. Try truffles with eggs or cheese, as it's a safe choice!

5. Focaccia

Which one is your type?

Yes, Italians are so cool that they even have their own bread type that belongs to the top five. Yet, you can easily prepare it in five minutes! If you don't like how pizza dough is flat, you'll adore the way focaccia is lighter, has more yeast, and it's so fluffy that it's nothing like the usual bread. It's also way fresher and lasts longer!

Luckily, focaccia is as versatile as most of the foods on the list, so it's also suitable for beginners! Even with only some fresh oregano, basic cheese, and a few olives, you can make a great deal. Some types don't even have to be kneaded, so it's a bread type you'll return to way more often than you think!

4. Risotto

Vincenzo is deeply committed to Italian dishes!

You undoubtedly know which dish every vegetarian has to bring up when discussing their diet. They are obsessed with risotto, and we understand! Risotto can, in some variants, also be vegan, but one thing is sure – it's always healthy and tasty. This Northern Italian dish, precisely from Piedmont, is almost as versatile as pizza but way healthier!

Furthermore, this is an excellent option if pasta isn't your thing but you'd like to try something Italian. Risotto doesn't involve pasta – it's rice, and it's exceptionally creamy and made of a special rice called Arborio. Beginners can try it with chicken stock, cheese, black pepper, and other essential ingredients. However, you're allowed to experiment!

3. Carbonara

Jamie knows it's a classic and likes the original taste!

We've had spaghetti on the list already, but this is more than that. Many would say it's a classic pasta, but that's the key word – classic! Carbonara is the ultimate version of pasta, a master of its class. Likewise, it's one of the perfect examples of how Italy slays with its dishes. Every ingredient is here for a good reason!

Moreover, carbonara is a basic example of why the best pasta usually has more than two cheese types (hard cheese) but also some meat (usually cured pork) and black pepper. Eggs are also the crucial ingredient that makes this pasta different. In fact, it only has five ingredients, and the taste is exceptional!

2. Pizza

The dough is the biggest challenge here!

Here we come to the dish that you probably eat more often than the traditional foods from your country! Pizza is so beloved that it's a part of pop culture in many forms and arguably the most popular food in the world. There isn't a country that pizza didn't conquer (have you tried Korean one?), and it already owns your heart!

From margherita to capricciosa, pizza is here for everyone. There is at least one type for your taste, even if you don't like Italian food. And that's the power of their dishes – they're with us for ages and let us experiment with recipes. Except for the dough, you can play with your pizza recipes however you wish!

1. Lasagna

The adjective "ultimate" fits lasagna so well!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the best Italian food ever invented! Lasagna has everything you want to see in a dish and everything that is very Italian – from mozzarella slices to noodles! Of course, there's a lot of meat sauce inside combined with cheese, even with eggs and spices. It's basically a better version of pizza!

Unfortunately, it takes more work to prepare this dish, and you need someone skillful to help you. Still, detailed tutorials on the Internet should help. You also need more than three hours to prepare and cook it, but the results are always marvelous. You don't have to follow the recipes step by step – you can also add something you enjoy!

As you can see, so many foods come from Italy that we all eat almost daily. Italian food is in our blood, from pizza to spaghetti in various versions. Even if you're not a fan of how they prepare dishes, you love at least one from our top ten list. Let it inspire you to try something new as well!

What's your favorite Italian dish? Do you consume it regularly? Let us know in the comments section!

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