Top 10 Worldwide Popular Dishes You Can Make with Dough or Batter

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:08

If you look closer, you’ll see that dough is one of the main bases for most foods you like. Dough and batter are everywhere, and it would be good to know how to make stuff with them – that’s how you make your meal more delicious! If you have no idea what to prepare with dough, we’re pretty sure these top ten foods will bring you loads of ideas!

10. Bread-Based Stuff

This recipe will be more than helpful!

The essential thing to know about dough is that you can make bread and its variations, thanks to it! Bread-based stuff you can make is usually something that only professionals do. However, it’s not true that you require too much effort to make homemade bread. Many people don’t do it right, but it’s enough to follow the rules and try!

Whether it’s focaccia, tortilla, baguette, or any other type of bread, you’ll find it exciting to make your own version. You can also make batter bread which is smoother and produces bread that is way flatter than those you make with dough. You’ll need more yeast for this dough than for pizza, though, because bread has to rise!

9. Pies

You might find it more challenging than bread to prepare this crust

You can buy pie crust anywhere near you, but some gourmets prefer to prepare their own. Yet, it’s a matter of taste! A pie crust can be sweet and savory, making it a perfect meal for anyone. The flaky pie crust is the best way to start your pie journey, as it’s one of the easiest types to bake. Choose your recipes wisely!

Moreover, don’t feel bad if your pie dough is falling apart or feeling too crunchy. Preparing crust like this requires experience, and you’ll gain it only if you try. Even cake bakers and professional cooks are sometimes afraid to try this recipe, but it’s 100% worth it. Learn how to have fun even when it doesn’t work out!

This makes dough recipes look easy!

You might dislike sweets, but you must admit that cookie dough is your guilty pleasure. We’ve never met anyone who dislikes it, to say the least! Edible cookie dough is the smoothest way to consume chocolate chips, and the dough is so well-mixed that you’ll want to prepare it every day. You’ll need only a minute or two, anyway!

Of course, cookie dough is usually intended to be your base for individual cookies before eating. Still, you can also consume it raw. You’ll find cookie dough in cakes, ice cream, and basically anywhere since people are obsessed with it. And we understand entirely – no other sweet has a more delicious base!

7. Dumplings

We bet you’d like all of them!

Are you tired of shaping dough, and it bores you every time? Creativity in that field isn’t your thing? No problem, because you can always make those small savory balls of dough that you can boil, fry, or bake. Dumplings are as simple as that, and you’ll need only water and flour to make the essential base!

Luckily, there aren’t many skills to master when preparing dumplings. You can be an amateur or a professional cook – you’ll find your way anyway. When the dough is done, you’ll enjoy decorating them and giving your dumplings a new look. And taste, of course! It’s time to get creative when you finish the dough!

6. Biscuits

It’s this simple, for real!

Are you looking for something on this list to prepare in your kitchen in less than half an hour? Biscuits were made for you, then, because they require zero experience and patience! These tend to have only three ingredients in their dough – baking powder, flour, and eggs. You can also find more complex recipes that don’t get too complicated!

The fun part about playing with your biscuit dough is that you can decorate it and shape it any way you want. Plus, the dough is flat and easy to handle, and you can find various shapes of cutters to make the whole process more enjoyable. Is it Christmas? Get your star-shaped cutters, then! Or shape the biscuits on your own with a knife!

5. Doughnuts

It’s not too hard to get this perfect shape on your own!

It would be ironic to name this sweet “doughnut” if it wasn’t made of dough, to say the least! Most sweets on the list use batter, but the doughnut dough is made of all-purpose flour, eggs, butter, milk, yeast, and more sugar than you put in your pancakes or other dough types. Doughnuts have to be sweet, of course!

Of course, they are already very delicious, even if you don’t add any flavors. Still, you can include basically anything you wish. Glazed doughnuts are the most famous version and won’t require anything but… The glaze! Nevertheless, adding some chocolate or fruits will also be the ideal choice!

4. Pancakes

The classic type can never go wrong!

The most beloved batter on our list is something everyone loves to prepare for friends and family. Pancakes are the best sweet and savory meal because it puts the biggest smile on everyone’s face! They come in various versions, flavors, and textures, but the common thing is that they all taste like paradise!

With a bit of milk, flour, eggs, and butter, you’ll make something fluffy and smooth that can be decorated in practically any way. It’s an ideal breakfast, dessert, brunch, or anything you imagine. Pancakes can replace anything, yet nothing can replace their magnificence. Don’t be afraid of flipping pancakes – it’s an easy task!

3. Waffles

Mochi or Belgian? Which one is yours?

Eggs, milk, and flour can bring you the perfect batter, the base you need for pancakes. However, pancakes aren’t the only thing you make like this! Yes, you make both pancakes and waffles with batter, and waffles might be even more exciting. There are some significant contrasts between these types, though!

If you prefer crispy batter that’s also chewy on the inside, you’ll definitely want waffles. The good thing is that you can decorate them in any way you wish, the same as pancakes. Moreover, waffles have variations such as Belgian and Mochi – you can choose your favorite and create the ideal batter!

2. Pasta

This one requires an hour, but it’s worth it!

Yes, the Italians love the dough, and you’ll see why – our top two on this list are from this country’s cuisine! We know that pasta came from Asia, but Italy made it a thing, and you always wanted to try making that dough at home. Luckily, you can find recipes all over the Internet, and the options are endless!

Moreover, most pasta types you can prepare at home have only four or five ingredients, so it’s not arduous. Flour and eggs are sometimes enough to make your pasta outstanding, and the other stuff is there to make the taste more fabulous! Add some cheese, pesto, salmon, mushrooms, or anything you like!

1. Pizza

Neapolitan dough is one of the most beloved types!

And here we come to the dish that made dough famous – something we all like, something that gives you various opportunities. Of course, it’s pizza, the queen of dough! When you think of topping and decorating your dough in any way you like, you probably think of pizza first, and we can’t blame you for that!

You can make various types of pizza crust with dough, and you won’t need a lot of effort, even if you’re a beginner. On the contrary, pizza dough is one of the essential things to learn before preparing pasta or several pies. Once you make the dough, you can put so many things on it. And that’s how you get one of the most beloved foods ever!

Luckily, these top ten foods are nothing unusual to you, and you probably tried to prepare some of them at least once in your life. We just gave you further inspiration on what you can do with batter and dough since the options are endless. Nothing is too complicated with dough – baking those cookies and pancakes is a fun way to spend your day!

Do you eat dough and batter dishes regularly? Are these the most exciting foods to prepare in your free time? Let us know in the comments section!

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