Top 10 Songs From Sanremo Music Festival 2022 That Deserved Better

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:08

The Sanremo Music Festival is considered more important than the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. Therefore, we're sure that Mahmood is beyond humbled to have won two times. However, there were a lot of other songs deserving to get international recognition as well. While you may become overwhelmed by the number of them performed at this five-day-long music festival, don't worry! We've prepared top ten pieces you definitely shouldn't miss out on.

10. “SESSO OCCASIONALE” by Tananai

Now it hurts us so much as well

The song named "Occasional Sex" has no obligation to be passable, let alone good. And yet, it still quickly sneaks in some heartbreaking sentiment. They didn't need to do all of that. And yet, they did. It's… impressive? Shocking? Smart marketing move? We're not quite sure what it is, but we like it.

We don't support anything that involves cheating, but, honestly, we're so dumbfounded by the fact that this song has any deeper meaning at all that we'll let it slide. The mellow violins are also in stark contrast to the title. Not to mention the singer's puppy dog eyes. In the end, all that we can say about this song is that we're pleasantly surprised.

9. “INSUPERABILE” by Rkomi

That's uh… That's surprising

There isn't a country that can compare its XXI century rock scene to Italy's. Since Måneskin won the Eurovision 2021 Song Contest and songs like "INSUPERABILE" are famous, the world can really see that Rock n Roll never dies. The vibe of this tune makes you want to jump around and dance. Thus, it's perfect if you want to get lost in the beat.

The lyrics themselves are incredibly sensual, and in true Italian fashion, they speak about passion (hey, that rhymes!). Tire tracks, driving fast: all of it is "Unbeatable" to Rkomi. There is a beauty in danger, and you can see it clearly described in the song. The allure of the sinful actions found in the cheap weekend novels is put at the forefront.

8."Duecentomila ore” by Ana Mena

Un Cuba libre amore

Italian pop is miles ahead of American hits when it comes to the beauty of the lyrics. Even for songs you'd consider summer hits on the first listen, you can find poetry when you look into the words. Well, "200,000 hours" is one of those. While we didn't give it much attention at first, we were amazed upon looking further into the lyrics.

There are a lot of songs describing the uncertainty of a possible one-sided relationship. Still, her song manages to stand out, as it's lyrical and rhapsodic. Her sweet and soft voice is relaxing and pleasing to the ear. Meanwhile, the beat is fast and perfect for dancing. Therefore, it's the ideal song to play at a beach or hum to yourself throughout the day.

7. “Chimica” by Ditonellapiega and Donatella Rettore

I want to love you

While the lyrics aren't as heartbreaking as Italians tend to write them, this is the standard Eurovision pop. Put this on at the next party you're hosting and watch the crowd go wild. In the end, people will definitely ask you for the song's name.

And the lyrics are very straightforward as well. It's a matter of chemistry, so why bother to explain away sexuality. It's as natural as breathing. The music video released is funny and charming - just don't watch it with your parents! It really is a shame we won't see it on Eurovision since this song would definitely be an international banger.

6. “Tantissimo” by Le Vibrazioni

The allure of danger

Just look up the translation of the lyrics on this one. Trust us, even though they may make you cry, though. Le Vibrazioni really makes sure to get the point across. If the singer says it hurts "So Much," it hurts us as well. It's an admirable quality, and it shows real skill, but we could do without tears in our eyes. Does anyone have a tissue?

However, the beat is the lyrics' exact opposite, so you'll want to get up and start dancing. Hopefully, you won't slip on your tears. Simply watching the performance is mesmerizing as every band member gets completely lost in the music. You can just stare at them for ages, and you won't get bored. 

5. “Voglio amarti” by Iva Zanicchi

It's not a song, but a poem

You haven't heard a romantic tune until you've heard Italian love songs! "I want to love you" perfectly describes the desire one can have for a person. Not only to love them for love's sake but to love them because it's them you'd love. Desiring someone because it's them you want and not because you just want any relationship is the best feeling you could love.

It's no wonder this song comes from a well-renowned singer with over 50 years of experience. Moreover, if anyone can have this type of stage presence when they're over eighty, they're beyond human. Her vocals are enchanting, and she demands attention. Plus, if any one of us can have looks as half as good as hers, we would be lucky. 

4. “Ovunque Sarai” by Irama

What a cutie-pie

This is one of the romantic songs you need to put on your playlist ASAP. Its lyrics are pure poetry. You could show them to a random person and tell them Emily Dickinson wrote them, and they would believe it. The love and devotion in them are guaranteed to leave you speechless. It's the type of song that makes people wish they could be muses for someone's art.

Irama's vocals are clear and soothing. Even if you listen to the song without understanding Italian, it will move you to tears. The emotion in the performance is crystal clear. With a word of warning, you'll be compelled to find Irama's entire discography and listen to it in a single day. If there is a possibility for a Hozier-Irama duo, the world will indeed end because of the beauty of the lyrics.

3. "Virale" Matteo Romano

It's all a matter of chemistry, baby

If you get the sudden urge to pinch Matteo's cheeks when you look at him for the first time, we won't judge you. He simply looks like such a sweetheart, a baby, a cutie-pie. When he started singing, his angelic voice just fortified this impression. Then, he threw in some darker tones and left us speechless. All this makes his performance captivating to watch.

Singing about a dying love is always a good practice for competitions such as Sanremo. Therefore, the song's heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics are perfect for enchanting the crowds. While the current English translations are sadly unclear, the metaphoric beauty shines through. We highly recommend looking them up. 

2. “Ti amo non lo so dire” by Noemi

A lot of us don't know how to say "I love you"

What an incredibly touching song! Many people have trouble expressing their emotions, and "I don't know how to say I love you" puts it into words. But it's not just about the difficulties of expressing emotions; it's also about the effort to do it despite everything. The song focuses on the importance of clear communication, even when it's complicated.

The performance is similarly soul-melting. Noemi's deep, raspy voice made for grunge pulls your strings with this pop-ballad. The melody is uplifting, which may at first seem counterintuitive for amplifying the lyrics. However, this contributes to the hopeful note gleaned in the chorus. The orchestra adds to her powerful voice, and it all blends beautifully.

1. “Inverno dei fiori” by Michele Bravi

What a touching song!

You can always count on Italians to make you cry. Michele pulls on our heartstrings with this touching ballad. "Winter of flowers" is a beautiful and poetic title that Shakespeare is undoubtedly jealous of. Blooming, even if it's prematurely, is an incredibly tender concept. Imagine loving someone imperfectly, without expectations. Imagine being loved, just for existing as you are, without the need to change.

His performance is equally tender. From the moment he shows up, his sleeves covered in black and white flowers, we know we're about to witness something incredible. His soft voice is something you get lost in, even if you don't speak Italian. If you're a fan of Lorde's music, his voice coupled with the tender lyrics is something you'll get hooked on.

We're sure you found these songs as lovely as we did. Hopefully, this will ignite a passion for Italian music. Or, who knows, it might even ignite a passion for the Italian language as well. We highly recommend you check out the songs that didn't get to be on this list. We're sure you'll enjoy them all.

Do you like these songs on our top ten list? Do you agree with our rankings? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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eb Says:

I love sanremo and i was born and am from italy myself not to brag

February 09 at 04:08:21 PM

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I love Sanremo, especially as Italy is finally back on Eurovision.

July 25 at 01:19:31 PM

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