Top 10 Short Fluffy Hair Ideas Making You Cute and Attractive

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-09-15 07:25:35

Some hairstyles provide you a regular everyday look, and you need to visit hairdressers for every occasion to make your hair look fancy. However, maybe all you need is a hairstyle flexible enough to look good anytime – fluffy hair is the keyword here! If you need ideas on how to pull it, let us show you ten gorgeous examples! 

10. Pixie Hair

Pixie hair has various versions, and all of them are authentic

One of the most beloved fluffy hairstyles among all generations is the pixie hairstyle. It doesn't matter if you're a teenager or a grown woman in her 40s – this hair makes you cool. Moreover, this looks like a typical emo short fluffy hair, so if you're looking for this effect, pixie hair is one of the best options. 

Furthermore, this is finally a good idea for those ladies who don't dream of maxi dresses and fairytales – some girls prefer to look hot in a tomboyish way. Pixie hair allows you to be sexy in your own unique way, with or without bangs, with dyed hair, or with your regular color. It's fierce, and you'll indeed feel like the boss!

9. Side Part

Side-swept hair is effortlessly chic

One thing that is authentically millennial and won't go out of style even in Gen Z times is the side parting of your hair. And by that, we mean a deep side part, which will show off one side of your face while the other will be covered by hair. It's a style that especially looks good when your hair is fluffy and well-straightened!

Moreover, a sleek deep side parting looks the best on short hair. When your hair is long, sometimes it doesn't matter if the parting is right in the middle, but with short hair, all the eyes are on top of your head. Hence, make sure to choose the right parting that works for you. Short fluffy hair adores the side part that goes deep!

8. Curly Mushroom Cut

This one is for the bravest ladies

Yes, it's as odd as it sounds – this hairstyle requires an undercut and a lot of hair on top, and... A lot of courage! Adding the curls to this look makes it more laid-back and doesn't need much maintenance like a regular mushroom cut would. It's an alternative mushroom hairstyle way prettier and cuter than the basic one!

Only some people can pull this one and look amazing, but that makes this short fluffy hair idea authentic. You might try and be disappointed, but you might also rock this one like a pro and impress everyone around you. Even those who would never pull a mushroom cut because it feels embarrassing. It's not, of course!

7. Choppy Hair

Jenna looks terrific in this

Jenna Ortega brought this trend back, as one of the freshest short haircuts. It's the most "normal" one we mentioned so far, yet it also looks authentic. Jenna rocks this bob named "cub cut," meaning that her hair is chopped asymmetrically, with multiple layers.

Luckily, this one option on our list lets you keep your hair at least a bit longer than a regular bob or short haircut. A choppy bob is never too short because it should have layers, and hair can't have multiple layers without a longer part. Nevertheless, this hairstyle is obviously fluffy and short enough to be a part of this story!

6. Sleek Bob

Sleek and straight is the ultimate combo

Sometimes there's nothing more fluffy than a perfectly sleek look. You don't always need curls to maintain that fluffy and laid-back style. When you're wearing a sleek bob, with that perfectly straightened hair, there's nothing more balanced than it. It gives you sophistication with a hint of cuteness!

Moreover, a sleek bob looks the best when it has asymmetrical angle ends, and you can't forget the side part as well. As asymmetrical and as straight as it can get, it's a perfectly balanced look that appears good basically on everyone. Not everyone can pull the mushroom look, but all of you will look hot with that sleek bob!

5. Curly Undercut

Of course, this hairstyle requires a lo

If you're a fierce woman who wants to make a real statement, all you need is an undercut. It might be odd, but that's the whole point of this hairstyle. Let the rest of your hair on top of your head be curly, and that's how you get an ideal fluffy look! This is the best combo - a bold look and a fluffy style. 

Of course, an undercut can be worn even with long hair, but short-haired ladies pull it most incredibly because that's how people notice the undercut the best. Tomboyish hairstyles that are asymmetrical and curly are those that make people fall head over heels for you, so it's safe to say that this one is one of the sexiest on the list!

4. Try a Unique Color

Stay up to date and find the ideal color shade

From two-tone hair to ombre ends, you can do anything with your short fluffy hair regarding color. Why would you have a regular color if you crave to stand out? The best way to be unique is to pull a color that isn't "natural," and you'll get a hairstyle that no one pulls like you. That's how you get to be 100% yourself!

Of course, unique hair colors are authentic to those who want to pull emo fluffy short hair, and we can't complain. Emo style always looks hot, and these people absolutely rock short fluffy hair! Unique colors look the best on short hairstyles because everything you put on short hair is more eye-catching than on long one. 

3. Bob with Big Curls

Retro curls are huge and trendy nowadays!

You'll never crave long hair if you get those massive curls on your bob. The definition of fluffy short hair is indeed this hairstyle because it lets your hair flow naturally and gives you an effortless look. There's nothing more fluffy than curls, and the big ones are usually more attractive than mini curls. Both look amazing on short hair, though!

Of course, good curls with a proper size must look perfect and on point – short hair requires maintenance. Hence, we recommend vintage curls when you're looking for the ideal curly look on short hair, and don't forget to do the deep side part. This is one of the most beautiful looks ever, and it doesn't seem to go out of style!

2. Messy Bob

Everyone loves beach waves, and they look good on everyone

After all, not everyone has time and money to keep up with high-maintenance hairstyles. Hence, the option that is even better than big curls is to pull casual curls that look somewhat messy! A little mess is a massive trend nowadays, and everyone craves those effortless waves that give you the ultimate fluffy look.

Moreover, beach waves and similar wavy hairstyles usually look the best on short hair. Long-haired ladies love to make waves, but their hair sometimes can't take it because the hair length makes it too hard for curls to last. Hence, you should feel lucky to have short hair and pull those effortless waves. It's chic, and it will always be!

1. Bob with Bangs 

It's easy to style and always gorgeous

Here it is, the ultimate short hair look that is fluffy and has its own wonderful flow. There are many ways to be unique with short hair, but safe options are sometimes the best, and a bob with bangs is living proof. You can try nerdy and edgy versions and play with hairstyles, but you'll definitely come back to the timeless look!

Luckily, a bob with bangs isn't too hard to handle, and it looks good even when it's not ideally straight and ironed. The good thing is that you'll see gorgeous women with this bob anywhere – from K-pop celebrities to your local icons. It's impossible to be out of style when rocking a bob this way. Every day is a movie when you're wearing it!

After all, every short yet fluffy hairstyle has to look amazing – it's the ultimate combo that makes everyone look attractive and mesmerizing. You don't have to try hard when your hair is short and curly because it does half of the job! Luckily, it isn't too hard for most hair types to get this incredible look, so give it a try!

Is fluffy hair attractive, in your opinion? Is short hair prettier than long? Let us know in the comments section!

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