Top 10 Times When BLACKPINK Lisa Showcased Her Incredible Rapping Skills

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:07

When it comes to K-pop and YG Entertainment artists, they are literally the ace at rapping. Their bands have to sing, dance, and rap simultaneously, but rapping is authentic for YG artists! BLACKPINK has the same vibe, with two of four members spicing up every song with their rap – Jennie, the main rapper, and Lisa, the main dancer. Even though Lisa stuns us with every dance move, we made a collection of top ten times when her rap shined and made every BLACKPINK song incredibly catchy!

10. "How You Like That"

Lisa took the sassy vibe to the next level with her, "Look at you, now look at me!"

It's funny how one of the biggest BLACKPINK hits actually landed on the last place. However, that only shows how great Lisa's rap sounds since she had way better moments. Nevertheless, Lisa's rap made this song sassy by giving it a natural hip-hop touch, with the unbeatable confidence in her attitude!

On the song's message, girls said they want people to connect with their music and enjoy it, and this is simply a number you have to admire. "Your girl needs it all, and that's a hundred," are the rhymes she spits, and she's so right. Every girl is a queen, just like Lisa sat on the throne in a sparkly outfit that has to be one of her most fancy BLACKPINK appearances!

9. "Playing With Fire"

"This is not a game anymore," says Lisa about love in this song, which really is a fire!

Fans will never understand why "Playing With Fire" received mixed reviews because this tropical smash has to be one of the most refreshing rhythms the girls ever explored. There's no other song like this one, and Lisa's lines in the second verse give it nostalgic energy, with slower rap packed with emotions.

In "Playing With Fire," Lisa ditched swag for a minute, and she let her feelings shine. Like the song portrays playing with fire, Lisa's love went too far, and now she can't turn back. The way she belts out, "Can you feel my heart go black?" had the fans stunned, and we can definitely relate!

8. "Dddu-Du Dddu-Du"

Just like Lisa raps "Expectations higher," she really raised the bar with this part

The most fantastic kpop song of all time? The catchiest female rap ever made on Earth? "Dddu-Du Dddu-Du" has so many positive comments you'd never be able to collect them all. And these reviews are so accurate since all the girls got to shine here. The original choreography, energy, rhythm, lyrics, and the sassiest rap out there made this song a global hit!

Even though Jennie got most "Dddu-Du Dddu-Du" rap (and slayed it like a pro), we can't skip Lisa's contribution. Lisa's part was way shorter but still so effective you'd listen to these seconds on repeat for hours. "I'm a little toxic, I'm foxy" lines must be the most iconic female rap parts ever. Her flow is insane!

7. "Lovesick Girls"

BLACKPINK ladies are lovesick, but Lisa cuts off her feelings and claims she's "Better off alone"

Many critics named "Lovesick Girls" the best BLACKPINK song, and every girl indeed glowed in her own way in this upbeat emotional rollercoaster the size of Steel Dragon 2000! The song's absolute highlight is Lisa and Jennie's rap in the second chorus, with Lisa kicking it off while smashing a car with a hammer in the music video!

"No love letters, no xs, and ohs" is the opening verse, with Lisa saying goodbye to love and emotions once and for all. X's and O's are something she already referred to on another BLACKPINK hit, "As If It's Your Last!" Lisa chooses the "single" side, as she decides to quit love as a drug that Jennie mentions in her ending verse. Lisa and Jennie, as a sub-unit, would be a masterpiece, as they complement each other flawlessly!

6. "As If It's Your Last"

The pink concept fits Lisa as cool as the black one, and she shows it here

As soon as we mentioned "As If It's Your Last," we had to acknowledge Lisa's contribution. No BLACKPINK songs would be the same without any of the members, but Lisa really gave this record a final touch. Without her chorus and rap, this would be another pop song you've heard on the radio, but Lisa gives it the BLACKPINK style!

While Lisa quits love in 2020 singing "Lovesick Girls," this 2017 digital release made the girls go crazy over their love interest, and you clearly hear that as Lisa raps, "Uh, I'm a fall in love, baby!" Her iconic "We ride or die, X's and O's" part is something you'll remember for a long time, and this is the song to visit repeatedly.

5. "Boombayah"

Lisa is "Young and fearless" in her debut, and she's still like that

Has anyone ever had a debut as hard as BLACKPINK? "Boombayah" is a bomb in every way, from the moment Lisa says, "Been a bad girl, I know I am, and I'm so hot I need a fan," to Jennie's insanely sassy rap! Lisa usually gets one verse per song, the bridge, or doesn't get a whole rap part. Nonetheless, "Boombayah" gave her an outstanding chance in the entire second verse, but also appearances in the first verses!

A popular opinion says that Lisa's debut rap arguably remained her best, especially for its speed and swag. Songwriters of "Boombayah" deserve a Grammy for rhyming "Lambo, gamble, Rambo" here! "90's baby, I pump up the jam" is also a highlight, mainly because it fits so well into the aesthetic of this disco track that showed the world how great BLACKPINK would be in the future.

4. "Ice Cream"

Swag remains Lisa's distinctive feature, even when the girls are doing the pink concept!

Although the girls got their Song of Summer Award for "How You Like That" in 2020, the major collaboration with Selena Gomez, "Ice Cream," was indeed a summer smash we needed! Gomez sparkled as the fifth member on a track like this, fitting flawlessly into the pink concept of the Korean girls. Still, Lisa was there to put this song on the next level with her rap!

Just like she did with "Boombayah," Lisa has some shorter but iconic appearances in the first verse. However, her bridge is literally one of the most remarkable things the band ever did. Now you can't imagine this song without Lisa's iconic "Mona Lisa, kinda Lisa" verse. Kicking off with "Chillin' like a villain" and continuing in mixed Korean and English, Lisa gave the song authenticity, and we're obsessed!

3. "Pretty Savage"

Lisa and Jennie got a lot of place to rap together on "The Album," and that's what they did here

When she was asked what song from "The Album" is the most superb smash, of course, Lisa chose the iconic "Pretty Savage," the track that let her swag and energy blast stronger than ever! "Pretty Savage" sounds like the girls' manifesto, their alter ego, as Lisa got the most verses and kept it sassy, spelling "s-a-v-a-g-e" letter by letter!

It's a pity that a tune as good as this one remained a sidetrack without a music video. Still, it didn't lack choreography and some notable performances, where Lisa dominated again. She addressed all the rumors that followed BLACKPINK and ended them in a laid-back way! After all, she didn't lie while rapping, "Even if we're embarrassed, we are the best on the stage!"

2. "Kick It"

You'll scream, "I'll kick it how I wanna kick it when I wanna kick it," from the very first listen of this splendid gem!

"Kick It" is a sidetrack from the "Kill This Love" EP, and it feels like a hidden gem of their discography. Not many people know that besides the military-like anthem "Kill This Love," the girls also released this sassy, upbeat tune. What makes it even more superior is that the song is about letting go of the guy that doesn't deserve their attention. The kick looks real here!

Lisa's rap here is one of her greatest when we count them all. Something keeps your attention in the way she raps, "Who you gon' kiss now? Know you gon' miss how I move." When Lisa says she "Ain't nothing like the same, same girls that you've had," she isn't kidding. Beware her swag, it's dangerous, and she'll kick it in your face!

1. "Love to Hate Me"

The song would be kind of forgettable without Lisa's marvelous performance

The greatest thing about Lisa's expressions in her rap is that she tries her best to transmit the emotions in the most genuine way possible. Lisa's bitter feelings are literally 100% authentic in "Love to Hate Me" bridge, with her most real fact ever: "I could do bad by myself, don't need help." That's the spirit, girl!

The rapper transmitted that embittered moment when you're really frustrated because someone plays hot and cold with you and kind of loves you but still gives off the "sour" vibes. Lisa did it the best when the girls performed the song live at "The Show" at the beginning of 2021, murmuring "foolish, stupid" so angrily you'd think she lived this situation. That was a highlight, miss Manoban!

Lalisa Manoban made all of these top ten list BLACKPINK songs great by giving them some undeniable highlights. It depends on your taste, and some people prefer Jennie's rap. Still, all we can say is that both ladies slay in their areas, and when the four girls shout "BLACKPINK in your area," you know a smash hit is coming your way!

Who is your BLACKPINK bias? Do you have a favorite Lisa rap moment, or do you prefer the fantastic Jennie? Share your thoughts with us!

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