Top 10 Moments When ITZY Proved They're the Dancing Queens of K-pop

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 06:00:06

Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen – well, ITZY ladies are still in their twenties, yet they own the world with their dance abilities! Even K-pop stans disliking ITZY have to admit their favorite kpop girl groups don't have the dancing energy that ITZY girls own. Therefore, we made a top ten list of incredible dance videos and performances ITZY delivered in the past. Find out our favorites and let us know which ones you like the most!

10. "Not Shy" at 2020 SBS 

Not their peak, but undoubtedly one of their glorious moments!

"Not Shy" seemed like a test for many MIDZYs and people stanning ITZY in the past. This was a huge turning point in their career - no more "it'z" concept, no more confidence and individuality only! This moment undoubtedly influenced their work in both bad and good ways, but no one could deny that the girls still danced like pros!

"Not Shy" is an energetic track, so the ladies delivered a strong performance in 2020 with authentic dance. Moreover, they displayed commitment and effort for this show so much that they even altered the choreography and took it to the next level. Someone else might feel overworked, but the dance is in ITZY's blood!

9. "Loco" Choreography

They make this choreography look easy!

As their career progresses, ITZY are even more careful with the choreographies since they've been recognized as dancing professionals of the industry. They've been known for breaking back and neck to satisfy the audience since the "Icy" era, but "Loco" is on another difficulty level. Even they admitted it's hard to dance to this!

Of course, "Loco" is their first full-album title track, so it's expected that they put even more effort. "Loco" is a rough track with a lot of energy, and it's perfect for the girls' consistent and fluid moves. Yeji and Chaeryeoung indeed showcased their main dancer position, and the other girls improved rapidly in this era!

8. "Swipe" Choreography

The whole video and aesthetic are so pretty!

Instead of putting a lot of energy and overdancing without the point, ITZY girls usually have unique moves. Their attitude matches the song's lyrics and vibe, making it even more remarkable. "Swipe" is the best example of this ability since they literally swipe the pages on the stage. Their facial expressions say a lot about the guy they're "swiping!"

In case you didn't know, "Loco" and "Swipe" are the singles coming from the same album, "Crazy in Love," so "Swipe" is basically a backup single. It depends on your music taste whether you prefer the title track or the other one, but "Swipe" displayed way more originality. The whole thing is much relatable, so don't sleep on it!

7. "Therefore I Am" by Ryujin (Artist of the Month)

Ryujin has her own aura and attitude when dancing – you'd recognize her in a group of other dancers!

Some kpop groups are still waiting for their Artist of the Month debut. However, ITZY already have not one, not two, but three members rocking their choreography! That's the best proof of their insane talent, and Ryujin's "Therefore I Am" choreography showed why she remains ITZY's center and face of the group!

In a group with such a potent aura and energy, Ryujin is a center, thanks to her attitude, confidence, and sharp moves. When she's on stage, the world is her oyster, and you can see it in her eyes while she's dancing in the Artist of the Month video. She knows she's the main character, and we know that, too!

6. "Wannabe" Choreography

"Wannabe" and its sharp moves wrote history

Hands down, "Wannabe" is the best ITZY song ever, and it will be a challenge to top its recognition and success. Just like the song became mainstream, the dance moves fascinated the whole kpop industry, especially for its uniqueness. Have you ever seen that shoulder move before with such intensity? That's "Wannabe" at its finest!

Luckily, Ryujin went viral for her shoulder moves in this era, which boosted ITZY's popularity better than anything else. The audience always recognizes talent and effort, and it's wild how the praises regarding ITZY's dancing aren't always for Chaeryeong and Yeji. Even lead dancers are highly appreciated!

5. "Cry for Me" by Chaeryeong (Artist of the Month)

Everyone admires her fluidity, and being the main dancer in a kpop group like ITZY proves the point!

Chaeryeong's talent is why ITZY has not one but two leading dancers – who could ever decide between Yeji and her? Chaeryeong's fluidity and natural movements make her such an icon when she's dancing, and that's been the case ever since she stepped into the spotlight as a JYP trainee and in the "Sixteen" show. She waited for years to finally debut, but it was worth it!

Moreover, Chaer's Artist of the Month performance is definitive proof of the claims that she might be the best 4th gen dancer, together with her sister, Lee Chaeyeon. The latter gained her fame during IZ*ONE days! Both Lee sisters got their Artist of the Month video, and we can't decide which one is better. Long live the sisterhood and the best dancers in k pop!

4. 2019 MMA Performance

The staging is like they're singing the national anthem, and we love it!

If you asked many MIDZYs, the best concept ever created by ITZY is still their confidence boost kind of song. "Dalla Dalla," "Icy," and "Wannabe" really give off that sassy vibe that makes you root for yourself and rule the world. When you're confident the way the ladies described in these songs, you can only eat up the stage and leave no crumbs!

That's precisely what ITZY did in this performance, which perfectly mixed "Want It," "Dalla Dalla," and "Icy." The drums on the stage are triumphant, and you can clearly hear their live vocals, despite having to dance with focus. The cherry on top was their intro speech, which seems like the group's manifesto and a way to transmit a powerful message to young girls. That's why they're idols!

3. "River" by Yeji (Artist of the Month)

Yeji is captivating, and you won't ever stop watching this insane performance!

After Ryujin's mature and sassy image and Chaeryeong's professional movements, ITZY's main dancer brought her charisma and uniqueness to Studio Choom. Yeji's "River" dance performance is one of the most viewed from this agenda, and we totally understand why. Who could ever get enough of her cat eyes, confidence, sexy moves, and natural flow?

Moreover, you need more than excellent choreography to have an Artist of the Month show that raises everybody's standards. Yeji is the main dancer together with Chaeryeong, and it doesn't revolve around her good flow and moves only – her facial expressions are priceless in this video. Every moment tells a story, and that's her undeniable power.

2. 2021 SBS Gayo Daejeon Performance

You don't see something as huge as this show every day!

This award show is an excellent opportunity for kpop girl groups to showcase their stage presence and for the companies to get creative with concepts. Luckily, kpop is based on concepts, so the stages are usually on fire, especially ITZY's! This incredible group of five performers brought a whole mafia show with their "Mafia in the Morning" and "Sorry not Sorry!"

Of course, you have all the rights to claim that "Mafia in the Morning" isn't among ITZY's best title tracks. Yet, it's true that this track brought them the best opportunities for unique stages. The way Chaeryeong slayed her dance break while stealing a necklace is an absolute highlight that only a song like this could provide. This is a cinematic experience!

1. 2021 MAMA Performance

ITZY made history in 2021 and left everyone speechless

MAMA is one of the most crucial events of k pop, but not many artists can pull it the way ITZY do. Being an exceptional dancer includes way more than a good technique since the industry's best dancers are also insanely good performers. Their stage presence is incomparable, and it keeps you awake, and that's precisely how ITZY made it in 2021!

It's a challenge to describe this incredible performance with words. The ladies had some moments to shine independently, and we couldn't get enough of Yeji's cat posture or Chaeryeong's pole dance. Should we even mention how Ryujin performed as if she were an actual actress? Is she the mafia? She's the boss lady and one of the greatest idols of all time.

As our top ten shows, ITZY are so fantastic on stage that they left the world speechless. Their album packaging, presence and creative performances are the exact reasons why they gained worldwide recognition, and if they go on this way, they'll be even more relevant in the future. Luckily, their music is intriguing, so the ladies are a whole package.

Do you think some kpop girl groups of the 4th generation can top ITZY in dancing and stage presence? Who is your favorite main dancer of ITZY? Let us know in the comments section, MIDZYs!

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