Top 10 Chick-Lit Books to Read on a Chill Day

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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When it comes to the greatest literature recommendations, it's natural that classics come as the first option! However, sometimes we're not in the mood for the wildest plots we have to follow precisely. What if you're on a road trip and just want to chill with a book that won't play with your imagination too much? You'd rather read "easier stuff" that doesn't require overthinking? These top ten chick-lit novels will keep you entertained, and you'll read them in a day or two without any stress!

10. "The Kiss Quotient" by Helen Hoang

Adriana has some good reasons to read this fun novel!

What would you do if you've never had experience in kissing and dating? Would you hire a professional to help you? Stella from "The Kiss Quotient" did exactly that, and you won't need days and hours to find out if their relationship remained "professional." They both have their struggles, and both faced rejections before.

Hoang received all the positive critics for this book regarding the fun and romantic side combined with a central theme – mentioning autistic people and their role in society. It breaks the stereotype that rom-com never has content that teaches us something.

9. “Momzillas” by Jill Kargman

Jill Kargman herself explained what a "Momzilla" is

Every mother is a hero, and moms are, in general, awesome to every child. What's even greater in this world than giving someone a life? However, women are often underestimated, so Jill Kargman did a good thing with her chick-lit hit since "Momzillas" doesn't put the stereotypical mother figure in the spotlight.

With "Momzillas," Kargman tried her best to show how great moms are. These moms are intelligent, hard-working, wealthy, and try hard to give their children all their energy. A woman today has to be a superhero, and that's how she should be viewed!

8. "Can You Keep a Secret?" by Sophie Kinsella

remarkablylisa had some negative comments on the movie adaptation, though

Sophie Kinsella is an absolute queen of chick lit, so you'll see her novels pretty much everywhere regarding this genre! Women dominate it, and female literature grows more and more every day, anyway. Besides many series of novels, she has various best-sellers that shine on their own.

A perfect example of the "solo" hit is "Can You Keep a Secret?" which is an ultimate chick-lit hit even on today's charts. The book starts off as a perfect life story, but when the main character almost meets her death, she'll confess her secrets to a complete stranger! The movie adaptation was released in 2019, 16 years after the book's debut.

7. "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin

The author released the sequel in 2012

Emily Griffin started off her chick-lit novel "Something Borrowed" as a contradictory idea, which attracted many readers worldwide. Actually, "something borrowed" is a tradition that a bride should take a part of her wedding outfit, usually from her mother or grandmother. However, this is a story that spotlights the boring pressure of how a woman in her 30s should marry as soon as she can!

A chick-lit writer must acknowledge a very disrespectful theme towards women, so Giffin became famous everywhere. Following the whirlwind success, the author created five new sequels, including the charming story "Where We Belong." You'll read these six books in a few days!

6. "The Wedding Date" by Jasmine Guillory

This inspiring channel wants you to sip cocktails and read simultaneously!

What's funnier than wedding stories made into a novel? It's a combination that can't disappoint anyone! After "Something Borrowed," which seems rather like a rant, "The Wedding Date" is something utterly romantic and humorous! Drew meets Alexa in an elevator, and they go together to a wedding – how crazy the beginning sounds like?

What's even better is that Jasmine Guillory is still occupied with her signature plot and characters, so she already has six parts of this insane story, with "While We Were Dating" as the highly anticipated finale! The ending is very predictable because this is a rom-com, but why wouldn't you take a break from stressful endings?

5. "The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella

With this recommendation, you'll get a whole series to read!

"Shopaholic" might be Sophie Kinsella's most used word ever. And with this keyword, the writer created a whole series of chick-lit novels that traveled around the world. Ask anyone if they've read at least one "Shopaholic," and you'll see how many people she managed to captivate with this charming and laid-back style of plot development.

The shopaholic named Rebecca is an intelligent and hard-working lady, and her travel through life will drive you crazy in every positive way. "The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic" is actually the beginning of her story, written in 2000, but if you get caught up in it, continue reading because there are 10 sequels!

4. "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger

Do you agree that the movie is even better than the book?

Lauren Weisberger has made her own brand with her chick-lit hits since all of her book covers have the signature high heels in various colors! The red heel stands for "The Devil Wears Prada," her most beloved one. This is the story of an editor-in-chief whose personal assistant has to deal with a real, alive devil.

Another fun fact regarding "The Devil Wears Prada" is that it's translated into one of the most successful, highly-acclaimed movies. Moreover, many people believe it's better than the book. However, we always recommend reading the novel first to get your own idea of the visualization. In a story like this, full of fashion sense, you'll have to visualize a lot of stuff!

3. "Bridget Jones's Diary" by Helen Fielding

The jokes from the movie are even funnier than in the trailer!

When we think of romantic, cute, and entertaining rom-coms with good intentions and a good mood only, the "Bridget Jones" series sounds like one of the best! We all write a diary to have an insight into our own emotions and write down our wishes, and "Bridget Jones's Diary" follows exactly Bridget's way to happiness – and she will reach it!

While "Bridget Jones's Diary" might be the peak of the author's creativity, we also highly recommend the sequel "Bridget Jones's Baby." It will make you laugh hard as Bridget tries to figure out her child's father's identity after a wild adventure. Bridget is a positive woman you'll be obsessed with, and her life leads to a charmingly sweet plot you'll want to rewatch!

2. "Sex and the City" by Candace Bushnell

Samantha is one of the most memorable female symbols in "Sex and the City"

The journalist and television producer Candace Bushnell created the most iconic series of the ladies now among the most beloved females in literature! "Sex and the City" is unapologetically funny, and the six-season sitcom based on the book and set in New York is one of the signatures of the 00s.

To pay tribute to her signature work, Bushnell wrote an autobiographical novel "Is There Still Sex in the City?" to prove that's she still living "Sex and the City" indeed! Some books never get old, and so this one won't ever fade away. With or without new sequels, these stories will stay alive, and if you weren't part of them already, add this to your bucket list!

1. "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella

Kinsella will read a part of the book for you to get you intrigued

The best ideas develop when an inspiring sentence comes to our minds out of nowhere, just like Kinsella started writing this novel with the idea: "What if you woke up and everything in your life was magically perfect?" And that's exactly what happens to her main heroine, Lexi Smart, a smart lady who doesn't remember half of her existence!

Just like Taylor Swift says that the girl from her song "right where you left me" is "still 23 in her head," Lexi is still 25, and her life is kind of messed up. After a car crash, she is suddenly a millionaire with a fabulous job, and she looks flawless! This is Kinsella at her best, and you'll love the comedy of this brilliantly written book.

Works like this will make your day because you'll laugh and cry with them, so you should always take a break from harder literature to just chill a bit! Plus, they may help if you've developed a reader's block. If the day is nice and you can escape to some sunny place near the water, go ahead and get yourself some chick-lit book from our top ten list to forget all your worries in life, at least for a day!

What's your favorite chick-lit book? Do you prefer reading "easier" books, crime novels like Sydney Sheldon, or you'd rather read classics?

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