Top 10 Budapest, Hungary Activities You Need to Experience

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Are you a fan of the exemplary architecture, gorgeous museums, delicious food, and majestic river Danube? Then, Budapest should be the first choice for your next road trip. Yet, this city is underestimated compared to Prague or Vienna. Still, the truth is that they have many similarities! The rich culture of Hungary's capital will impress you, so let us introduce you to the top ten activities and attractions you should take advantage of! Also, use our tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

10. Try the Ferris Wheel of Budapest

After the ride, he even tried a sweet Hungarian cake that you should see!

Since 2013, Budapest has been another European city with a magnificent Ferris Wheel as the perfect opportunity to have a fantastic view of the whole area. The wheel is close to the city center and easy to approach. Furthermore, you'll be near other exciting attractions, such as St. Stephen's Basilica.

The regular adult ticket costs about 10 euros, and you'll spend ten minutes riding. That is around four times going up and down and seeing the whole city from your cart. The Ferris Wheel of Budapest has the slogan "Uplifting Experience," boosting your mood on your Budapest trip!

9. Try the Traditional Goulash and Some Other Dishes, Too

We're sure you'll like all of the recommendations!

Food is an attraction in Budapest in its unique way since Hungarians care a lot about delicious treats. Unless you are vegetarian or vegan, Hungarian meat has to steal your heart, especially beef goulash! This traditional dish is the number one choice when you're in Hungary as a tourist.

Besides goulash, made with various ingredients, another delicious thing is the chimney cake, better known as kurtos kalacs in Hungary! This "cake" has various fillings, spread in many European countries with their own versions. The common thing between all chimney cakes is that they taste like heaven!

8. Don't Skip the River Cruise!

The city's top attraction is its river, so skipping a river cruise would be pointless!

The Danube is the river that makes Budapest so majestic – it's what makes the city so rich, with its bridges and the gorgeous view wherever you go. The Danube promenade with shoes that represent Jews who were murdered on the riverbanks, is one of the most touching moments of history that you should witness.

Hence, you should book a boat trip that suits you the most. There are various opportunities, so you might have a boat party, a traditional Hungarian evening, or a regular sunset cruise with a drink. The best option is to find a local guide who'll explain all the gorgeous buildings and bridges you'll see, and it's preferable to see them when it's nighttime!

7. The Parliament Building

See if visiting the Parliament Building is your type of sightseeing!

There isn't a prettier building than the Parliament in Budapest – you won't find a more magnificent view in Hungary. It's also the most enormous building in the city, so the others can't compete! The Parliament is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions when cruising since it looks so shiny when you see it from the riverside!

The building's style is neo-Gothic with a touch of baroque and renaissance, so the architecture of Budapest hit its peak here! Budapest has no skyscrapers, but booking a tour of the Parliament will replace that need. You can see the main entrance hall, various lobbies, and the Hungarian Crown Jewels if you come in!

6. Tropicarium

Kids, students, adults, seniors… Everyone loves this attraction in Budapest!

If you have enough time to leave the city center and head to the Campona shopping mall, you'll feel like you went scuba diving – with big, big sharks! However, they won't hurt you since the Tropicarium and Oceanarium in this mall is an aquarium, of course! The variety of fish is so impressive that you'll have no idea where to take a look first!

Luckily, the Tropicarium is so exciting that it's not only about fish. There is a rainforest part where the other animal species are! It feels more like a zoo, and you'll have a long trip for approximately eight euros. Therefore, it's worth driving 45 minutes to the Campona shopping mall.

5. Thermal Baths 

Thermal baths are a must if you're in Budapest!

Many people forget that Budapest is Europe's most significant thermal bath capital – it's been the "city of spas" for ages. Hence, don't hesitate to bathe there if you like warm water. However, find some perfect places to do it since many thermal baths can get too crowded and not so clean.

Also, it's better to bring your own towel and sandals, as it's preferred and way more manageable. Of course, don't forget your swimsuit since you'll probably decide to take a bath – check out some of the best places for that experience!

4. St. Stephen's Basilica

This breathtaking video will make you visit the basilica immediately!

The first king of Hungary, Saint Stephen, has the privilege of his own basilica, the prettiest dome in the country. St. Stephen's basilica provides various opportunities to book a guided tour or enter it for free without reaching the viewpoint. You'll obviously have to pay if you'd like to climb there. However, the price is only three euros!

The architecture in Budapest is so well-planned and organized that this basilica is the only building as high as the Parliament. That neo-Gothic piece of art isn't any prettier than the dome since both are worth visiting! It took 54 years and three architects to build this masterpiece, but the result is incredible.

3. New York Café

What a gorgeous place for a romantic date!

...Or the "most beautiful café in the world," which is this café's slogan. Budapest has some of the most magnificent buildings since its architecture is striking, but did you expect to drink and eat in a literal palace? New York Café is there to make you feel like royalty while you're dressed up and taking stylish photos in the café's wonderful setting.

Just don't forget that if you don't make a reservation online, you'll have to wait in line – sometimes exceptionally long, especially around noon. It's worth it, though, so make sure to wait since you'll experience the prettiest palace while having a fancy drink. Release your inner royalcore princess in this environment!

2. Fisherman's Bastion 

This majestic building is way fancier than its name since it has nothing to do with fishing!

Another thing you should be aware of, even if you're staying in Budapest for only 24 hours, is the gorgeous Fisherman's Bastion. This attraction will give you the prettiest pictures of the tour and the prettiest view. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to see the river Danube from a high point and spot the Parliament building, too!

The best fact about this fortress is that it's available without buying any tickets, and you get so much for free – the view and the prettiest pictures you can take in Budapest. Fisherman's Bastion has many parts that look like a castle, so dress up like royalty and come there. Preferably, go when it's still early morning and the sun is shining, so your photos look awesome!

1. Vajdahunyad Castle

This is the underrated part of Budapest, located right next to the most giant square of the city!

Visiting castles is always the opportunity to enjoy the view and learn more about the city's history – that's why visiting the Vajdahunyad castle is our number one recommendation! This castle's neighborhood is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, and it's very close to the Heroes' Square, so you'll reach it in a few minutes on foot!

This castle's most beautiful part is its intriguing and mysterious nature, with the Statue of Anonymous as the cherry on top. This statue will stay one of the most memorable things you've seen in Budapest, along with the magnificent lake around the castle. Choose Vajdahunyad as the first attraction you'll see in Budapest, and you'll be excited for more!

Of course, Budapest is a big city, so you will probably need more time to see all of these top ten list attractions. Hence, you should spend at least a whole week there to be done with this diamond, and we're sure you'd come back to it even if you've seen everything. There's always more, so continue exploring the world!

Have you visited Budapest already? Do you have any advice about this gorgeous city? Let us know in the comments section!

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SmoothOperator Says:

I was in Budapest for only a few hours for the concert, but the city looks gorgeous. Just avoid taxis if you can, as even the regular ones are very expensive.

October 19 at 08:31:20 AM

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