Top 10 Things to Do in Ibiza - Nature and Nightlife

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Spaniards name it Eivissa, but the world knows it as Ibiza – one of the hottest places on Earth when it comes to partying hard and living life to the fullest! However, the Ibiza weather is hot, too, and life feels better when you enter this island. You'll want to organize your Ibiza trip to have enough space for both partying and exploring, and we'll help you with our top ten list!

10. Jet-Ski and Other Activities

San Antonio is the best place to try jet-ski for the first time or enjoy the ride as a professional!

Vacation is for soaking up the sun and chilling, but the adventurous souls prefer some adrenaline in their veins! You'll never find a better opportunity to try jet-ski – Ibiza is the queen of watersports, especially this one. While you can embark on this journey in any part of the Ibiza coast, San Antonio is still the epicenter of jet-skiing!

Besides jet-ski, scuba diving and kayaking are preferred watersports among tourists. Thus, they'll surely provide you with the adrenaline you crave! Moreover, you'll love the other activities that don't necessarily revolve around water. Hiking tours and long walks in the wild nature of Ibiza will impress you since the island offers incredible views!

9. Try Mediterranean Dishes

We wouldn't miss a chance to visit some of the fanciest food locations in Ibiza!

Whenever you are in the Mediterranean area, it's 100% safe that you won't stay hungry. Do you like cheese, pasta, and other traditional dishes? Most restaurants in Ibiza Town, or Eivissa, serve precisely that! Hence, we'd never miss this hedonistic chance to enjoy the most delicious European foods ever!

However, you should know that some restaurants in Ibiza work only during the summer season, especially if they're close to the shore. Nonetheless, you won't have trouble finding a place with delicious food throughout the whole year. You can even try Asian dishes, seafood, and many exotic things you haven't even heard of!

8. Portinatx and the Lighthouse

It wasn't just a casual walk in Ibiza!

Did you know that Ibiza isn't all about dramatic vacations with a bunch of crowds and loud music? If you head to the north, you'll discover natural paradise – a perfect escape from Ibiza nightlife! The most beautiful part of the northern coast of Ibiza is Portinatx, a peaceful resort to help you escape the buzz!

Wherever untouched nature is, you'll be thrilled by its views – Ibiza will give you all the opportunities to take stunning photos. Our best recommendation is to visit the Punta Moscarter lighthouse, even though a long walking session is required. Don't be shy, and challenge yourself to get to the top. Just keep in mind that it's best to take this walk early in the morning before it's too hot!

7. Find the Best Beaches

You probably had no idea that these existed in Ibiza!

If you're a classic sea enthusiast, the beauty of Ibiza beaches will be your number one attraction on the island. You'll adore the crystal clear waters on all sides of the coast – white sand is a bonus, and you'll get a lot of it! If there are any rocks to bother you, they're mostly only the edges, making a beautiful natural landscape. Benirras beach is an excellent example of that!

The ideal beach choice depends on your preferences since Ibiza has some of the best in Europe. Do you need shallow yet clear waters? Visit Cala Tarida near San Jose, especially if you're coming with kids. If you just want to be close to the airport and the town, Ses Salines beach is your number one destination. You'll be satisfied with crowded places, loud music, and restaurants!

6. Visit the Peaceful Areas

The tranquil parts in Ibiza might also be the prettiest ones!

We've already mentioned Portinatx, the ideal place for finding your inner serenity, the one you'll discover in the northern part of the island. However, that's not the only location where you'll meet all your senses and let your hair down. We highly recommend Cala Llonga, Puerto San Miguel and Santa Eulalia!

Santa Eulalia in the eastern part of Ibiza is your number one choice if you'd like a romantic getaway without crowds and impressive beaches. You'll even see art galleries and 5-star hotels around this aesthetic area, so it's an excellent opportunity to feel the luxury and high life!

5. ...And the Most Energetic Ones

Playa d'en Bossa is a dream come true for those that want positive vibes and crowds!

After discovering the beauty of nature and calmness, you'll probably need to spend that energy somewhere. The best place is obviously Playa d'en Bossa or San Antonio! These island parts are vibrant and crowded, and you'll be obsessed with its positive energy and youth. You'll want your days to last longer because you won't have time for everything!

Are you looking for a mix of chilling and partying? Visit beach clubs where you can soak up the sun and listen to the music in the background. Aiyanna Beach Club in Cala Nova, Malibu Beach Club in Las Salinas, and the famous Nassau Beach Club in Playa d'en Bossa are the finest examples. Still, you'll find many more around the shore, including Pacha, Ibiza.

4. The Hype About the Nightlife is Real

Discover the world's favorite places to party hard in Ibiza!

You've heard it everywhere, and it's true – Ibiza is the clubbing capital of Europe, and you should taste it for at least half of your Ibiza holiday! It's also true that most people craving Ibiza vacation often belong to the party animal kind of group. Hence, they don't mind the buzz and youth vibe of Playa d'en Bossa!

Furthermore, the Ibiza clubs you'll want to taste in Playa d'en Bossa are Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza, which are Ibiza nightlife epicenters that everybody's talking about. Even the most famous nightclubs in Europe are located in San Antonio on the western coast of Ibiza – Eden and Es Paradis are the names that guarantee a heavenly atmosphere!

3. Yoga and Meditation

Retreats like this are standard on Ibiza island!

This is one of the facts that no one mentions since everybody's occupied with Ibiza's wild side and clubbing. We totally agree that it's one of the reasons to visit Ibiza, but did you know that it's also a place that highlights the importance of a calm mind and meditation? You'll be surprised once you find out how many resorts care about your inner peace! While you'll find luxury hotels, there are other, more affordable ones.

Luckily, you don't have to wisely choose which coast of Ibiza you'll visit to meditate. They all have spas, yoga centers, and even various lessons if you're a beginner. Come back home with a brand new soul experience, and find your serenity while enjoying the sun and waves, surrounded by the purest nature!

2. Visit Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town has a lot to offer!

Don't forget to visit a whole island with many small towns and their own attractions and opportunities. Hence, instead of staying in the resort only, take a walk to the more urban area! Even if you're short on time, the town to see is Eivissa (Ibiza Town), since it's the best destination for explorers!

Luckily, Ibiza Town has to offer architecture and history, so your trip will be both educational and relaxing. If classic sightseeing is your cup of tea, you'll get caught up in Ibiza Castle's view. Furthermore, the cathedral's architecture will amaze you if you like gothic and baroque buildings!

1. Explore the Rest of the Balearic Islands

Once you see this video, you'll pack your bags and go to Ibiza immediately!

Even though Ibiza offers a lot, don't forget it's only a tiny part of a gorgeous archipelago. Island hopping in the Balearic area is a realistic plan since the islands are close to each other. You can reach any of these by ferries operating between them throughout the day. The closest destination here is the smallest one – Formentera.

Formentera might be a tiny delight, but it's a whole package for those that want more peace and the Ibiza beaches that take your breath away. An island to visit even if you didn't plan to explore the surroundings is Mallorca, the most significant and most popular one. Menorca isn't an outsider either, mainly thanks to its sports and activities!

As our top ten shows, Ibiza offers various opportunities, so we're 100% sure you won't get bored. On the contrary, you'll want to spend a day more on this island, so make sure to organize your schedule in the best way possible. Of course, if you don't have time for something, you can always come back and retake a breath of fresh air!

Would you visit Ibiza for parties? Is its nature way more interesting to you? Let us know which side of Ibiza you prefer!

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