Top 10 Fun Blockchain Games That Will Earn You Real Money

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-05-13 18:00:07

While blockchain games have been a thing since 2017, they've only started to grow massively and even entered the mainstream. This includes gaming juggernauts such as Ubisoft realizing its colossal potential. However, like any other technology, this one can also be used unfairly and draw very adverse reactions. Hence, we've made this top ten to show you some of the best blockchain games you can play today. While they are fun and offer lots of content, you will also earn legitimate cryptocurrency for your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. 

10. Wizardium

Learn the basics about Wizardium

Like most of the games on the list, Wizardium is a play-to-earn, and similar to Thetatan Arena, it relies on the BSC blockchain. This title doesn't use a free-to-play model, so you'll need to purchase at least one NFT character to start playing. As an alchemist, you'll explore and collect items in the Wizardium metaverse. After finding some, use the magic cauldron to create $WIZZY, the official game token. Once you do, you can exchange them or stake them to earn more.

Your hero's grade determines your chance of success, as it ranges from low to high. There are nine heroes at the end of 2021, but at $250, even the lowest class isn't very affordable. Furthermore, the medium class is $700, and the highest one is $1200. The developers promise many improvements, including listing $WIZZY tokens on the respected crypto exchanges, new NFTs to buy, and building a metaverse in the first half of 2022. 

9. CryptoBlades

This is how much you can earn by playing CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is still very young, even by blockchain games standards, as it launched in May 2021. This is one of many NFT role-playing games, but it's attractive due to the way it rewards players. As you win challenges, including raids and battles against strong opponents, you'll receive SKILL tokens. To improve your chances, you can create new characters and weapons. Alternatively, you can sell your possessions in the marketplace. To play CryptoBlades, you'll need to buy your SKILL tokens to create your characters (four is maximum). Also, every battle asks for a small entrance fee, with only the winner getting awards.

One of the best things about CryptoBlade is that it's safe to use, as everything about the game is public. Even the trade market is strictly regulated, so your credit will be deducted only once you acquire a character. As the world of crypto gaming can be pretty shady and full of scammers, this title looks even more attractive. While it asks for investment and dedication, it also continues growing and looking promising.

8. NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is here to stay, and it's simple to play

If you aren't into football and tracking thousands of players, NBA Top Shot is way more focused. Yet, you'll be surprised to learn that this isn't your typical trading card game. Instead, the developer Dapper uses the highlights provided by NBA and sells them in packs. While you can purchase some of them for ten bucks or so, others cost hundreds of dollars. Of course, these highlights go to your wallet, and you are free to sell them.

Naturally, some highlights are rarer than others, which radically increases their value. Hence, they are already selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars! One of the best things about NBA Top Shot is that it's simple to use, and it's unlikely it will die anytime soon. As the NBA continues to grow, those willing to invest have a chance to get something out of it.

7. Riot Racers

Riot Racers allow you to earn crypto in many ways

The best blockchain games let you earn in more than one way, and that's the case with Riot Racers. In this title, you earn RIOT tokens either actively or passively. If you decide to race, crossing the line first, second, or third will reward you. However, unlike Forza Horizon 5, you are not directly controlling cars, so the outcome depends on your strategy and random factors. Of course, better vehicles have a higher chance of winning, but that's no guarantee. Alternatively, you can profit by owning assets, such as gas stations or mechanic shops. Also, if the race track is partially on your land, you profit from it. Finally, you have billboards to advertise your business or rent it.

However, you'll need to invest $25 to start playing, but you're not buying a car, but a driver! These NFT's can be female, male, or mech, but apart from visual differences, they also have unique handling, speed, endurance, vision, and braking traits. Finally, they are all influenced by four elements, including earth, wind, fire, and water. As you can imagine, water-based characters perform better when it's raining. Of course, you can have a few drivers, and it's recommended to do so.

6. Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is one of the best blockchain MOBA titles

Esport and blockchain games go well together, as many implement PVP modes. However, Thetan Arena takes things to another level, as it belongs to the MOBA genre. This means that you need to form a team and then battle against rivals from all around the world. However, Deathmatch is only one of the modes, including Battle Royale, Superstar, and Tower Siege. There's also Custom Battle, where you can modify other modes, limiting the time and the number of players.

Thetan Arena is pretty simple as it has only three character classes – Tank, Assassin, and Marksman. In this free-to-play P2E title, you earn Thetan Coin tokens, and you can use them to purchase premium NFT heroes. This is essential as they earn tokens faster and you can also trade them or sell them. As this title already has millions of players, you'll quickly find teammates and get into battle. 

5. Sorare

You can't miss Sorare if you love association football

The best way to earn in the blockchain isn't to find the most profitable game. Instead, you should always concentrate on titles that will easily keep your attention. That way, you will always be motivated to come back, and gaming won't feel like a chore. So, if you love association footballSorare is worth a try, especially as it already licensed over 200 clubs, including Bayern, Juventus, Real Madrid, or Paris Saint-Germain. Every week you choose five players to form your team, and like in classic fantasy football, you get rewarded when they perform well.

You earn by trading your cards, with unique ones often selling for hundreds of thousands of euros! However, you don't need to spend a dime to sign up and form your team, even though you'll only get common cards that are pretty much worthless. Yet, depending on your success, you'll be rewarded with Ethereum or cards to sell. Alternatively, you can purchase limited, rare, or unique cards of promising young players and sell them later as they begin to shine. Sorare needs your dedication, but that won't be much of a problem if you love the sport.

4. Plants vs Undead

Plants vs Undead continues to grow in 2022

If you enjoy tower defense games and Plants vs. Zombies as much as we do, this is the right one for you! Plant vs Undead uses PVU tokens to buy various seeds and plants from the official game marketplace. Luckily, you can earn these by watering your plants or chasing crows away. There are many ways to earn money in this title, as you can sell your PVU tokens or NFT plants. Furthermore, you can even rent your plants for a fee.

Unfortunately, as some players found a way to exploit the system, the game requires you to purchase some plants before you start playing. This means getting some PVU tokens and spending them on the NFT marketplace. The main goal is to employ plants to protect your mother tree from zombies. After each wave, you'll be rewarded with PVU tokens. In PvP, winning matches will do the same. Plants vs Undead is still developing like many blockchain games, with a road map going deep in 2022. Yet, even now, it's worth trying.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity asks for investments, but it's currently the most popular blockchain game

Axie Infinity started as a modest browser-based game that didn't require much input from the players. However, a couple of years ago, the major revamp turned it into a title strongly resembling the Pokemon franchise. As you can guess, you need to build your own deck and form a team of "axies." Basically, these are NFT creatures, and you take three of them into your battles. Every axie brings his eight cards to the battle, but you need to find the perfect combination, similar to chemistry in FIFA series FUT mode.

You can also breed your creatures to create unique ones, but you need small love potions (SLP) for that. Winning the matches gives you more to sell for Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. First, you'll need to purchase at least three axies in the game's market, with the cheapest ones costing about $3. Still, that sounds pretty affordable, even though you would need to spend much more on better creatures. If you love casual tactical RPGs, Axie Infinity is an excellent choice.

2. Coin Hunt World!

Coin Hunt World! is one of the rare blockchain games that will help you look better

While you earn cryptocurrency as you play blockchain games, some of them are almost worthless, or even worse, they are a plain scam. So when a game is paying you with Bitcoin and Ethereum, of course, it may look suspicious. Yet, Coin Hunt World! is a legit title, and it's also excellent for your health. Basically, this is a simplified version of Pokémon GO as you explore your neighborhood, searching for blue keys on the map. This means you'll be motivated to walk around for miles, and it may even lead you to some of your favorite places. Once you're done collecting, you can submit keys, but there's more to do! To amass your earnings, you have to participate in a quiz and answer a few questions.

As you can imagine, Coin Hunt World! won't make you rich, even if you dedicate a lot of your time. In practice, even a devoted walker will hardly earn more than $200 per month. Yet, at least you'll have multiple benefits while enjoying this game. Unlike many other blockchain entertainment software, this one is free, so there's nothing you can lose but a few pounds! Finally, as this is such a simple title, it's ideal for everyone new to blockchain games. Yet, before you even start playing, know that the game is available in the US, UK, and Canada only.

1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox has a unique concept that rewards your creativity

As we've seen, many blockchain games use familiar concepts and change them a bit to better suit blockchain. In essence, The Sandbox is similar to Minecraft as it gives you all the freedom to create. Basically, you are building your own world by filling them with objects, and you can even create a game inside the game. In this title, you'll need to use multiple coins as the goal is to have a closed economy between everyone involved. At the moment, quests are usually all about exploring the world to get familiar with it.

However, you can also get in fights and even die, although you'll just respawn like nothing happened. Furthermore, it's hard to lose a life as you can stay underwater for as long as you want or fall from a thousand feet without consequences. As the graphics and controls are excellent, you'll enjoy every activity. With financial investment from LG, SoftBank, Polygon, and Samsung, it feels like The Sandbox is here to stay.

The hype around blockchain gaming is so big that it's easy to get overwhelmed. Even worse, you may end up spending a lot of money and time on a project that may suddenly lose all value and disappear. While some people will get rich, investing all your resources into them isn't a smart idea. Instead, focus on a few games that sound promising, but that also feel interesting to you. And finally, never invest more money than you are prepared to lose.

Do you play any of these top ten blockchain games? What are your favorites, and why? We would like to know all about it in our comments section.

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