Top 10 Healthy Fruits with the Best Taste

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2024-02-14 17:49:33

When it comes to certain food types, they can be either extraordinarily unhealthy and tasty or very healthy but not that enjoyable. However, when it comes to fruits, they are usually delicious and beneficial at the same time! That's one of the crucial reasons to keep consuming it daily. So, if you're a fruit fan, we're happy to introduce you to the top ten fruits that are beneficial inside out. These won't be your guilty pleasure because you won't feel guilty consuming them!

10. Lemons

It's worth taking the sour taste just to experience all these benefits

Now, this one depends on your taste, as lemons might be too sharp and sour for you. However, if you like them, keep making lemonade, because it's a pretty healthy drink, as much as you believe it is! It won't only refresh you after a hot day but also helps your skin and builds an excellent immune system. That's why you should consider making lemonade on cold days when you need health more than ever.

There's no single fruit or food in this world that gives you more vitamin C than lemons. In conclusion, it basically provides the most essential vitamin to your body. Furthermore, kidney stones will never happen to you if lemons are your daily habit. 

9. Grapefruits

Avoid this fruit only if you're taking medication – there's a good reason behind that

Since we kicked off the list with citruses, we'll go on like that and recommend grapefruits! This is another fruit requiring a sour taste lover to appreciate it. So, if you do, you're lucky because grapefruits are highly nutritious, and they're packed with all the crucial vitamins you need – this is an excellent source of vitamin C!

fun fact says that grapefruit has 92% of water, so it's one of the most refreshing foods ever. Water percentage plays an essential role in your body, and as an addition, this fruit is a great fiber source. Magnesium, vitamin A, and even proteins are there as well, resulting in countless benefits, including losing weight.

8. Pineapple

If this fruit is a bit hard to handle… Here's how to cut it properly!

Tropical fruits are appealing in general since they taste exotic and look attractive. The good news is that these tend to be healthy as well! While some of them are high in sugar, such as bananas (one of the healthiest yellow fruits), pineapple is relatively moderate, and it has a tremendous positive impact on your weight loss plan as well!

Moreover, pineapples boost your immunity in general since they improve your digestion, bone strength, vitamin C, and they're anti-inflammatory. Pineapple should be your first choice when you're preparing a smoothie. Actually, there're countless ways to consume this exotic masterpiece!

7. Avocado

These recipes are simple and pretty much trendy

It seems like no one paid attention to avocado just a year ago, and now it's everywhere on the Internet, including Instagram Stories of celebrities. Plus, all those fun recipes are growing on the audience! Well, we have good news since this gluten-free fruit isn't only perfectly versatile but also comfortable for vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else!

Avocados are also relatively low-carb, so they even belong to the list of low glycemic index fruits. Blood vessels, your hair and your heart will feel its benefits as well, so you should include it in your daily diet. However, the price of avocado has rocketed in past years, so if you can afford it at least twice per week, your body will be grateful!

6. Kiwi

There is a reason or two why kiwi is named one of the superfoods

Digestion problems are pretty common, and it happens to all of us at least a few times per year. Since fruits are beneficial in many ways, kiwi is the one that can help you in this field. It's a superfruit and definitely very delightful!

Browse some exciting kiwi recipes, and you'll find out how healthy and tasty the kiwi smoothie is. Kiwi salads, kiwi muffins, parfait, a pie with yogurt, and this magical fruit... The possibilities are endless, and you'll love all of them because they are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, enzymes, and vitamin E!

5. Blueberries

Spoiler alert: only good things could happen

The darker the color is, the more health benefits for your blood and heart come with it. Blueberries are a good example! You probably think that their sweet taste brings too much sugar to your blood, but this fruit contains a moderate level of it and minimal calories, so there's no need to worry.

Moreover, if you're not a fan of sweet fruits, know that many blueberries are sour, so their taste is quite versatile. Sour blueberries are excellent antioxidants, so you should go for them. Another benefit that people always look for is weight loss, and blueberries actually may banish belly fat! Next time, instead of eating chocolate, add some sweetness with blueberries since they will help you!

4. Grapes

Has science got this far? Maybe we should try it!

Grapes come in so many forms, colors, and tastes, and they are even sweet and healthy. Moreover, thanks to them, we get to drink the finest wines. Grapes are a natural vitamin K supplement, and it's very beneficial for your blood clot. 

Moreover, grapes are anti-inflammatory but also helpful for your skin, so they work inside out. Do you have your favorite grape type? Is it Sultana or Calmeria, or any other green version? We highly recommend the purple and red ones, since they provide heart benefits more than any others!

3. Cherries

You'd never guess how healthy cherries actually are

Sour or sweet, cherries are so cool anyway. They are the most versatile fruit, and you can prepare the pie, cakes, and basically so many pastry types with them. It's insane how they manage to stay so tasty whatever we do to them! Actually, not only delicious but also insanely healthy and nutritious!

Furthermore, their sour and sweet taste will benefit your blood and heart all the way and make it even better while reducing stress. Maybe it's because they taste that well, but they really make the tension go away, and you'll sleep better. Cherries improve some of the crucial parts of your life!

2. Strawberries

There are even more than six, but these will impress you

This tasty and sweet fruit might be your favorite, but did you know that it has a low glycemic index, so it isn't actually that sweet? That's probably the best part about strawberries since their taste is incredible, but they're healthy at the same time! As an exceptional reservoir of vitamin C, they are crucial for your immune system.

Moreover, this delicious piece is very Instagrammable, so it's even a trend on fancy feeds. It goes so well with whipped cream, chocolate, or basically anything that makes perfect ice cream, so try to freeze them, and you'll enjoy the summer taste in the air! Reduce the risk of chronic diseases and consume strawberries as often as you wish!

1. Apples

Here's basically everything you should know about apples!

"An apple a day keeps doctors away," or at least they teach us that at school! We guess this phrase is correct because of the refreshing feeling after eating an apple. This fruit remains unmatched and definitely brings the most benefits!

Besides cleansing your teeth and your breath, an apple will provide your stomach with better digestion, so it's pretty much a refreshing moment for your body. Like strawberries, it contains a lot of vitamin C and lowers the risk of heart diseases and obesity. If you don't eat apples often, we hope you'll change your mind now!

After all, your diet should have various foods, and you should sometimes let yourself enjoy something that isn't essentially healthy. However, we hope we inspired you to get something enjoyable and healthy simultaneously because that's the best combination. Fruits have everything you want and need!

What fruits do you like the most? Are they as healthy as the fruits that made it to our top ten list? Let us know in the comments section!

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