Top 10 Vicious Drink Ideas for the Creepy Halloween Party

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Hannah White

Hannah White

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Are you ready for the most sensational Halloween party ever? Our drinks recommendations will make it the most impressive one! We prepared the list of the creepiest looking cocktails and shots recipes, as all of them look stunning and taste even better. You can be creative and garnish it with sweets in the shapes of skeletons, spiders, and bats for the spooky touch. However, if you want the more extreme decoration, you can use the eyeball-shaped candies and put them in the drink of your choice. Anyhow, we created this list of ten vicious drink ideas for the creepy Halloween party, but also check our Top 10 Delicious Food Recipes for Spooky Halloween Party.

10. Purple People Eater

This purple-colored drink looks like poison in a glass, and yet it tastes delicious

The mystically dark and purple colors of this cocktail seem so tempting! Even though it looks like the glass full of poison, this Purple People Eater Cocktail has a touch of classiness. Besides, its look gets fancier if you serve it in a traditional martini glass, coated with purple sugar (sprinkles). The recipe contains vodka as its base, Blue Curacao for the sense of sweetness, and two more drinks - juice and syrup.

Firstly, add cranberry juice as it'll make this drink sweetened and strong-colored. Secondly, pour grenadine syrup, which will power up the color of this mind-blowing cocktail, but at the same time, it'll smooth out the flavor. It's impossible not to notice it!

9. Dracula's Curse Cocktail

Put the vampire teeth-shaped candy, and everybody freaks out

Halloween Eve is the perfect occasion for wearing a scary mask and feeling comfortable with being creepy. It also sets free our inner weirdo souls. In the light of that, you'll look super cool holding the glass of The Dracula's Curse Cocktail. Don't let this drink's appearance fool you because it doesn't necessarily mean it's complicated to prepare.

What you'll need are three different juices - blackberry for color, raspberry for the sweet taste, and of course, citrus as the refreshment part. As for alcohol, you have to mix juices with vodka and rum. It's a freaking' fabulous Halloween cocktail!

8. Black Devil Martini

Devilish drink that'll wake up your senses

The Black Devil Martini is a real kick-ass Halloween drink. You'll feel so devilish while drinking it, as its name comes straight from Hell. Anyway, let's start with the decoration, as you'll need red sugar (red sprinkles) for the glass' rim garnish. Besides, any other drink in a red-coated glass will look so suitable for the scary party. 

As for the ingredients, this cocktail has only two - dark rum and dry vermouth. Moreover, this simple cocktail recipe will astonish your friend at the party, and it'll scare them even more if you place the fake vampire teeth candy in the glass. 

7. Black Widow Shot

Spooky drink for the even spookier occasion

Another creepy drink, so suitable for Halloween, is Black Widow. As should be obvious, we're talking about the quick little shots you can serve at the party entrance. It mixes up quickly, so it doesn't require much time to prepare - it's black vodka mixed with cranberry juice. So simple and yet so delicious!

The trick is in making it double-colored, as you can meet that by pouring cranberry juice into the highball glass and covering it with the black vodka over the back of a bar spoon. Alternatively, you can create the swirl effect by sprinkling vodka onto the cranberry juice - the choice is yours.

6. Black Magic Margaritas

Classy Margaritas for the people with refined cocktail taste

If your guests like margaritas, they'll appreciate the Black Magic Margaritas even more. Their seriously spooky look will most certainly attract attention. With a few more steps, you can transform your favorite drinks into creepy ones, especially for Halloween. You can play with food coloring and mix two or more different colors for the desired shade - it's up to you.

 Nevertheless, you'll need red, green, and blue food colors for this recipe, which you'll have to mix to get the flawless look. Unavoidable impressive detail is a black glass' rim (coated with black sanding sugar or just sprinkles). The following step is putting ice and combining lime juice, silver tequila, and the triple sec. A perfect garnish idea for this drink is a slice of lime!

5. Bloody Mary 

The unavoidable cocktail at every Halloween-themed party

The Bloody Mary is a synonym for a spooky drink, and it differs from classic cocktails. It's a perfectly suitable Halloween drink, as much as it's a cure for a hangover. Even though there are many varieties of this recipe, every one of them tastes delicious. So, let us introduce you to the most flavorful one. 

Firstly, rub the juicy lemon onto the glasses' rim for some vitamin C, then roll it in the celery salt until fully coated. Secondly, fill it with ice and pour the numerous ingredients - vodka, Clamato juice, before adding two kinds of sauces for the flaming effect - Tabasco and Worcestershire, horseradish, and breezy lime drops. After that, you can spice it up with black pepper, celery salt, and garlic powder. Try it, and the taste will astonish you for sure!

4. Poison Apple Cocktail

Lovers of apples, brace yourselves as this is one of the most delicious cocktails

The taste of apples is one of the most favorite cocktail flavors, and it mixes well with a diversity of aromas such as caramel, cinnamon, and even rosemary and mango. Their scent is typically associated with fall, but what else is? Yes, you've guessed, it's Halloween. So, let's amaze your party guests by serving this magnificent drink.

The recipe consists of vanilla vodka, apple sour of your choice, the sweet, light green-colored Midori, and lemon juice as a refreshment. After mixing, give it a good shake. If you like the taste of Sprite or 7UP, you can optionally combine it with the mix. For the ghostly touch, add the dry ice, but please be careful and not drink it while the dry ice is still in it. 

3. The Smoking Skull

Perfectly suitable Halloween drink

If you're about to go for pre-Halloween shopping, make sure to buy some spooky glasses for your drinks. This cocktail recipe is straightforward, but the trick is to pour it into a skull-shaped glass. The magic will happen after adding the dry ice chips as the drink will get a scarier look with the "smoke" coming out of it. Anyway, it does look tempting, but there's one thing you should know - never touch the dry ice with bare hands nor swallow it. Please wait until it evaporates or take the ice out of the glass.

Now that we know all the safety measurements, we can get back to the recipe. Pour the fresh lime juice over a bourbon, and add the grenadine for the bold red color. Again, if you like it, you can add a dash of 7UP in a mix and a touch of dry ice. You'll be amazed by the look of white magic mist that'll come out of your glass, forming the shape of a creepy Ghost."

2. Brain Shots

These shots are only for the ones who dare

The extreme creepy and fascinating Brain Shots is the essential drink for a Halloween party, and you don't need to be the artistic expert to make it. Believe it or not, the only ingredient for this tiny masterpiece is Bailey's, poured from the syringe directly into the glass full of vodka and sour mix. 

For the blurry look of the shots, you can squeeze a bit of lemon. Nevertheless, if these floating brains are not creepy enough, you can add a splash of grenadine juice just for the bloody effect. 

1. Witches' Brew Cocktail

The potion in a glass

When Halloween is near, we get chills down our spine while we're planning decorations, masks, and the big party. If you're here, it means that the most exciting time of the year finally came. So, let's learn how to make the fabulous Witches' Brew. Prepare your shakers and start pouring the ingredients one by one. 

First, add the Islay scotch, Fino sherry, breezy lemon juice, and the simple syrup, mix it with ice, and shake it until it's chilled. The second step is pouring this mix into the glass and topping it with the beet juice, as you'll get the horror look. Moreover, every cocktail appears temptatious when it's smoking, but we don't recommend using the dry ice, as it's hard to ingest. Be safe and cheers!

So, how do you like our list of 10 spooky cocktails? We're sure that you can't make a mistake preparing it for the Halloween-themed party, or any other occasion if you dare. Anyway, tell us in the comment section your top three drinks from our list that you find the most tempting.

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