Top 10 Best 3rd Generation K-pop Girl Groups That Remain Relevant

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-08-04 15:02:58

The truth is that most of the 3rd generation in K-pop is slowing down their schedule and retiring. The idol life is extremely exhausting, and the 4th generation is going so strong that the newbies like NMIXX appear almost every month. In these circumstances, it's almost time to say goodbye to the 3rd generation. However, these top ten iconic groups are still popular, with some bigger than ever!

10. GFriend

This is one of the most gorgeous music videos of all time in K-pop!
Biggest hit so far: "MAGO"
Best choreography: "Rough" 
Best music video: "Apple"
Most underrated member: Sowon

HYBE might be the most famous for their boy group BTS. Still, one of the companies under them also brought out this iconic kpop girl group, GFriend, that disbanded in May 2021 when their contract expired. While there's no future for them, their singles are still watched and streamed worldwide and are iconic examples!

GFriend is also considered one of the groups with the best disbandment song ever. "MAGO" is the disco paradise everyone is still talking about, and it's one of the K-pop classics if you want to know the essentials. We don't think people will soon forget this group because of their enormous influence!

9. I.O.I

What an iconic debut!
Biggest hit so far: "Very Very Very"
Best choreography: "Very Very Very" 
Best music video: "Dream Girls"
Most underrated member: Chungha

And here is the group that suffered from the terrible "temporary contract" destiny. I.O.I had a similar contract idea to IZ*ONE in the 4th generation, and the newbies Kep1er will also exist for only two and a half years. I.O.I lasted even shorter – only around a year, but their members make this group still relevant!

The good side of these short contracts is that most of these groups' members become so famous that they go on solo or join another "permanent" group. Like IZ*ONE girls that are still relevant, I.O.I made it on their own, and this group is always mentioned everywhere because of them. Do you know Chungha and Somi? Of course, you do – these girls are from I.O.I!

8. Weki Meki

The song is excellent, despite the views!
Biggest hit so far: "Picky Picky"
Best choreography: "Siesta" 
Best music video: "Siesta"
Most underrated member: Elly

You probably know how it goes with companies – the bigger they are, the bigger the group's fame is. Hence, Weki Meki never got a smash hit that got them half a million views. Still, their fan base is pretty stable even after disbandment rumors and slowing down the schedule. Therefore, we still see people discussing them often!

Moreover, this group's ladies are multi-talented, so you'll see them in projects that have nothing to do with music! Thus, Doyeon, Sei, and Elly have been working on their acting careers. Their individual activities might make the group even more popular in the future. We'll see how long they'll last!

7. Oh My Girl

This is their biggest hit, for sure!
Biggest hit so far: "Nonstop"
Best choreography: "Dun Dun Dance" 
Best music video: "Nonstop"
Most underrated member: Hyojung

You might think they're way too underrated and don't get the spotlight, but Oh My Girl has smash hits. And they're topping the charts easily, despite being in a company that isn't big! The charts and album sales speak for themselves, and Oh My Girl are going strong these years, even now when new groups are outshining everyone!

The funny thing is that Oh My Girl got their Japan debut in 2019. Since then, their fame has increased like never before! Even their Japanese single "Dun Dun Dance" got more attention from fans than their Korean ones. These ladies and TWICE are the queens of the Japanese market, and we don't see them leaving anytime soon!

6. Mamamoo

Once you hear this beat, you'll see you've heard it before – it's a smash hit!
Biggest hit so far: "HIP"
Best choreography: "AYA" 
Best music video: "Egoistic"
Most underrated member: Wheein

We're slowly getting into the "legendary" zone of this list. Mamamoo is a group that keeps raising standards in every way. They're fearless, insanely talented, and even paved the way for other insecure girls. Mamamoo's Hwasa keeps wrecking beauty standards and stands up for her unique beauty, being such an inspiration!

If you're asking yourself how this group keeps its popularity on this level despite not belonging to the "big three," just look at their talents. They have only four members, and that's more than enough when you have four monsters. Four highly-acclaimed vocalists, dancers that blow your mind, visuals that stay in your head… People stan Mamamoo for a reason!

5. Dreamcatcher

The rap parts are literally on fire – and the whole song, too!
Biggest hit so far: "BOCA"
Best choreography: "Chase Me" 
Best music video: "Odd Eye"
Most underrated member: Yoohyeon

Diversity is one of the main traits of high-quality art. Music needs distinctive artists and genres in every generation, and K-pop's ultimate unique group is Dreamcatcher. They don't follow any rules, standards, or trends in their sound and style. You can see them being themselves, rocking how they wish, and it's been going very well all these years!

Moreover, Dreamcatcher girls keep it unique in their packaging as well. Their albums belong to the prettiest releases every year, and their limited editions have the most photocards you could ever get in an album! Their appearance and sound will always be something authentic to them, and we don't think they'll stop blessing us with new music!


The "cosmic" theme in most of their comebacks is gorgeous
Biggest hit so far: "Butterfly"
Best choreography: "Secret" 
Best music video: "Save Me, Save You"
Most underrated member: Exy

If you don't like the new wave in K-pop, the cosmic girls will always satisfy you with their breathtaking visuals, lyrics like poetry, and fantastic sound. WJSN is still going strong because their music is powerful, and their album packaging is so gorgeous you'll want to have all of them!

If you need another proof that WJSN are still relevant, remember that they smoothly won Queendom 2 in 2022, even though they were competing with some monster rookies such as Kep1er. After all, the stage experience, presence, and high-quality music won, and WJSN will be relevant for ages if they keep slaying like this!

3. Red Velvet

K-pop hasn't seen many songs as good as "Psycho" – it's a flawless track
Biggest hit so far: "Psycho"
Best choreography: "Naughty" (Irene and Seulgi's sub-unit track)
Best music video: "Psycho"
Most underrated member: Yeri

The most prominent media outlets called them "the best girl group that ever existed" and "the greatest girl group of all time." Many of them ranked their whole discography "in order of greatness." Of course, it's Red Velvet, the queens of SM Entertainment! They're coming from a big company, but all their fame is well-deserved!

SM Entertainment always brings out powerful vocalists, and Red Velvet are the best example. In fact, their b-sides are the highest-quality music in K-pop. No one does it well like them, so of course, they renew their contracts after it expired in 2021. Nope, Red Velvet aren't going anywhere!


"Shut Down" is a perfect comeback – but it isn't actually a comeback since "they never left"
Biggest hit so far: "How You Like That"
Best choreography: “Dddu-Du Ddu-Du”
Best music video: "Lovesick Girls"
Most underrated member: Rosé

The IT girls from K-pop are still from the 3rd generation – BLACKPINK are the biggest name in the industry, surpassing everyone and everything. K-pop still hasn't got a group that attracts the whole world as these fierce hip-hop queens do, and they don't plan to stop anytime soon. While they don't have many songs, all of them are on point!

Their albums keep improving since "Born Pink" is a refinement over "The Album," showing more diversity and vocal abilities of Jennie, Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo as fake maknae. The fact is that their talents and charisma are insane, so if you think there's a specific formula for their worldwide success and billions of views… It's just that these ladies really have a lot to show!


"Chef's kiss" is the ideal way to describe this masterpiece
Biggest hit so far: "Fancy" or "What is Love"
Best choreography: "Cheer Up" or "More & More"
Best music video: "What is Love"
Most underrated member: Chaeyoung

If they didn't renew their contract in 2022, the whole K-pop universe would cry for them. From "Cry for Me" to their bubblegum pop classics such as "Likey," TWICE's discography is skipless and timeless. Their high-quality album packaging, music videos, and insane charisma are the jackpot that K-pop needed!

Moreover, once you start your TWICE marathon, you'll become a ONCE instantly because the girls are so easy to love! You won't even notice you got attached to them – it happens naturally. JYP Entertainment indeed has the best girl groups, and TWICE are the ultimate ladies of the industry.

As you can see, we won't soon say goodbye to some of the most iconic 3rd generation queens. This is the age when K-pop became visible and appreciated worldwide, so we bet many of these kpop girl groups will renew their contracts, just like some already did. It is and will always be a good decision!

What's your favorite group out of these ten? Do you think TWICE, BLACKPINK and Red Velvet will last for decades and keep renewing contracts? Let us know in the comments section!

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