Top 10 Things You Might Not Like About NMIXX's Debut Single Album "Ad Mare"

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-07-03 07:46:42

Sometimes you're so into kpop groups even before they debut. And then, you just get so disappointed, wishing you didn't have high expectations. NMIXX is a girl group that debuted on 22nd February 2022 (yes, the number two appears too much here) under JYP Entertainment, and so many people were hyped about their first single album, "Ad Mare." If you're also one of the disappointed fans after you've heard "O.O" and "Tank," check out our top ten reasons why NMIXX might not be your next favorite group!

10. It's Overhyped

Their problems were already in focus, even though these were the days when they almost debuted

The truth is that people were indeed excited for NMIXX – for real, and a lot. Their Instagram already had thousands of followers before the debut, and the girls' pictures (the visual moment) were very beloved. After all the hype, of course, you expected so much from their actual songs – we hope it didn't hurt when you realized they're… Not what you wanted!

Unfortunately, that's how it works when kpop groups are overpromoted before you get to know them. Sometimes we want to know too much about it even without even hearing the music. Liking music is the main point of stanning a K-pop group, so we guess you'll decide whether you'll stan them after you actually decide if the songs are bad!

9. The Concept Is… Weird?

Do you think they'll have a vibe similar to this?

When you see some kpop girl groups' pre-debut teasers, you probably could get what their concept would seem like. ITZY were bold and sassy from the start, and Everglow did the space concept early on. However, could you ever figure out what NMIXX will be doing? Their vibe is confusing, and it's not a positive thing!

From what you could see before the debut, you may find out that the girls are doing a science type of concept, yet it still doesn't seem clear. Is it biology? Are the XX in NMIXX the chromosomes? What's the whole mess about? Aespa wasn't too much loved for their virtual world concept, but at least we knew what was going on!

8. The Packaging Is Questionable

This is the limited edition promoted as the "blind package"

One photocard per album? Are the special inclusions only in the limited box set? This doesn't feel like JYP at all, and we don't like that sudden switch! TWICE and ITZY were always beloved for their album packaging. Even people who don't stan them wanted their physical releases!

However, we don't think many will love NMIXX releases "for the aesthetic." You really have to like their music and the members to buy an album with "poor" inclusions for a JYP group. ITZY literally had a pre-order photobook, a random photocard, and a complete postcard set for their debut album, so where did this all go wrong?

7. The "Blend" in "O.O" Just Doesn't Work

Even the title of this song is too weird to be easily understood!

Did you like "O.O?" Congrats, because the reviews are more mixed than we could ever imagine! Maybe the company took the title NMIXX way too seriously since no one has a clear opinion on their two debut tracks! Moreover, "O.O" feels like a blend of various tracks that should work together… But they actually don't!

Is "O.O" a highlight medley or an actual song? It depends on your taste, but it's a fact that Grammy Awards would hate the weird transitions – no sonically cohesive energy found here! Of course, experimenting is encouraged, and nothing should be boring. However, this just needs a better blend!

6. They Showed Only One Side of the "Concept"

"Tank" is very similar to "O.O" concept-wise

Many kpop groups make their debut with a mini-album or one single that's authentic to their concept. However, NMIXX has two equally odd and complicated songs! For example, they could use the b-side "Tank" to show a more "likable" side while experimenting with the title track.

However, while "O.O" is a heavy experiment, "Tank" has the plus points for more sonically cohesive verses, and it's more pleasing to listen to. Nonetheless, it's way better to debut with a song like "Black Mamba" and then release a ballad like "Forever," the way aespa did. Duality is very appreciated in K-pop, so it's better to show diverse sides!

5. Too Similar to Aespa?

"Next Level" was basically the song of the year when people really got into it

We've mentioned aespa in this article way too often – for a good reason. It's a challenge to be innovative in these times, as there are too many groups on the market. However, NMIXX is so similar to aespa that they even made the photobook in the same color, texture, and holographic theme. It's such a shame for the company!

Of course, the resemblance of the songs is even odder since you'll definitely think of aespa when you hear "Tank." It sounds like a "Savage" sidetrack, and "O.O" is an experiment clearly made for "Next Level" fans. Is "Next Level" way better, though? It's up to you to decide, but NMIXX obviously didn't have a creative team behind them!

4. The "Freaky Fishy" Controversy 

This teaser was the moment that everyone was afraid of

"O.O" received a lot of negative feedback, but the b-side, "Tank," didn't turn out well, either. Even though Lily's vocals are very appreciated here, the main NMIXX controversy revolved around this song's "Freaky, freshy, freshy" chorus! That part made everyone doubt the girls' concept ever since the teaser, and it didn't get better when the song got released.

To make it even funnier, the girls' pronunciation made a misheard lyric "freaky, fishy." People could never unhear it, even though they didn't say "fishy!" It sounds funny yet annoying, and it doesn't seem like a good idea. Memes around the Internet are spreading more than the actual song!

3. …And the Other Questionable Lyrics

Read the lyrics and tell us if you understand them!

OK, the lyric isn't "freaky, fishy," but what does "I'm so freaky freshy, freshy, like a tank, I'm a" even mean? If anyone understands the point of "Tank," let us know! "O.O" is even worse in the lyrics department since nothing makes sense, and the combinations are so odd. Who came up with ideas like this?

Of course, the nonsense lyrics aren't the only problem since quality music can always compensate for them and make the song worth listening to. However, people are disappointed that they can't naturally follow the song's meaning and vibe. This music feels forced and unnatural, just like the whole project.

2. The Group Doesn't Feel Like JYP Product

JYP groups are the whole package, but NMIXX…

The ladies had the worst debut among the JYP girl groups, and it's not an opinion – it's a fact. Miss A and Wonder Girls are the biggest names among the oldest projects, and TWICE is the official nation's girl group. ITZY's breakthrough was their debut – people went crazy over "Dalla Dalla," and it topped the charts.

Yet, NMIXX didn't go that way since the negative comments are flooding their content! These ladies will have to prove themselves way more than their older colleagues to reach their level. JYP projects were always those we all admired, and we want that vibe back – do something good for these talented girls, JYP!

1. Are They Wasting Lily's Potential? 

Once you hear this cover, you'll keep it on repeat every week!

"There's a reason why they're excited all day long," says Lily's pre-debut video, "Finesse" cover, and it's spitting fire. It's one of the best covers you've ever heard, for sure, since this lady is an insane vocalist with loads of charisma and energy. She's a whole package, and it's so good to see her debuting after so many years of training.

Still, does it make sense that this monster rookie sings nonsense lyrics? "Ad Mare" (it means "To the Sea" in Latin) feels like it's wasting these girls' potential since they're all incredible, especially Lily, who might be one of the best JYP vocalists ever. We'll be sorry if we won't hear her talent in this group since she deserved way more than these songs.

After all, NMIXX are presumably created for the "special" audience that not many people would like. Nonetheless, it feels odd for a group under JYP, the most popular Korean entertainment company worldwide. However, not all kpop girl groups have to be radio-friendly and liked by everyone – this uniqueness also adds something admirable!

Is the NMIXX debut actually your type? Which song do you prefer, "Tank" or the title track? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Instagram/NMIXX



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