Top 10 (Bad) Habits That Slowly Damage Your Hair

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-13 06:00:07

We're living fast, and paying attention to details isn't the strength of this new age. Moreover, caring for your health usually doesn't come first because we have much to do and tend to forget that health should be our priority. Your hair also needs healthy treatment to stay gorgeous, so check out these ten habits you probably have but shouldn't!

10. Wearing Hairstyles That Cause Breakage

Breakage happens so often nowadays, and our habits are the main reason

Hair can break just like your bones, but if you didn't know this, you're hopefully treating your hair well enough. Breakage can happen anytime, though – especially if you sleep with your hair hanging or in a tight hairstyle. The most reasonable way to protect your hair while sleeping is (obviously) wearing loose braids – your hair will also be beautiful this way!

However, don't wear tight braids throughout the day as well – at least not that often. Your scalp won't feel right that way, leading slowly to breakage you can't fix. Ponytails are also a gorgeous hairstyle that many ladies like, but this updo is far from healthy. With your hair so up and so tight, it's basically suffering, so try to save it for special occasions.

9. Not Using the Right Hair Products for Your Type

You definitely don't need all of them

There are better ways to treat your hair than having too many hair products in your collection. It's not about quantity – it's about quality. Some people excessively buy everything they see on TikTok, but hair is as unique as any other organ, and the products depend on your hair type. Some perfect products for your bestie might not work out for you!

Now, imagine using the wrong medicine for any health problem. Would you feel better after it? You may face issues, and that's how your hair feels when you apply products you shouldn't. Hence, do proper research before buying anything; you'll notice your hair is content with your choices. It just knows!

8. ...Or Overusing Them

Less is more!

Remember we mentioned quantity and quality above? Just like you shouldn't put on your hair any product you find, you shouldn't obsess over those that you especially like. OK, a product fits you well and helps your hair, but put it sparingly on your hair because it won't bring you the effect you expected!

Moreover, it's good to change your routine occasionally when it gets too dull. Finding high-quality products is incredible, but trying something fresh is also recommended. Among all the products you can find nowadays (there are many), you can explore and bring in something new instead of overusing one!

7. Brushing It Too Much And At the Wrong Time

Nothing's wrong with you if you do these – we all do, but we shouldn't!

We make several mistakes when brushing our hair, and it's impossible to even mention all of them. You can brush your hair the wrong way, choose the wrong hair brush for your hair type, and even make mistakes when cleaning your hair brush. However, most people do the same thing – they brush their hair while it's still wet!

Unfortunately, brushing wet hair is one of the main reasons your hair is damaged. It would be best if you waited for at least a little and made sure you learned more about drying it as well. Moreover, don't brush it excessively more than twice or three times throughout the day because hair doesn't naturally like touching 24/7!

6. Not Trimming It Regularly

Hairdressers can sometimes trim your hair way too much

Sad news – you must trim your hair at least every eight or ten weeks. Good news – your hair will get longer that way because it will be healthier! Unhealthy ends will never be a good option, even if you want incredibly long hair. The length won't look flattering if your hair looks poor, dry, and too long for your quality!

Moreover, you don't have to cut your hair short to make it look healthy – you must ensure your ends are healthy enough. Some hairdressers trim it way more than you wish, but maybe you can learn how to trim your hair independently to prevent that. Maintain this routine, and your hair will be healthy and still long!

5. Washing It the Wrong Way

This guy knows what he's saying – listen carefully!

Should you do two washes? Absolutely. Should you apply your shampoo all over your mids and ends? Absolutely not. Hence, we believe you make several mistakes while washing your hair, which ends up wrong, and you're not satisfied with how it looks. Even the amount of shampoo you apply matters!

And yes, if you think you're not supposed to apply hair conditioner every time you wash your hair, that's wrong. You shouldn't excessively use conditioner, but it's something to use every time you wash your hair. Don't skip that – make it your routine. And remember, you're washing your scalp – not the other parts!

4. ...And Washing It Way Too Much

It really matters how often you do it!

Let's face it – the main discussion about washing hair isn't the way you do it. It's how often you do it! Every girl in the world asks at least one of her friends how often she should wash her hair, which ends up being a serious discussion. Which it indeed is! You shouldn't wash your hair daily, even if your job requires that, because it could ruin your scalp.

When you ruin your scalp's natural oil, your hair will likely be more fragile. Therefore it will suffer from damage, so make sure to wash it only twice per week. Some people can even go once a week, but that's usually the case when using high-quality products chosen perfectly. Twice per week is perfect for everyone!

3. Dying Too Often

Maybe you have to wait a bit more than you think

Everyone deserves to be able to dye their hair if they're unsatisfied with what color mother nature gave them. However, remember that some shades can ruin your hair forever, so choose what suits you the best and damages you the least. The damage that coloring your hair does also depends on how often you color it!

How often is it OK to re-dye so your hair doesn't suffer too much? Basically the same as when you trim your hair – every six to eight weeks. If you could wait for ten weeks, that would also be amazing, but if you color your hair light while your scalp is naturally dark, that's probably not the best option.

2. Bleaching

This should help!

When you finally do it, you'll never regret it because bleaching will allow you to have any hair color you wish. However, your hair won't be thankful if you constantly bleach it without considering the damage risk. After you bleach your hair for the first time, your whole hair routine should change, and you should take special care!

Hence, ensure you do everything possible to protect your hair after bleaching, and bleach it as rarely as possible. Moreover, you should invest in an excellent conditioner because your hair will need it every time you wash it. Bleaching is also an investment and a big decision that changes many things, so take it seriously!

1. Ironing for Every Occasion

These tips will also save you from too much damage

Here we come to the worst habit most girls have, and they do this even though they know their hair is constantly suffering. If you're ironing your hair daily, you should feel lucky to have any hair on your head left. It's that dangerous! You should avoid ironing dirty hair because that causes even more damage, but it's also unsafe on clean hair.

Of course, we're not saying you should never straighten your hair. However, you should limit using a flat iron to once per week, if not fortnightly. If your hair isn't naturally 100% straight, it shouldn't be straight every day because that doesn't look natural. Save straightened hair for the days when you feel like looking exceptionally gorgeous! 

Of course, you don't have to ditch all these habits forever – just make sure you're not overdoing them because your hair will remember it. Every girl should change her hair color or straighten her curls when she feels like that, but remember that some habits should rather be there for special occasions only. Hence, be your hair's best friend – not its enemy!

Do you maintain a healthy hair routine? Is your hair healthy overall? Let us know in the comments section!

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