Top 10 4th Generation K-Pop Girl Groups That Are Already Stealing Hearts

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2024-03-06 14:49:27

When we say "4th generation," that sounds so brand new that it seems like these groups of k-pop didn't have enough time to show their talents yet. Still, some are already so iconic that we see them as Red Velvet, TWICE, and BLACKPINK's successors! The 3rd generation paved the way, and you presumably love these groups the most. Still, to stay updated on some awesome South Korean music, you must get to know the already marvelous top ten kpop girl groups you'll like!

10. Purple Kiss

"Nerdy" is a remarkable comeback for this unique girl group!
Biggest hit so far: "Zombie"
Best b-side track: "Pretty Psycho"
Best album: "memeM"
Most popular member: Yuki

This group's title already says they're about to be a chef's kiss girl group. And it shows already! Unfortunately, most kpop girl groups have no freedom to participate in producing, songwriting, and choreography for a comeback. Nevertheless, Purple Kiss is changing that!

These ladies debuted in 2020, and they already have the title of "self-producing" group, which is a luxury for k pop and its strict rules. The seven members showed off their talents even before the debut EP "Into Violet." When they brought out "Ponzona," the world really went crazy for them. For a reason!

9. Kep1er

"WA DA DA" is incredibly famous for a debut
Biggest hit so far: "WA DA DA"
Best b-side track: "Dreams"
Best album: "First Impact"
Most popular member: Chaehyun

Did we mention temporary projects and contracts already? Well, there it is, another group that got people obsessed with them the way IZ*ONE did. In fact, Kep1er might be even more significant, considering their debut, "WA DA DA," is one of the year's hottest releases. "First Impact" really impacted the whole industry!

However, remember that we'll say goodbye to these ladies in 2024. Of course, most girls will find ways to keep their career going, either solo or in another thriving group, so stanning them obviously is a good thing. IZ*ONE were a great example of how these groups deserve a brighter future.


Sullyoon is so gorgeous on this thumbnail!
Biggest hit so far: "O.O"
Best b-side track: "COOL"
Best album: “Entwurf”
Most popular member: Sullyoon

Their start was different from the usual beginning a JYP group would get because they got a lot of hate for this brand-new sound. Still, you must confess you listened to "O.O" at least a few times. It got hate, but also a lot of views. Their second project, "Entwurf," also got much recognition and was better accepted than the "odd" debut!

While new groups seek new ways to "mix" music, it isn't necessarily bad – it is just how future music would sound. Many would consider NMIXX a flop by JYP standards, but their huge company standing behind them will help their popularity grow and stay at least in the top ten in the industry.


This is a fresh sound that ITZY never tried before
Biggest hit so far: "Wannabe"
Best b-side track: "Chillin Chillin"
Best album: "Crazy in Love"
Most popular member: Yeji or Ryujin 

JYP Entertainment belongs to the "big three" companies in South Korea, so they have no space to disappoint. JYP made a smart move when they debuted ITZY, a group that started their projects while TWICE still were at their peak. Did they bother each other in the same company? Nope, because JYP made them do the two different concepts!

For the 4th generation group, JYP chose the "girl crush" concept and gave ITZY a terrifying, "not shy" aura. From "It'z Me" to "Guess Who," they're unapologetic! Of course, they're still far from the "Nation's Girl Group" title that TWICE holds, but their different vibe made them stand out and inspire people to feel good about themselves! Furthermore, they have one of the best albums in 2021!

6. StayC

Their debut track is their peak, but "ASAP" gave us a completely different sound!
Biggest hit so far: "ASAP"
Best b-side track: "Love Fool"
Best album: "Young Luv"
Most popular member: Yoon

Sometimes you don't have to work on great music only as a company but also on the outstanding promotion of the group itself. Even though StayC comes from a small organization, they're already as beloved as those from the "big three." Therefore, we're here for their brilliant covers, dance practices, and unique YouTube content!

Moreover, StayC displays flexibility with every comeback, so you'll never know what comes next. Remember their debut "So Bad" being dark, gloomy, and emotional? Well, their sophomore project went with a cute concept and gave us some tunes to bop along to! That's what we want – more and more versatility from the groups!

5. aespa

Fresh, authentic, futuristic… aespa is about to rule the world
Biggest hit so far: "Next Level"
Best b-side track: "Lucid Dream"
Best album: "Savage"
Most popular member: Karina

We are curious if it's just luck, but SM Entertainment always has the best young trainees and artists. SM's reputation is far from the "best," but their musicians are on the next level, even with album packaging! That shows with their 4th generation girl group aespa, who proved the point with their excellent remake of Fast and Furious' "Next Level!"

aespa slayed with that remake and stayed true to SM's tradition of recording this type of songs in the past. Their remake of "Forever" was a considerable flex since all four ladies showcased they could step on you with their powerful voices. The debut track, "Black Mamba," felt more like a comeback when considering their professionalism. And they're already IT girls. We see the new BLACKPINK making history!

4. IVE

"Love Dive" is one of the most significant releases in 2022 in every way!
Biggest hit so far: "Love Dive"
Best b-side track: "Royal"
Best album: "Love Dive"
Most popular member: Wonyoung

If any group from this list deserves endless recognition for pure, high-quality music, it's the newest Starship project! Therefore, IVE are the queens of brand-new sound! IVE's discography has zero skips from the beginning – "Eleven" is a debut to be proud of, and "Love Dive" is their best release yet. Furthermore, "After Like" is equally fabulous!

Despite the drama around Wonyoung and her fame and controversies, all the girls get to shine through IVE's projects, so we believe they are 100% safe. Their future is bright, and the fact that two prominent IZ*ONE ladies, Yujin and Wonyoung, chose IVE for their future says enough.

3. NewJeans

NewJeans' second project is even better than their first one!
Biggest hit so far: "Hype Boy"
Best b-side track: "Attention"
Best album: "OMG"
Most popular member: Hanni

You probably were shook when you found out how many Spotify monthly listeners NewJeans have, but that's the power HYBE groups hold – they hypnotized the audience! They are a sensation from the very start, and it's safe to say that the company wants every song to shine. Every member as well. This is a project that others can only dream of!

While their first album's title track, "Cookie," was controversial for its sexy lyrics despite the girls' age, you must confess you kept singing it all day. Whether they're your guilty pleasure or the freshest K-pop sound that you find futuristic and innovative, NewJeans will be the new BLACKPINK, but with a brand new image!


"ANTIFRAGILE" is one of the best songs of 2022!
Biggest hit so far: "Antifragile"
Best b-side track: "Impurities"
Best album: "Fearless"
Most popular member: Sakura

It's a rare phenomenon to debut a group and immediately have not one but two global hits that made everyone stan the group more than those that have been in the industry for ages. LE SSERAFIM didn't take much time – their debut, "FEARLESS," and their sophomore album, "ANTIFRAGILE," stole your heart in a second, and it will be hard to top their success.

Besides NewJeans, who are fresh and unique yet very young, this is an HYBE group that represents this company's real talent and quality. Everyone was surprised that HYBE didn't plan to make a girl group, but everyone knew it was over for others when they decided to work on two groups. LE SSERAFIM are the future – good music and incredible talent.

1. (G)-IDLE

This song took them to the sky, just like Soyeon belts out in the powerful chorus
Biggest hit so far: "Tomboy"
Best b-side track: “Dahlia”
Best album: "I Burn"
Most popular member: Soyeon or Yuqi

We believe many wouldn't hesitate to put these incredibly unique ladies on top. Every generation needs a group as cool as them, but the 4th one brought out the best of the best! The biggest reason for this is their outstanding live performances, remarkable vocals, lyrics that change the kpop game, and Soyeon's incredible contribution to the group.

At this point, (G)-IDLE's main rapper Soyeon is more of a solo artist material. She's the most prominent all-rounder of her generation and a songwriter who makes this group shine. Still, we shall remember Yuqi's deep voice, Minnie's aura, and these queens' overall energy. If you don't know them yet, it's time to change it, as this is the best among five member kpop girl groups!

It would be pointless to compare the 4th generation to the 3rd one, but we hope these ladies will have a future as bright as their older colleagues. They have the potential and already own many hearts worldwide. For kpop, this is only the beginning, and there's more to come!

What's your favorite 4th generation girl group from our top ten list? Do you listen to boy groups as well? Let us know in the comments section!

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Lillian Says:

My favorite is Le Sserafim but I also like (G)-IDLE's songs and their amazing comebacks. Their songs are just so captivating but Le Sserafim songs are totally my vibe.

March 06 at 02:49:27 PM

Queens Says:

The first one to steal my heart was (G)-idle then Itzy then Aespa ♡

December 03 at 12:42:19 PM

Juliana Says:

The 1st place should be NewJeans for sure. Their impact is no joke ykr.

August 04 at 04:59:23 AM

Fearnot Says:

Le sserafim is my fav gg but for my opinion the most popular girl group top 1 is Itzy 2 is g idle 3 aespa 4 I’ve 5 Newjeans 6 Le sserafim 7 stayc 8 kelper 9 is nmixx

July 15 at 06:52:21 AM

Me Says:

Itzy may be like in 6 i think
Sorry but yeah kinda they r not as popular as before

July 20 at 02:53:02 AM

i love skz and svt Says:

honestly gidle and itzy r 4th gen leaders bc itzy is the only 4th gen gg to have over 500mil views on mv and have loads of hits while soyeon produces sm amazing songs. the rest are mainly quite new so....

May 08 at 08:27:49 PM

solya Says:

Le Sserafim above NewJeans, IVE and StayC? Why, because they're HYBE? This list is wack lmao

April 09 at 09:28:45 AM

Fatima Says:

Lol Newjeans is also under HYBE

November 05 at 08:17:09 AM

sandra Says:

ugh idk why people are aalready forgetting 3rd gen groups for these 4th gen groups because people start liking the group with such little info on them no hate

February 26 at 10:03:02 PM

Me Says:

This is about 4th gen

July 20 at 02:54:42 AM


deseeervveeeee acccckkkk (G)IDLE

November 30 at 04:14:04 AM

I will not tell you Says:

1 has already stoled my heart and that is
And you did not added them 😤😠😡

October 26 at 05:38:01 AM

boo Says:

lol idiot

September 09 at 01:58:41 PM

87555lovely Says:

Lapillus is great actually. Sleeper hit for sure.

October 09 at 07:42:06 PM

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